Best Repellent for Sand Flies 2023: Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Repellent for Sand Flies

Best Repellent for Sand Flies of 2023: Reviews with Buying Guide: Are you looking for the best repellents to save yourself from blood-sucking sandflies? No matter how many attempts you try, it seems no harm to them.

Then, it’s the right time for you to apply the effective sandfly’s repellent products. Undoubtedly, sand flies are harmful to humankind as they may transmit many kinds of diseases via their biting. They are tiny in size, but within no time, they can get to your nerves. A single bite of a sandfly could make your life like hell. However, you need to find the best repellent for sand files to protect yourself from further damage.

Are you confused about which one to purchase? Worry not; our expert team has tried and tested the top repellents for sandflies in the market. And then, we have made a list covering the five best repellents for sand files. Before jumping into the list, you need to know about the types of repellents that function differently. That way, you can make a better choice according to your best preference.

Types of Sand Flies Repellent

Usually, there are many forms of insect repellents found in the markets. There are three types of repellents that are mostly used in getting rid of sandflies. These are natural repellent sprays, chemical repellent sprays, and electrical repellents. The methods are effective as well as provide desired results.

  • Natural Sand Flies Repellent Sprays

Sandflies are no joke as they have the ability to cause much damage to the body. In this case, natural repellent sprays can be a go-to choice as they can be made with household ingredients.

There are some ingredients with which essential oil can be made. This type of essential oil can successfully prevent sand flies from biting or coming near. These are clove, lavender, and citronella. Moreover, salt and vinegar can also be a handy option to repel sand flies.

  • Chemical Sand Flies Repellent Sprays

Chemical repellents are always a preferable choice as the chemical in the ingredient makes the repellent strong and effective against sand flies. There are many chemical repellent sprays available in the market that can be used in getting rid of sand flies. Such repellents provide quick results by killing instantly and provide safety from such blood-sucking sand flies; not only that, they can be easily carried and sprayed on the clothes.

  • Traps and zappers

Electrical Repellents for sand flies come in many forms. One of the most used repellents is zappers. Such zappers can finish sand flies and other insects in just one shock. There are many sizes of zappers that can be set indoors and outdoors. Provides top-notch protection against all kinds of pests.

On the contrary, traps are also a good option to use for sand flies. Traps come in many types like sticky traps, light traps, and animal baits. Sticky traps are used more often as they can catch a good number of sand flies together.

Now, you are well aware of the types and their functions. You can choose any of the types which suit your preference. But is that all you need to know before choosing the best repellent for sand flies? Not Really!  There are some other things which we recommend you to have a look at. There are a number of buying factors for you to consider before purchasing any kind of insect repellent. We assure you it will not cost much of your time. So kindly bear with us.

Some Buyers’ Guide to Consider Before Buying the Product

  • Safety

Safety is the main priority before using any product, whether killing any insects or applying on to them. Insect repellents contain chemicals that can be harmful to humans. Chemical makes the repellents more effective. Before using any repellent on sand flies, have a proper view and idea of the instruction. By that, safety will be maintained, and insects will be removed without any harm.

  • Effectiveness

Every repellent has its own efficiency level. The effectiveness depends on the ingredients used in the repellents. Some application processes can be different or may vary with the time limit of the product. However, the repellent has to be strong and effective to finish the bunch of sandflies.

  • Target Pest

Roger that, not all products can finish all kinds of pests. Some pests are very stubborn and can survive weak repellents. Sandflies need the actual repellents that have the capacity to kill them. Choose a repellent that could give a guarantee to kill your target pests, not other occurring pests. Be wise while choosing sandflies repellents.

  • Weather

It is no wonder that sand flies love humid conditions. Before applying any repellent, have a proper look at the given instructions. As if the sand flies’ repellent does not go well with dry or wet weather, the effect of repellent on sandflies will be less. As a result, they will not die, and the problem will be the same as earlier.

  • Price

If you are spending a lot of money and are not getting sufficient results, then the money gets wasted. Choose a repellent that could provide a long-lasting impact against pesky pests like sandflies at a good price.

By now, you have got a clear idea about the key factors of consideration. Try to include these factors while buying a repellent. It will surely save your time and help in making a good decision on getting rid of sandflies for good.

Now comes the most anticipated part of the article. We have made a list covering all the details about the best repellent for sand flies. Our review consists of the pros and cons that we have found by using and testing the repellents. Saving you from much confusion, we have done tons of research on the internet. Let’s Begin….

Top 5 Best Repellent for Sand Flies of 2023: Reviews with Buying Guide

1. Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent


Sawyer premium insect repellent is a versatile product to kill blood-sucking sand flies. The core formula of the product is permethrin, which makes the product super effective and efficient in preventing flies. Interestingly, if someone is sensitive to any kind of scent, this scent will not create any kind of problem for them. When the product gets dry, it becomes odorless, which is the best quality of it.

The product is very good at killing and repelling other flies like ticks, mites, mosquitoes, etc. It is used in the clothes so that no sandflies can come closer and bite. Do not fear; the product leaves no stain or bad smell. Overall, it is a good sand flies repellent to use if you are planning to go out camping or outing.

  • Protection up to 6 weeks
  • Repels and kills insects
  • No strain or damage to the clothes
  • Gets dry when it becomes odorless
  • Designed mainly for clothes or outdoor gear
  • Expensive
  • Not safe for pets and children
  • The nozzle may need frequent cleaning

2. Ortho Bed Bug & Flea killer Aerosol


Ortho Bed Bug & Flea killer Aerosol is a renowned name for insect pesticides. It has gained customer loyalty and trust through its effectiveness in killing sandflies indoors and outdoors. Biting sand flies are a huge problem that should be removed soon. If they bite you, there can be many problems.

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This product is a good choice as it is made with non-staining formula, which can be easily used in water-safe fabrics and surfaces. Moreover, the odor is slightly strong, but it’s not that bad.

However, it is best when you use the repellent in the beginning stage; by that, there will be no fear of sand flies bites or other activities. Indeed, it is a non-expensive way to get rid of the sandflies.

  • Effective against sand flies and others.
  • Easy to use.
  • Gives no stain.
  • Do not leave a bad smell.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • No IGR
  • Cannot remove a strong infestation.
  • Has a slightly strong smell.
  • It should be used carefully.

3. PT Alpine Flea& Bed Bug Insecticides


Are you looking for a repellent that can fast knock down the sandflies? If yes, then PT Alpine Flea& Bed Bug Insecticides is for you. This insecticide has prallethrin which can easily kill sand flies. Also, it has pyriproxyfen which gives a long-lasting IGR. It prevents sand flies from further infestation and damages its egg.

The effect of this repellent is strong enough on sand flies and other occurring flies. Adding to it, it can cover a large square, so you can easily spray in your house, apartments, or motels.

  • Has IGR
  • Easy to apply
  • Good coverage area.
  • Efficiently kills adult files.
  • Kills the hatching flies for up to 7 months.
  • Expensive
  • Has a strong smell.
  • May need frequent spray to kill a large number of sand flies.

4. CY-Kick CS


If you are having a sand flies problem and it is getting out of hand, then you need an immediate solution. For that, you can rely on CY-Kick CS. This is a highly efficient strong product that kills sand flies and other flies that buzz your house.

What makes it best is it has the ability to last up to 90 days. Within that, it kills all the flies. Especially female sand flies that actually bite you the most. The repellent has a non-stain system with no bad smell, which makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. All in all, this is the best insect repellent for sand flies.

  • Long-lasting impact
  • Kills all kinds of files.
  • It can be used more than one time.
  • Odorless
  • Gives no stain
  • Best for outdoors.
  • Safe for pets and children.
  • Needs frequent spray if the insects are in huge number.
  • Need a hand sprayer to apply.

5. Base PT Ultracide Pressurized Flea Insecticide



When you are enjoying the beach, if sand flies bite you, the consequences will not be favorable. To save yourself, you need a strong repellent that can assure you proper safety from such insects. Base PT Ultracide Pressurized Flea Insecticide is a product that can prove helpful because it is made with active ingredients such as pyrethrin, permethrin, and pyriproxyfen.

These ingredients in the repellent make it very strong that it can kill the adult sand flies and their eggs. What makes it better is the strong odor dries off very quickly. When it gets dry, it is safe for infants and pets. Thus, it is an ideal choice for protecting yourself from sand flies.

  • Easy and ready to use.
  • It can be used in large square feet.
  • Has a powerful ingredients like pyrethrins.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Can kill adult sand flies and other insects.
  • Has a strong smell.
  • Unsafe for children and pets when it’s not dry.
  • Cannot handle heavy infestations.

Final Words: Best Repellent for Sand Flies 

These were the five best repellents for sandflies available in the market. We’ve tried to cover every detail in the article, so it is on you to determine which one to buy.

Even so, are you still confused about which is the best repellent for sand flies? Well, we have made two final recommendations based on the best budget repellent for sand files and the best overall repellent for sand files. These are

Budget Best Repellent For Sand Flies

Ortho Bed Bug & Flea killer Aerosol is the best budget repellent for sand flies not only because of its affordable price range but also because it has customer loyalty in giving effective services on getting rid of the sand flies. It has many qualities like leaves no bad smell or stain, can be easily applied to sand flies. Thus, it is the best repellent with an affordable budget.

Overall Best Repellent For Sand Flies

The best overall repellent for sand flies is none other than CY-Kick CS. The repellent has many qualities to be on the list as like the impact on sandflies is long-lasting, it has no bad smell or leaves no stain while giving the product, can kill all kinds of flies found indoors and outdoors. All this makes it the best overall repellent for sand flies.

Frequently Asked Question

What are sand flies attracted to?

Sandflies are attracted by shiny surfaces, moving objects, carbon dioxide, and warmth. Unlike other flies, they are more attracted to the dark shade colors. Sandflies always travel in swarms, so the whole bunch gets attracted to a moving object like a human they tend to attack brutally.

How do you keep sand flies away?

Vinegar is the best option to keep the sandflies away. This ingredient works great against the sandflies. Try sprinkling a little in the clothes or needed place. However, essential oil, lavender, and tea tree oils are also good in the count.

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What essential oil repels sand flies?

The essential oil that repels sand flies is lemon. This is because of its simplicity of extraction, cheap cost, and protection level. According to researchers, it best effective repellent for sandflies.

What happens when a sandfly bites you?

If a sandfly bites you, you may have pain, rashes, red bumps, or blisters. The bumps and blisters that come infected later cause skin inflammations or dermatitis. This happens because sand flies can transmit diseases to humans and animals.  So, the consequences of biting can be dangerous.

Why are there so many flies at the beach?

The sandflies prefer humid environments, which they can get on the beaches. They can also sense carbon dioxide that we give off and the lactic acids our body releases. Thus, the presence of flies is more on the beaches.

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