Best Grub Killer For Lawn 2023: Top Picks, Used & Reviewed

Best Grub Killer For Lawn

Best Grub Killer For Lawn That Is Must Try In 2023: With Reviews: Who wants their well-maintained lawn filled with nasty pests like grubs? These pests ruin the beauty of the lawn and destroy the plant’s health. If your lawn gets attacked by grub infestation, then you have to witness devastating scenarios. Before anything such happens to your lawn, you have to apply the best grub killer for the lawn,

A lawn without pests is impossible; even after several attempts, they somehow find a way to enter the lawn. But when you start noticing grub presence in the lawn then you need to take action immediately as a little delay can destroy your loving lawn, However, if you can apply a powerful grub killer, then your lawn can be saved from the clutches of grubs, but to find the best grub killer, you have to do a lot of hard work.

We have made a well-researched list covering the five best grub killers for lawns from the market to save you from all the hard work.

Things To Consider Well Before Choosing The Best Grub Killer For Lawn

  • Types 

There are two types of treatments one is liquid, and another is granular. Liquid treatments are effective and fast. Spray solutions are mainly intended to destroy grubs as a whole. In contrast, granular is easy to apply with a handheld or walk-behind lawn spreader. So, know the type well before applying any treatment.

  • Size/Coverage 

The coverage or size mainly depends on the size of your lawn. If your lawn is bigger, you will need a large insecticide. Also, remember the amount of area the insecticide covers as you will not want to purchase again and again.

  • Safety 

When applying any insecticide, you first have to think about your safety. Be it organic or synthetic safety should be maintained properly. You have to wear protective glasses, gloves, etc. Also, it is essential to have a good look at the given instructions. You can understand the application process, whether it’s easy to apply or needs a bit of effort. You have to keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe!

  • Price 

There are various types of grub killers present in the market, where the price may vary with the brand, feature, ingredient. So, you have to choose the one that goes well with your budget and fulfills all your requirements.

Top 5 Best Grub Killer For Lawn That You Must Try: Reviews with Guide  

As you already know, the market is full of varieties of options where you can quickly get confused about which one to choose. You have to choose the right one with all the effective qualities. It can be a slightly difficult task, so we have collected the five best grub killers for the lawn among the superb options. These are:

1. Bio-Advanced 24hour Grub Killer Plus Grub Control


If you are looking for a highly effective pesticide that can immediately eliminate all grubs from your lawn, then look no further Bio-Advanced 24hour Grub Killer Plus Grub Control is the one for you.

If your lawn is filled with grubs or other nasty insects, then you need to apply a strong killer solution. In this case, this grub killer is an ideal killer solution as the product’s main ingredient is Dylox, which kills insects after contact within one day. What’s best is that this kills grubs and can kill other insects like ants, crickets, earwigs, ticks, etc.

It is an easy-to-use grub killer and can be applied with a spreader. So, you are free from extra hassle. You can treat one pack for 5000 sq ft so it will last for a long time. You cannot miss this versatile, fast-acting formula and easy-to-spread grub killer that you cannot miss. Thus, this is the overall best grub killer for the lawn in the market.

  • Easy to spread.
  • It has a very quick absorption rate.
  • It contains Dylox which kills insects within 24 hours.
  • It offers a good coverage area.
  • Works well on various nasty insects.
  • May kill beneficial insects in the process.

2. Bonide BND60360 Insect And Grub Killer


Bonide is a renowned company making pest killers for a long time. Still, the name is quite popular in the market, and gardeners love to use each and every product of their company.

When your lawn is infested with various insects like grubs, fleas, roaches, etc., you need to treat them deeply so that they do not return to your lawn again. Bonide BND60360 Insect And Grub Killer is a dual-action that can kill grubs and other insects above and below the surface, finishing their existence. This pest control is specially designed to protect your lawn and home, making your lawn safe from insects.

Besides, this is a fast-acting solution, so there is no chance that any insects get another life; also, it gives long-lasting control so the insects hidden under the surface or any dark area cannot be escaped. It is one of the best grub killers for a lawn with very easy application. Without any doubt, apply this killer to your lawn and enjoy the rapid results.

  • Easy to use.
  • It is a nonstaining water-based formula.
  • It kills over 40 plus species.
  • Made with powerful ingredients that kill insects quickly.
  • Long-lasting effect.
  • Not safe for pets and children.

3. BIOADVANCED Season Long Grub Control


BIOADVANCED 700715M Season Long Grub Control is a unique kind of grub killer that comes in 2 in 1 formula, which kills grubs and improves the growth of the grasses.

It works in two ways which will surely benefit you. Firstly it can clean up all the grubs from your lawn. It provides soil with all-important nutrients. Not only that, it repairs root systems on your lawn. The best part of this product is it can be used all season, be it summer or winter; it will be effective in any season.

Moreover, as it is made with strong active ingredients, it can kill varieties of insects from your lawn that have been eyeing to destroy your lawn  So; it can be said that this grub control is a protector against all the pests and a healer that provides soil nutrients and growth  Grab it fast and apply it to your lawn.

  • Hassle-free application.
  • 2 in 1 formula eliminates grubs.
  • Improve growth of grassroots.
  • Suitable for applications in spring as well as summer.
  • It targets a wide range of species.
  • This grub killer should not be applied near fruits and vegetables.

4. Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer


In the lawn care industry, Scotts is a well-known name. They produce so many excellent products that are why the gardener mostly recommends them. Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer is one of their best products.

Scotts GrubEx can kill various kinds of insects, especially those insects that are harmful to your law. This grub killer is so strong that one application is enough to treat an area of 5000 square feet. With a single application, you can prevent the giant infestations of grubs and other insects. However, it will not harm the beneficial insects that lure around your lawn or soil bacteria. Also, it is safe for animals.

It is a highly effective granular formula that can be applied with pre-emergent herbicide or fertilizer; you can do any of the processes the result will be the same; every insect living in your lawn will be dead. Also, it gives four-month-long protection against grubs, so do not worry about their return. It is the best grub killer for the law if you are on a budget. Hands down, it is worth your money.

  • It can kill a wide range of nasty pests including grubs.
  • A single treatment can last up to 4 months long.
  • It does not pose a threat to beneficial insects.
  • Prevent root damage caused by nasty insects.
  • Affordable.
  • It should not be applied in the vegetable garden.

5. St. Gabriel Organics Milky Spore Granular Grub Control



If you want a natural solution to get rid of grubs from your lawn, then St. Gabriel Organics Milky Spore Granular Grub Control is the ideal math. It is a 100% natural grub killer that is environment friendly and can kill all the grubs in your lawn area.

The product comes with some fantastic qualities that will surely impress y. It is a 100% natural product that can be applied in any area of the la n. There is no danger for children or pets. Without the mixture of any chemicals, it can finish all the grubs from your la n. Do not worry about your beneficial insects, fish, plants; they will be saved and unharmed.

Furthermore, it offers an excellent coverage area, and it will serve you for up to 20 yea s. If you want the best grub killer for a lawn that is easy to use and completely organic, this is perfect. All in all, this is a worthy consideration, so you should try it.

  • 100% natural.
  • Provides excellent coverage.
  • It can be applied at any time of the season.
  • Safe to use near pets and children.
  • Can be stored up to 20 years.
  • Slightly expensive

Final Words: Our Recommendations

Being a gardener, you will never want pests like grubs destroying your la n. You have to apply the best grub killer to kill them and make sure they do not return aga n. So, you have to search well and apply the best one for the welfare of your lawn.

This article has provided you with the five best grub killers for lawns. Apply any one of them and you will surely be satisfied with the desired result. We have two final recommendations from our side, we hope it will help you find the right one!

Budget Best Grub Killer For Lawn

To save your lawn from a grubs attack, you must apply a strong grub killer. Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer is a strong grub killer that can quickly kill various kinds of insects. A single treatment will be enough to last for four months; also, it will not harm any of the beneficial insects living in the la n. It can save your money and give service for a long time. Thus, this is the best budget grub killer for the lawn.

Overall Best Grub Killer For Lawn

Bio-Advanced 24-hour Grub Killer Plus Grub Control is the best overall grub killer for la n. It is because of its awesome qualities and features it h s. It is a highly strong and powerful grub killer that can eliminate any nasty pests within 24 hours. It offers an excellent coverage area and absorbs very quickly. The key ingredient of the product is Dylox which kills insects in contact. It can be easily spread and used without any difficulty. Hence, this is the best overall on the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Effective Grub Killer? 

To kill grubs in the fall or spring, use carbaryl or trichlorfon. However, always wear rubber gloves and rubber boots when applying insecticide to turfgrass. Ensure to irrigate the lawn with at least 0.5 inches of wat r. Allow the grass to dry before any person or pet comes into the treated area.

Read more to choose the Best Flea and Tick Killer for Lawns

How do you get Rid of Grubs on your Lawn? 

Suppose you want to apply a natural way to get rid of grubs from your la n. Try to consider introducing beneficial nematodes to your la n. Nematodes are microscopic parasites that directly invade grubs’ bodies, releasing bacteria that can double and kill the host grubs.

What is the Best Time to Spray for Grubs? 

Treating in late summer or early fall is ideal as that is when the baby grubs are most susceptible to nematodes s. However, there is a short window for the application in the early spring before the grubs get too into full growth. That is a narrow window and can be hard to time the property.

Is it too late to treat the Lawn for Grubs? 

By September, grubs will be fully grown thus, it will be harder for you to kill them. The best treatment may kill only 60% of the healthy grubs. So, it’s kind of late as the damage has been done. The ideal time to apply treatment is before mid-august. 

Do Grubs Come Back Every Year?

Grubs do come back every year in the law s. Newly hatched grips are the big players, meaning they are the main eaters. Grubs eat most in the fall and progress less when they mature in spring.

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