Best Deck Stain for Weathered Wood 2023: Top Picks Reviewed

Best Deck Stain for Weathered Wood

Best Deck Stain for Weathered Wood in 2023 for Every Weather Condition: Our decks always go through different weather conditions. So, taking proper care of the woods is essential.

Using appropriate deck stains can save the weathered woods on your deck. But finding the best stain to fight against harsh weather can be challenging. Therefore, we have tested a few to find the best deck stain for weathered wood. And we have come up with seven different options.

Based on the woods and weather in your area, the choice may vary. That’s why we also explained a few things you need to check before selecting the best deck stain. So, Let’s Begin.

Things to Look for in a Deck Stain for Weathered Wood? 

Different strains have different purposes. If you want to get the best results from your stain, you must know about the factors. Below we have explained some factors that will help you decide which stain will fit your deck best:

  • Weather

The weather condition in your area is a big factor. Deck stains for weathered wood usually give protection against all weather conditions. Still, some of them are excellent for rainy weather, while some are for sunny weather. So, check the description well. Most companies state in which whether their product works best.

  • Oil-Based vs. Water Based

When you look for deck stains, you will find two types. The first one is oil-based, and the second is water-based. There is not much difference between them. Usually, water-based stains offer better finishing. But if the wood rots quickly, oil-based products may offer better durability.

  • Color Options

Color options do not affect the quality. But it is always nice to have multiple options. While most deck stains come with 3-5 color options, some offer 10 to 11 options. So we suggest you check different colors before selecting the stain. Choose the one that you believe will best suit your deck.

  • Durability

Durability is an essential factor in choosing the best deck stain for weathered wood. Often stains seem to fade or peel off after a year due to harsh weather. So, we recommend you read our review very well to get the information. Besides, reading amazon reviews will also be helpful. Lastly, check the warranty duration that every stain provides.

Top 7 Best Deck Stain for Weathered Wood for Every Weather Condition

We have done in-depth research and a lot of tests. And finally made a list of the seven best deck stains for weathered wood.

1. DEFY Extreme Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain


Is your deck exposed to the sun most times of the year? Then you need DEFY Extreme Wood Stain for your deck. Its zinc-nano technology works excellent to protect the woods from sun damage.

The water-based stain also protects woods from water. It is environmentally friendly too. DEFY offers six different color options, including Cedar Tone, Crystal Clear, Redwood, Natural Pine, Light Walnut, and Butternut.

You can apply the stain with both a brush and a sprayer. We highly recommend you apply this stain on a cloudy day. When the color starts to fade after years, clean with water and soap, then apply the stain again. Overall, it’s one of the best deck stains for weathered wood where the weather is sunny most of the time.

  • Zinc-nano technology for protection from sun heat damage.
  • Fading and Graying resistant ingredients.
  • Attractive color options.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Though it’s recommended for sunny areas, applying it on a sunny day doesn’t provide good results.

2. Ready Seal Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood:


It is a lot of work to use a primer before staining and sanding for reapplication. But you can skip this kind of hassle. Ready Seal Exterior Stain doesn’t require primer or sanding. You need to apply it on bare woods for best results. Applying Ready Seal on painted or newly stained decks will not work.

However, you need to wait 14 days after application before it reaches the original color. It is an oil-based exterior wood stain. You can use it for your decks as well as fences. It is capable of protecting woods from water and UV ray damage.

When you apply it on bare woods, the stain penetrates to provide you with the best color and protection. If you want an easy solution for your deck staining, the Ready Seal can be your best choice.

  • Wide range of color options (nine in total).
  • Easy application with brush, sprayer, or roller.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Attractive colors.
  • Colors may fade fast in harsh weather.

3. THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Waterproofing Stain:


Is your deck highly exposed to dampness? Then the durability of wood will be really short. The solution to this problem is Thompson’s WaterSeal Stain for decks. It not only gives your deck a beautiful look but also creates a waterproofing layer.

Therefore, no matter how much it rains or dampness in your area, your deck will be fine. The manufacturer claims that one coat will protect your deck for at least four years. Edward Thompson discovered the popular WaterSealer method to protect woods from humidity.

This one is a semi-transparent stain and comes with four different color options. The colors are Harvest Gold, Maple Brown, Sequoia Red, and Woodland Cedar. You can apply the stain on both dry and freshly cleaned damp wood. If you face water-related problems in your area, then you can try Thompson’s deck stain.

  • It uses the famous “Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer” method to protect the wood from water damages.
  • Resistant to mildew and UV damage too.
  • Easy application.
  • Fade-resistant colors.
  • The cedar color seemed inaccurate to many.

4. #1 Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain:


One of the problems with decks is that they are exposed to different weather conditions throughout the year. As a result, the stains usually tend to fade. But that shouldn’t be a problem with the #1 deck wood stain.

#1 Deck is an excellent option for premium wood stains. This one provides dual benefits. It gives an excellent color to your deck and also seals the coating. Hence, no need to worry about using extra products after applying the stain.

The sealer gives extra protection, which prevents water damage. #1 Deck is best for softwoods. It is also suitable for hardwood but may require frequent coating. You have five color options: light walnut, dark walnut, gray, cedar, and natural. If you are worried about stain fading, we recommend you try #1 Deck.

  • Work both as deck stain and sealer.
  • Easy cleaning with waterproof stain.
  • Comes in five color variants.
  • Gives a beautiful and stylish look to your deck.
  • Not suitable for new hardwood.

5. KILZ Exterior Waterproofing Wood Stain


Is there a lot of rain in your area? Then you need a stain that can protect your deck woods from water. Kilz wood stain can exactly do that for you. It is waterproof and mildew-resistant. Kilz has been making high-quality primers and paints for a long time. This semi-transparent wood stain is another addition to their amazing product lineup.

They have used a 100% Acrylic formula to ensure your deck remains safe from rain, snow, and sun damage. So, whether it is summer or monsoon, the woods will not be affected. This product comes in Cedar Color. If the weather in the area is inconsistent, we highly recommend you use the Kilz Wood Stain.

  • Waterproof coating and UV Protection.
  • Mildew-resistant.
  • Uses an Acrylic formula for extended durability.
  • Excellent for decks, as well as fences and exterior woods.
  • Comes in only one color.

6. Cabot Australian Timber Oil Stain:


Cabot is a renowned wood care product provider based in Australia. But they have their operations around the globe, including the USA. Their oil-based deck stain can be an excellent option for you.

Your stain may peel off after a few months due to harsh weather. But Cabot uses premium tung oil. It penetrates deep into the woods and prevents peeling off. Cabot Timber Oil stain has ten different color options, which is great. We believe you’ll definitely find one that suits your taste. If you want a longer stain that has many colors, we suggest you go for Cabot.

  • Premium oil ingredients ensure a long durability.
  • Wide range of color options.
  • Excellent protection against water damage.
  • It coats on wood very well.
  • The price has increased a bit due to popularity.

7. DEFY  Semi-Transparent Deck Stain for Hardwoods:


This is the second deck stain from DEFY on this list. We already have told you how good their products are. This one is specially made for hardwoods. It is a water-based stain and produces a semi-transparent color. High-quality ingredients ensure that your deck does not fade after a few months. You will also have three color tones to pick from.

The manufacturer claims that it reduces water penetration by up to 90%. According to our expert team, it is one of the best deck stains for weathered hardwoods. So if you have a deck made of hardwood, you can give it a try.

  • It is specially formulated for hardwoods.
  • Reduces water penetration.
  • Fading and peeling resistance.
  • Easy application and maintenance.
  • Seems highly transparent to some.

Final Words: Best Deck Stain for Weathered Wood

So, these were the best deck stains you can buy for weathered wood. Read the buying guide and the review well to select the best one for your deck. Are you still confused about which one is the best deck stain for weathered wood? Well, based on the requirements you may have, our experts have two final recommendations for you.

Best Deck Stain for Weathered Wood for Sunny Weather 2023

DEFY Extreme Wood Stain uses zinc-nano technology that is highly efficient against sunny weather. It is also fading resistant, which increases its durability. Overall it is one of the best deck stains for weathered wood, especially in sunny areas.

Best Deck Stain for Weathered for Rainy Weather 2023

If there is a lot of rain in your area, you can go for the #1 Deck Premium Wood Stain. People also have praised this one for its excellent color durability. Besides, you will not need to use extra sealant with it.

Frequently Answered Questions

Should I sand weathered wood before staining?

It is always recommended that you sand before staining weathered wood. That is because it helps new stains to penetrate better on woods and become highly durable.

Can you pressure wash stain off a deck?

Pressure washing works great to stain off any deck. But you need to be careful not to damage the woods. You should go for a pressure setting of 1500 psi or less for safety.

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How do you prepare a weathered deck for staining?

Before staining, ensure you have cleaned the deck properly. You can wash the deck with soap and water. Then sanding will be great. After cleaning all the dirt and debris, you can start staining.

What happens if you don’t seal stained wood?

Sealing stained wood gives a more beautiful finish to your deck. If you do not do it, the stain may fade or peel off sooner. However, some stains do not require any sealant.

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