Best Hand Saw For Tree Cutting 2023: Top Picked Reviewed

Best Hand Saw For Tree Cutting

Best Hand Saw For Tree Cutting | Product Review & Buying Guide: The hand saw is the best tool to cut down different types of wood, metal, and other things. As it is manual, you need to work with strength. People with cutting skills really love to work with a hand saw. But, you need to consider a few things to get the perfect one. Most people use a hand saw for trees or woodcutting. So, we are going to mention the best hand saw for tree cutting. There will be several recommendations as well. So, go through the full product review. Let’s talk about them.

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Hand Saw for Tree Cutting

Every brand has its unique features to offer. So, you need to compare them and figure out the best one. Each feature makes a difference. Their overall combination will give you the best result. It goes from durability to price tag as well.

  • Size

Size is the most important thing for a hand saw. No matter how good the saw is, it needs to be perfect in size. Only then can you get the best out of it. Moreover, it also defines what type of wood and tree you can cut.

  • Blade Shape

The blade and its teeth shape determine how precisely it can cut. Depending on this structure, you can also understand how deep it can go. It is the best way to assume about a hand saw from a single glance.

  • Handle & Grip

The handle and grip define how strong your holding will be. You need to put a lot of pressure on the saw. So, it is important how hard you can hold the tool. The grip and handle both help you to improve the cutting experience.

  • Tool Design

Some hand saws are foldable, and some of them are not. So, you can go for an appropriate design depending on your preference. It will save you money as well as get you the best one. Not everyone has Heavy Metal workloads. So, you can use a simple one for regular work.

  • Build Material

Build material is directly connected with the tool’s durability. Stainless steel, steel, or any other durable material ensures high durability. If you have a cheap product, then it will break down pretty easily. That would be a great waste.

  • Price

Price is always important as any product. If the product doesn’t provide value for the price, you shouldn’t go for it. Make sure to go to the highest performer or the one that provides the most value.

As we mentioned, a hand saw can be used for several reasons. So, you need to consider several factors while selecting one. Thus, we will have the product review. You can explore each product and its features. It will also help to compare those features.

Top 8 Best Hand Saw For Tree Cutting 2023 (Reviewed)

1. Irwin 218HP300 12-Inch Wood Cutting Hand Saw


Irwin is a popular brand for hand saws. Most hand saws are simple, and the features are straight. It maintains those important factors. First of all, it is 12’’ long. It is quite great for cute slim timbers and longs. You can also cut branches or other things.

Next, it has 3 teeth design. Thus, you can go deeper into the cutting. The handle is pretty strong. You can easily put pressure on it with balance. The better strength you can push, the better cut you can get. In addition, the grip is quite tight as well.

  • Durable and strong blades.
  • Sharp teeth.
  • Lightweight.
  • Long blades.
  • 3 teeth design.
  • Easy to cut tough woods.
  • The overall blade size is smaller.
  • The durability needs improvement.

2. Bahco Bow Saw Blade

Bahco is one of the best saw blade brands out there. This is one of the traditional collections. The blade is quite small. So, it is only suitable for small works. Unlike our previous pick, you can’t use it for heavy work. Its grip is decent for the price. But you can’t put much pressure on it. This is simply the best hand saw for tree cutting with those durable qualities.

  • Simple and attractive.
  • Good for simple and regular usages.
  • Easy to cut through thin woods or lighter materials.
  • Expensive.
  • Many cheaper alternatives are available.
  • Grip and blade strength need better quality.

3. Bahco 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw



This bow saw is perfect for green woods. It is the best hand saw for tree cutting. The blades are 30-inch long! So, you can go through long and deep woods. It is like an all-in-one tree cutting saw. The blade is not only long but also has a durable build. Putting strong pressure suits the machine.

  • Long blades.
  • All-in-one design.
  • Sharp and durable.
  • Decent and professional handle.
  • The pretty long blade may not suit everyone.
  • It needs a lot more pressure to handle.
  • A bit hard to balance the blade.

4. Truper 30255 21-Inch Bow Saw


This hand saw is a versatile one. It has 3 variants with different blade sizes. With the 21 inches long size, you can easily move this blade. Cut different types of wood with the blade. More importantly, it has a strong grip that allows you to hold perfectly while cutting large woods. The blade has different teeth shapes which allow you to cut deeper. In addition, the blade quality is quite good. So, it will last longer if you do regular maintenance.

  • Versatile tool.
  • Multiple variants.
  • Great blade quality.
  • Smaller and larger teeth.
  • It cuts deeper.
  • It can last for a long time with proper maintenance.
  • Not good for cutting dry woods.
  • The overall improvement is necessary.
  • It takes a bit more effort to work with.

5. Fiskars SW31 24” Bow Saw


This saw is perfect for green woods. You can do a pretty sharp cutting. But you can put so much pressure on this one. The blade is too thin to take extra pressure. It is more suitable for thin woods. The blade is also 24’’ inch long. So, you may even cut multiple blocks of wood together. The handle is quite amazing. So, you can easily push through the woods and get precise results.

  • Too lightweight.
  • It has long steel blades with sharp teeth.
  • It has thin blades for precise and slim cutting.
  • Balanced handle.
  • Smooth grip.
  • Plastic handle.
  • Thin blades that can break with hard pressure.
  • Only suitable for simple cuttings.
  • It can’t be used for dry woods.

6. Corona Tools 7-Inch RazorTOOTH Folding Saw Hand Saw


While most hand saws have a bow-like design, they are foldable. It is quite easy to store and handle. You can fold the saw and carry it anywhere. It is cheap, but you can also handle this one better than most hand saws. But, you can only use it for regular and simple cutting works. You can’t use such a handle for deep cuttings. But, it is the best hand saw for tree cutting.

  • Foldable design.
  • The most popular hand saw.
  • Highest rated hand saw.
  • Cheap and affordable.
  • Sharp blades.
  • Suitable for smaller tree or branch cutting.
  • Precise cutting.
  • Strong grip.
  • Suitable for simple cuttings.
  • You can’t use extra pressure.
  • You have to be a little expert to get a precise cutting from it.

7. CRAFTSMAN CMHT20880 Hand Saw

Craftsman is one of the best brands for hand saws. It is strong and suitable for heavy plunk cutting jobs. You can even cut trees for a similar blade size. It has a simple but durable design. You can put full pressure on the handle. The blade is 15 inches long. Moreover, you can use it at a 90-degree angle.

  • Decent blade size.
  • Professional saw design.
  • Can put full pressure on the handle.
  • Strong and comfortable grip.
  • 90-degree working angle.
  • Suitable for dry and green woods.
  • Strong and evenly sized teeth.
  • Bends pretty easily.
  • Blades are not that sharp.
  • It needs more strength to cut.

8. WilFiks 16” Pro Hand Saw



This hand saw is quite durable and similar to our previous pick. It has strong and same-sized teeth. So, you can put all the pressure on it. Moreover, the handle is quite durable and easy to put a grip on it. You can put even pressure on the whole saw. It helps you to get deeper into the dry or green woods. The brand says that its design allows you to get 50% faster because of the thick design. Certainly, it is one of the best hand saws for tree cutting.

  • Beautiful design.
  • Suitable for green and dry wood.
  • Perfect balance.
  • Popular and demanding product.
  • Premium grade durability.
  • Needs more sharpness.
  • The overall durability can be better.
  • A few alternatives are there.

Final Word: Our Recommendation

We have given you the best hand saw and mentioned their buying guide. Explore our given products if you want to grab the best hand saw for tree cutting. Follow these quick recommendations if you want to have a quick buy.

Best Overall Hand Saw For Tree Cutting 2023

Corona Tools 7-Inch RazorTOOTH Folding Saw Hand Saw has a unique foldable design. Moreover, you can carry it anywhere and get the cutting done. It is sharp and easy to do all the regular tree cuttings. Thus, it is our best overall hand saw.

Best Entry Level Hand Saw For Tree Cutting 2023

Bahco Bow Saw Blade is pretty easy to handle. It can be used for different types of cutting. Besides, it is durable and highly demanding in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hand saw?

A hand saw is a tool that we use to cut wood or similar things manually.

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What a hand saw can be used for?

A hand saw can cut through plastics, wood, planks, and a few types of thin metals.

How long can you use a hand saw?

Usually, they can last from multiple months to a couple of years.

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