Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulchers 2023: Complete Buying Guide

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulchers: It’s astonishing how much debris may gather in beds and borders, as well as on lawns, walkways, and patios. It might be challenging to clean them up, especially in the fall. Having the best commercial leaf vacuum on hand will simplify the job. It may blow leaves and light fixtures into a mound, which can be sucked up and finely shredded in a holding vacuum. You may either apply the contents straight to the borders as mulch or compost them. There are leaf vacuums driven by either an electric wire or a petrol engine with a two-stroke or four-stroke motor. More information on them may be found at the end of this article.

You can easily get the job done using an electrical model for household models. They are available in both corded and cordless versions. There are a variety of finest commercial leaf vacuums available, depending on the sort of task you will be undertaking. This article will review the best six commercial leaf vacuum mulchers. So, stick till the last and choose your best-suited leaf mulchers from here.

Top 6 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulchers: (Reviewed)

1. Toro 51621 (Best Budget Option)


Are you looking for the best leaf blower vacuums? So, here it is. The Toro UltraPlus is a top-of-the-line blower/vac that is second to none. The high-end tool has all of the wonderful features found in Toro’s Ultra model, as well as a few extras not seen elsewhere. This incredible leaf blower has three functions in one. It’s a strong blower with excellent suction, a bottom zip bag, a fantastic leaf shredder, and a high-speed vacuum.

This fantastic leaf vacuum has air speeds of up to 250 miles per hour, variable speed airflow control, and simple blowing attachments. And here’s something else that other vacuum blowers don’t have: an oscillating nozzle. This leaf vacuum nozzle sweeps air back and forth to provide a broader blowing path on hard surfaces without requiring you to move your wrist.

The 12-amp motor generates 410 cfm of airpower. It’s a sturdy device with a metal impeller, preferable to plastic. There will be no blockage until you take up more than the tool is capable of. As strong as it is, don’t expect it to pick up bark from your neighbor’s sycamore. If you wind up clogging the device, slow it down and let the debris fall back out.

The unique Shredz-All shred ring is another exclusively available feature on the UltraPlus. If you are working with oversized leaves, the shred ring shreds up to 97 percent of your mulched leaves into half-inch or smaller bits. The unit’s blower-only operation is convenient. However, most of you will purchase this equipment for its vacuum and mulcher capabilities. When you attach the oscillating nozzle in such mode, the entire machine will weigh about 8 lbs. You may hold it in your hand or attach a shoulder strap to it. Toro’s UltraPlus blower/vac is the top model in the company’s best-selling range. At this price, you won’t find a more powerful electric vacuum.

  • The fan is made of metal and is quite sturdy.
  • Ninety-seven percent of the mulched material is reduced to half-inch bits.
  • A powerful 410 CFM vacuum mode and a 250 mph blast mode are included.
  • The shred-all shred ring is patented, as is the oscillating tube.
  • Variable speed control and simple conversion from vacuum to blower.
  • The plastic ring of teeth around the edge of the top of the vacuum tube sometimes causes to stop as the tiny twigs get jammed in them.

2. BLACK+DECKER BV6000 (Best Value)


Because it combines a blower, vacuum, and mulcher in a single device, this high-performance 3 in 1 tool from Black & Decker is a highly versatile tool among all commercial leaf vacuums. This equipment is powered by a robust 12-amp engine that can create 250 mph of hurricane-like wind speed, effortlessly blowing leaves and other yard waste. This finest commercial leaf vacuum & blower has a maximum CFM of 400 and a mulch ratio of 16:01.

If you dislike leaf blowers, you can use this equipment simply for vacuuming. It makes vacuuming up leaves and other debris much easier thanks to its ultra-durable dirt collection bag system. This finest commercial leaf vacuum has a powerful blowing feature and a powerful vacuuming capability. This item is made with high-quality plastic components and is well-constructed.

The bag is large enough to cover most of the yard space, and the mulcher works nicely. The blade is thick and may also mulch branches. The handles are well-placed, and the device is light enough to be utilized without a shoulder strap. However, if you intend to use this leaf blower vacuum for extended periods, you need to invest in a decent strap. You’ll spare your back and won’t have to bend or rake the entire yard this way.

It is extremely simple to change from vacuum to blower, and the machine is very simple to use and maintain. Clogging may occur from time to time, but debugging is simple. It can even pick up dirt and sodden leaves, but get to know the tool so you can swiftly lift the lid and pop it if you ever need to clean the route.

  • Changing from vacuum to blower without the need for tools.
  • Mulching blades that are thick and have a 16:01 ratio.
  • It has a strong 12-amp motor with a force of 250 mph.
  • It has a long-lasting and handy dirt collecting bag.
  • Simple to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot.
  • It is difficult to get some vacuum pieces apart.

3. WORX WG509 (Best Multi-stage All Metal System)



Are you tired of manually raking, cleaning pathways, and collecting leaves into garbage bags? Those days, however, are long gone. WORX’s 3-in-1 TRIVAC is the fifth product on this list. It converts from a blower to a yard vacuum to a mulcher at the flip of a button. What is the point of WORX? Because it combines a superb blower, a strong outside vac, and a heavy-duty mulcher. You can now clear up the leaves faster and simpler than ever before with this TRIVAC.

If you dislike the odor of gasoline-powered equipment, consider switching back to a corded type. The WG509 is a corded device with a strong 12-amp motor. This lightweight finest commercial leaf vacuum blower may be operated with one hand in both vacuum and blower modes. It features an angled snout for perfect airflow, and the whole item is small and lightweight, making it easy to handle.

This leaf vacuum features a metal impeller with an 18:1 Mulch ratio, allowing you to gather gallons of dry leaves into the 1-gallon collecting bag. The shredder blade on the all-metal mulching system can easily mulch heaps of leaves up to 1/18th of their original size. Furthermore, there are no tubes to change, it is a time-saving unit.

  • The lightweight and ergonomic design allows for one-handed use.
  • It is an all-metal mulching system that lowers the size of leaves by one-eighth.
  • Quieter operation and a powerful 12-amp motor
  • 210 mph blower speed and 350 CFM vacuum mode
  • Thanks to the innovative angled nose design, cleaning beneath decks and patios has never been easier.
  • On/Off switch feels too hard to engage.

4. Greenworks 24322 (Best Brushless Cordless Blower)


If you’re not a fan of corded leaf vacuums and want something more mobile and portable, this is the one for you. The Greenworks 40V cordless blower vacuum has a brushless motor, which increases the vacuum’s overall durability. This motor not only gives your tool a longer operating time but also improves torque, which creates more significant power. You will have reduced wear and tear within the housing while increasing the component’s lifetime.

This leaf vacuum mulcher will not be as powerful as a corded one because it is cordless and powered by a 4.0Ah battery. But it doesn’t mean it’s powerless. Greenworks’ blower/vacuum has variable speed selections and can create 185 mph of wind speed. This one has powerful energy behind it. The wind speed is strong enough to readily and efficiently clear up the majority of the big debris.

  • High-performance G-Max lithium-ion battery
  • Variable speed trigger with a maximum flow rate of 340 CFM
  • The functioning is smooth and silent.
  • Brushless motors have a longer operating duration and a longer life span.
  • The device is lightweight for convenience of usage and tool storage.
  • The charger of this one is disappointing.

5. Greenworks 24072


The Greenworks 24072 is the corded equivalent of the second item. It features a strong 12-amp motor that can deliver 235 mph of blower speed and 380 CFM of vacuum mode. The brushless motor was included in the cordless variant, but not in this one. However, the finest commercial leaf vacuum has greater power to compensate. The primary reason I like their product range is that it has no carbon imprint.

None of their products will ever emit a single ounce of carbon into the atmosphere. They have a warranty duration that is twice as long as the industry standard. Their goods are designed to function at the greatest level and to be dependable. The same may be said for this 12-amp blower vacuum. This finest commercial leaf vacuum’s metal impeller has been designed for mulching performance and longevity. Because of its metal cutting blades, this vac is the finest commercial leaf vacuum for mulching.

  • Metal cutting blades on a large metal impeller.
  • A strong 12-amp motor with a blower speed of 235 MPH and a vacuum speed of 380 CFM.
  • Converting a blower to a vacuum is simple and requires no tools.
  • For more control, a 6-speed variable speed dial is provided.
  • The blades on the impeller are short.

6. Scotts BVM23014S



Scott’s outdoor power equipment has created the best corded multi-functional blower vac. This leaf blower vacuum has a powerful 14-amp motor that provides outstanding blowing strength, excellent suction power, and incredible mulching choices. Furthermore, it is a complete configuration that does not require removing or installing any tubes or nozzles. This tool includes everything you’ll need. It features a variable speed control dial that allows you to regulate airspeed between 110 and 200 mph.

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You may regulate the airflow from 310 to 410 CFM while in vacuum mode. When compared to comparable leaf blower vacuums, 410 CFM is a lot of sucking power. The flip of a button quickly transitions from vacuum to blower. A robust steel impeller incorporated inside the machine mulches leaves and other particles at a 15:1 mulching ratio. It may reduce 15 gallons of leaves to 1 gallon of mulch.

  • A strong 14-amp motor for heavy-duty use.
  • It includes a variable speed trigger and a simple one-button conversion switch.
  • The airspeed is 110-200 mph on blower mode, and on vacuum mode, the airflow is 310-410 CFM.
  • It has a durable steel impeller with a mulching ratio of 15:1.
  • It includes a built-in adjustable rake, wheels, and a big dust collecting bag.
  • The blower works well but the suction is not very good.

Verdict: Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulchers 2023

According to the analysis that we have gone through, the best budget mulcher on our list is the Toro 51621 one. 97 percent of the mulched material is reduced to half-inch bits, which is an amazing thing in this price range.

BLACK+DECKER BV6000 is the best valued one among our featured ones. A strong 12-amp motor with a force of 250 mph of this one can easily serve your purpose. Apart from these ones, WORX WG509 comes with the best multi-stage all-metal system, and Greenworks 24322 is the best brushless and cordless one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which features Differentiate these Products?

The following are some of the critical aspects that can help you distinguish between these products:

  • Maximum blower speed/HP
  • When utilizing the blower setting, it will give you the option of selecting a variable speed.
  • Check to see if the blower comes with a handy disposable bag.
  • How simple it is to toggle between the blower and vacuum functions.
  • Check the blower’s weight as well. It will be simpler to operate and less tiring if ergonomically constructed.
  • Finally, look for any extras or attachments that came with your blower.

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How to Maintain my Mulcher?

Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your vacuum tool.

  • Wear earplugs and safety eyewear at all times to protect your ears from flying debris such as stones.
  • Work a few meters away from everyone else in the garden to keep them safe from flying debris.
  • Connect the blower tube to the air outlet properly.
  • Electric versions are simple to operate, while gasoline-powered machines have various starting processes that may necessitate considerable force.
  • Make certain that you understand what you’re doing.
  • Use distance, variable speed settings, or aperture size to suction a pile.
  • Low power modes should be used over gravel and bark sections and around particularly sensitive plants and bare borders where soil can be easily blown away.
  • Stop the engine and turn off the electricity while switching the attachments to vacuum mode.
  • The protective cover on the air intake where the shredding blades rotate is removed. The vacuum tube with a big diameter is connected to the blades.
  • Some computers will not start unless everything is firmly in place.


A blower vac may be kept in storage for the majority of the year, but it may be a vital piece of equipment when you need it. It will save you time, strain your back, and help you maintain your yard tidy with less effort. You will get the most bang for your money and be able to utilize the machine for years to come if you invest in the best business leaf vacuum. So, go through the review of 6 best commercial leaf vacuum mulchers and find your best-suited one from the list!

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