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We’re here to share our reader’s practical guides & appropriate knowledge to make your garden or backyard more beautiful & elegant. Easier Gardening is the ultimate resource for learning everything about Backyard Ideas, DIY Projects, Gardening Tips & Tricks with the Equipment Required. I’m Elysha Murphy, the creator of Easier Gardening. I grew up in an area of Upstate, CA very passionate about gardening, and love sharing everything I learn about them. Informative articles are written for our customers

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 This site aims to give viewers Knowledge about Interesting facts about gardening and also help them in Buying kinds of Stuff related to it. The content provided here on Easier Gardening is based on various research from various resources. Many review sites rank products based on price only. I know you appreciate the performance, but a good price is also an important point to consider. For this reason, I choose a “Best Overall“, “Best Value“, “Best Quality” & “Best Price“ product for each of our guides.

I want to deliver information when trying to find the right one

At Easier Gardening, we satisfy our readers by providing comprehensive gear guides for various products. Not only will you learn about the best products for the categories we review, but we also deliver helpful information about the products for making a purchase decision with Pros & Cons, and how to operate the products to get the best results. We help our readers learn more about topics such as Gardening, and Backyard, and give them the belief & faith to finally make a purchase decision.

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I classify products based on many features. These include convenience, performance, and user ratings based on the usage of the customer. I believe it is important to listen to what real customers have to say about these products and services to ensure you get more than just seeing the company on the product.

You really can count on guides to give you all the information and knowledge you need to make a smarter and simpler purchasing decision. I do most of the critical research for you and provide you with the most important information when it comes to buying a specific product for our needs.

I classify products based on many features

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How I Review Products?

Sorting products in our in-depth shopping guides is not an easy job. I spend countless hours comparing different products, reaching out to customers’ reviews, researching, and more. Therefore, I evaluate each product based on dozens of factors. The most important factors include performance, price, warranty, and actual customer ratings.

On average, it takes more than 12 to 14 hours to complete a buying guide. I assure our readers, to completely understand the product and its features. But it’s definitely worth it to us because our buying guides help many peoples to make perfect buying decisions much faster & easier.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. For any issues regarding advertisement, copyright issues, or ideas sharing you can contact us through the contact us page directly. Please also socialize on the following platform. I believe in providing valuable information to enhance people’s lives and enhancing their ways of living.

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