Best Snow Blower for Elderly 2023: Top Picks Reviewed

Best Snow Blowers for the Elderly

Best Snow Blower for the Elderly (2023): Reviews with Buying Guide: Are you tired of looking for easy power tools for your grandparents or elderly friend to help them in removing large amounts of snow?  If yes, then you can go for the best snow blower designed for elderly people. But are they effective enough to clear all types of snow without the need for real strength? Certainly yes, if you manage to find the best ones from the market.

In the winter season, clearing snow is a tough task for any age person, especially for elderly people. It needs much physical force to clear them. If an elderly person does it with normal garden tools, then the consequences will not be good. For that, you need to find the best snow blower for the elderly for effective results.

Are you confused about which one to buy? Do not take the pressure; our experts have tried the top snowblower for the elderly from the market. After that, we have made a list of the five best snow blowers for the elderly. Before diving into the list, you need to know a number of buying factors. It will help you to choose the best one according to your requirements.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Snow Blower

These are a number of factors that we highly recommend you consider while purchasing a snowblower for elderly people. It won’t cost much of your time. So kindly stay with us.

  • Know the type

Snowblowers are of two types, mainly electric and gasoline. For the elderly, it’s best to go for the electric snow blower instead of gasoline. The reason is the electric snow blowers are easy to use and light in weight. They require less maintenance and do not need to fix more often. Knowing the type of snowblower is very necessary if it’s for the elderly.

  • Weight and Capacity 

This is a vital factor as if you target to choose a snowblower for the elderly then it has to be light in weight, easy storage capacity should have high-end features like easy to carry weight. So before buying, have a good look at the product, whether it is assembled or dispatched properly. And goes well with the size and weight.

  • Snowblower Stages

On a single-stage snowblower, the auger is the only device that is moving the snow. It can very well clear the fluffy and light snow. In contrast, the two-stage snow blower comes with an auger and impeller. It helps the snow to collect in a quick way. The three-stage snow blower has an auger, impeller, and an extra feature called an accelerator that grinds the big size ice and expels the snow from the chute.

Safety Features

For an elderly person, safety is the main concern. These are some features that will make the machine easier to use. These are:

  • Electric model: Snowblowers are two types, mainly electric and gasoline. For the elderly, it’s best to go for the electric snow blower model instead of gasoline. The reason is the electric snow blowers are easy to use, start, and light in weight.
  • Adjustable chute rotation: It is a good feature to look at as it makes the cutting performance depend on the rotation of the chute.
  • Power steering: Some of the gas power snow blowers comes with this feature. It helps to maneuver and control the machine.
  • Foldable handles and heated handgrips: To use the snowblower in an easy way, you must need foldable handles. It helps to use easily, even in clearing heavy snow. However, clearing snow is not an easy job at all. Having heated grips will provide extra warmth and comfort to the hands.
  • LED Headlights: LED Headlights will be a helpful source in the dark of night or in the early morning hours. To clear the snow, you need to have a proper light source in the machine.


Reliability is probably a crucial factor when buying a snowblower. If you buy a snowblower, you will want it to last for a long time. A reliable snowblower ensures that it can be used for a long time with heavy-duty performance. In this case, an electric snow blower can be the ideal choice as it comes with low maintenance and no other setting.


The price of a snowblower varies with its type, features, and quality. Gasoline snow blowers are slightly expensive whereas electric ones are very good in price. You should look at the overall aspects like its warranty, durability, and services. Thus, it should add value to the purchase. So, that’s pretty much what you need to know while buying a snowblower for the elderly. It will surely make your decision easier and quicker. After going through all factors, you can decide which snowblower will be best for use.

Now comes the most awaited section of the article. We have gathered a list of the best snow blower for the elderly. Our review will consist of all the pros and cons that we have practically figured out by using all the snowblowers. So, we have saved you much time by doing a tremendous amount of research.

Top 4 Best Snow Blowers for the Elderly of 2023: Top Picks Reviewed

1. Greenworks Pro 80V 20 Cordless Snow Thrower



If you want a snowblower for the elderly that comes light in weight, and can clear large areas of snow with powerful performance, Greenworks Pro 80V 20 Cordless Snow Thrower is just for you then.

GreenWorks is one of the best snow blower brands on the market. It is a cordless electric snow blower that can remove all kinds of snow from anywhere. The features it has will definitely impress you. It has brushless motor technology that will give a nice working experience with no real hassle. It is an easy operation, so the elderly will love to use it. It is perfect for larger jobs due to its marvelous capacity for clearing snow. The direction of the snowblower can be rotated easily, as it comes with 180 degrees rotating chute. Does not even need any oil, gas, or other types of fuel.

You might wonder that it might have storage issues, but the folding handles make it very easy to store in any preferable space. Not only that, it has two LED lights that will make the snow blower easy to use at night or in any dull lighting conditions. Overall, this is the best cordless snow thrower on the market which will surely add value to your money.

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Operates with no noise.
  • Comes with a charger with a high-power lithium-Ion battery.
  • Can efficiently clear the driveways, pathways, and patios with its clearing path.
  • Excellent running time.
  • Has maintenance-free brushless motor technology for a better experience.
  • One hundred eighty rotating chutes for desired snow throwing direction.
  • Light in weight
  • Highly durable.
  • Ideal for women and the elderly.
  • Best for larger jobs.
  • It can be stored in any place,
  • Dual LED lights allow a clear view in the low light.
  • Has digital control motor which gives a long-lasting performance,
  • Expensive.

2. Snow Joe Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower



It is no wonder elderly people face many difficulties while removing the snow from the yard or lawn. The heavyweight of such machines creates lots of trouble. In this case, Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower could be the best solution to solve the difficulties.

Weight is a big concern while handling any machine, especially for elderly seniors. It is a model that comes in light in weight. It has good gliding wheels which can very well support the elderly and can be easily handled without any problems. Do not doubt its capacity, as it’s so powerful that it can clear a good amount of heavy snow quickly. Even it comes in an easy setup, so no extra setting is needed.

Moreover, the chute helps to clear the strong built-up of the snow; as it comes maintenance-free, it can start instantly with a push of a button. It is an easy to control and lightweight model that an elderly person 0r a senior person will love to use it. All in all, this is the overall best snow blower for the elderly considering all aspects.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Highly powerful.
  • Maintenance-free and versatile.
  • Has a four-blade steel auger that clears snow from the ground without damaging the pavements.
  • Adjustable directional chute.
  • Maneuverability.
  • Ideal weight.
  • High capacity.
  • Hassle-free process, no need for oil, gas, or extended cords.
  • Starts with a push of a button.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Can clear the bulk amount of snow in less than one minute.
  • Has halogen lights that guide a clear path.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Good priced.
  • Can face difficulties dealing with the power cord.
  • Small wheels.
  • Gives away a smokey smell.

3. Briggs & Stratton Elite Series 24-inch Dual-Stage Snow Blower



Briggs & Stratton 1024MDS Elite Series 24-inch Dual Stage Snow Blower hails from a trustworthy brand that offers great features with long-lasting performance.

Briggs & Stratton is a well-known brand in the power tools world that manufactures gasoline engines. As it is a gas engine, the motor force allows an elderly person to blow the snow at a good distance without any force. The bleeding edge is so sharp that it can dispose of the snow in a quick time.

If your yard is full of snow, it can easily clear it without any strong physical energy. Due to its sturdy construction, it can break the ice and clear the snow in less time. The elders can use it very comfortable as it has free handle control and can be adjusted in its own preferred position, effortlessly, any elder can easily enjoy and do the task. Thus, this is the best snow blower for the money.

  • Convenient to use.
  • Easy to start and assemble.
  • Maneuverability.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Has a durable steel frame.
  • Strong and powerful engine.
  • The electric push-button gives a quick start.
  • Comes with dual-trigger steering, which allows effortless turns,
  • Can easily clear heavy snow on driveways and pathways.
  • Freehand control offers single-hand operation.
  • The chute can be adjusted and rotated easily.
  • Has heated handgrips and an on/off switch for safety.
  • It comes with a large-inch tire which provides superior traction.
  • Superb quality LED Headlights.
  • It will last for a long time.
  • Heavy.
  • Expensive.

4. Eco Power+ SNT 2100 21-inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower



If you are looking for a lightweight yet powerful snowblower for elderly people, then Eco Power+ SNT 2100 21-inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower can be reliable.

It is a powerful cordless gas-powered snow blower that comes with no hard process to handle. It has a number of very good features that can make work easy for elderly people. It has a high-efficiency brushless motor that can deal with any kind of snow. Do not compare this gas power model with the typical gas-powered machine as it comes with no fuss, loud noise, and fumes.

Moreover, Eco snt2100 has a variable speed control feature that allows controlling the power without any difficulties. Also, it has peak power technology by that any elderly person can clear a large amount of heavy and wet snow. This can give much relax to the hands and would not trouble with dealing. It can be the ideal choice for elderly persons as they can handle the lightweight as well as remove all the snow.

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Maneuverability.
  • Powerful.
  • Robust steel construction.
  • Lightweight.
  • 21- inch cutting width.
  • Has high-efficiency brushless motor
  • Features variable speed control.
  • Has very good snow throwing distance.
  • Compact storage,
  • It can easily clear a large amount of heavy and wet snow.
  • No noise problem.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • No fuss and fumes.
  • The push-button start allows operating easily.
  • Can provide long-term performance.
  • Battery charger not included.
  • Slightly expensive.

Final Words: Best Snow Blower for Elderly 2023

These were the five best snow blowers for the elderly that are available in the market. We’ve tried to cover every detail in the article, so it is on you to determine which one to choose and purchase.

Are you still confused about which is the Best Snow Blower for the Elderly?

Well, we have made two final recommendations based on the best budget snowblower for the elderly and the best overall snowblower for the elderly.

Best Overall Snow Blower for the Elderly

The best overall snowblower for the elderly is none other than Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower. It is a lightweight yet powerful model that has very good features. It does have some faults, which are very common snow blowers. This machine is an absolute gem when it comes to its overall performance, durability, and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest snowblower to use?

Single-stage electric snow blowers are a good option for level drive away, decks, and walkways with snow levels less than 6 inches. About the size of the small walk-behind lawn owners, single-stage electric is the lightest, quickest and easiest model to use.

Read more about buying Best Snowblower for Wet Snow

What is the best month to buy a snowblower?

The best month to buy a snowblower is May or June, after the new models are introduced in the market. By that, you can easily get the best model at a discounted price instead of setting for some old models that nobody wants.

Which snowblower is better, gas or electric?

For the heavy wet snow gas, snow blowers can be the easy option to handle this; however, these come on a costly side. The electric cousin can be the better, which will suit light, fluffy snow. Gas snow blowers are also durable and easier to fix also they can do tough work easily for years.

Are three-stage snow blowers worth it?

Three-stage snow blowers can enhance performance and come with an innovative design. It also leaves less snow behind and keeps more snow moving all the way to the impeller. It will give cleaner driveway and cleaner augers when you will work.

How much does a good snow blower cost?

The average price for a snow blower is about $400. If you start to search for a blower, you have to keep in mind that it will cost at least several hundred dollars. However, the price may depend on the types of jobs you are planning to run.

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