Best Walk Behind Brush Cutter 2023: Complete Buying Guide

Best Walk Behind Brush Cutter

Best Walk Behind Brush Cutter | Indoor and Outdoor Recommendation: If you have strong grasses all over the yard, it might be pretty hard to trim them down. Moreover, it is even harder if the ground surface is rough. Only a brush cutter can help you out in this situation. If you have never used it, we will introduce them. Here, we will mention the best walk behind the brush cutter. There will be a couple of mentions. So, you can get the main or best performer along with some alternatives.

There is a question like why a brush cutter because a brush cutter is more powerful and gets more flexibility with it. But, there are more things to talk about. Thus, there will be a brush cutter buying guide in the next section. You should explore the important factors before getting into the product section.

Buying Guide

Now, we will start with a buying guide for the walk behind the brush cutter. A brush cutter is not just your regular trimmer. It is powerful and more adaptable. Let’s see what features make a brush cutter the best. You need to pick an item with an overall balance. The best balance you can get, the better purchase you will earn. It will give you the best comfortable experience as well.


The design is extremely important for a brush cutter. It is not just a regular one. A walk-behind brush cutter has to have a perfect design so that you can stand behind and push forward without any interruption. Moreover, you need to adjust it depending on the trimming preference. Overall, design is really important. Even having a pushing button close can help you out.

Trimming Adjustment

Now, how are you going to use the trimming parts? Like the string trimmer and its handle. Moreover, height is also important. How can you adjust those things? You can if the machine has adjustment features for them. Maybe you can set up the trimming height into multiple sections. If the grasses are high or too low, you can even get any of them.

It even comes in handy when you have a harsh ground surface. You don’t have to bump into crushing. The height will keep your machine safe. Moreover, the trimming will be more precise.

Handle Adjustment

Some people are tall, and some can be short. If you don’t have any handle or the machine’s height adjustment, it will be hard to work with. Many people can’t use it depending on their height. So this type of adjustment is important to have so that anyone can work with it.

Moreover, you need to move around the object by hand. If the handle is good enough, then you can do it easily. Else, you may lose control of the machine. Eventually, that can lead to a random cutting result. So, you have to make sure that these features are available there.

Wheel Condition

Wheel condition is really important to determine how easily you can move over the ground. If it is laggy or not good enough, then you can just bump into multiple edges. The machine will not give you a smooth working experience. But, if the wheel is sturdy and good enough, then you can have a much better trimming experience overall.

String Quality

We are talking about trimming. So, the most important factor is the trimming part. That is the string. If the string is good, then you will have the best trimming experience. The trimming experience will be the worst if it has an issue, no matter how good the machine is. So, always check the string quality before buying walk behind brush cutter. If the built-in string is not good, then go for an after-market one.

Working Modes

Working modes are necessary for any of these machines. Most of them can do just more than trimming. You can use them for edging and other stuff like blowing. That gives you more options for yard work. So, getting 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 modes is the most efficient choice.


Price comparison is necessary that we don’t have to mention with reason. Everything costs you a value. So do these brush cutters. If you purchase a brush cutter with less value, then it will be a waste. There are many brands and many alternative trimming items. So, why would you buy something that will be a waste? That’s a real question. So, you should always compare a product from the price point before getting it.

5 Best Walk Behind Brush Cutter 2023: Buying Guide 

Now that we have given you a proper walk behind the brush cutter buying guide let’s see what we have on the list. There will be multiple products from different brands. Check them out.

1. Southland SWSTM4317 Southland 2 Cycle Wheeled String Trimmer


Our first choice is a Southland brush cutter. It is a walk-behind version in general. It gives a 20-30 degree trimming adjustment. But, it has an additional 5-10 degree adjustment for precision. This is really important for the trimming result. You would love to have something that elt you adjust that much.

It has a cutting width of 17 inches. That is quite high. But, it is expected as the machine can generate a 25cc power. It is efficient and quite resourceful for the best trimming experience. It is by far one of the best walks behind brush cutters with all those adjustments.

  • Great power generation.
  • Highly adjustable.
  • Precise cutting result.
  • Walk-behind version.
  • Easy to roll over the surface.
  • Additional trimming features included.
  • Multistreaming string head.
  • Performance is lower for high grasses.
  • Not suitable for steep hills.

2. EARTHQUAKE 37676 M605 Walk Behind String Mower


Our next choice is an EARTHQUAKE walk-behind brush cutter. It is a great brand for brush cutters that competes with our previous pick. This one has better stability and overall balance. Unlike the previous one, it uses 4 cycle power management. So, you can produce a much higher power than any 2 cycle machine. It helps you to cover a large area within a short period.

From the design, you can say how durable and strong it is. Moreover, it also provides a lot of great adjusted abilities. The best part is that it provides a 5-year warranty. So, you can use it to its best without thinking about having a problem. The brands back you up. It is the best walk behind the brush cutter, for sure.

  • Highly durable.
  • Extremely powerful machine.
  • Four cycle power system.
  • More efficient.
  • Great cutting precision.
  • 5-years warranty.
  • Quite expensive.
  • No multiple modes.

3. SuperHandy String Trimmer Walk Behind:


Super handy has one of the best walk-behind brush cutters on the current market. It is as pricey as our previous pick. The power generation is pretty similar. It has a 144cc 4 cycle engine for high output.

As for the design, it is simple but quite tanky. Moreover, the machine is efficient. If you want to look for an alternative, this is great. It also provides noise and vibration reduction support. So, you can easily use the heavy machine without being irritated. Besides, there is also safety support for a comfortable user experience.

  • Great power.
  • Huge output.
  • Wide trimming.
  • Powerful and sturdy design.
  • Comfortable experience.
  • No warranty.
  • Expensive.
  • Hard to assemble.

4. Greenworks 40V Push Lawn Mower, 16-Inch Electric Lawn Mower


We have a great lawnmower from the Greenworks brand. It is not only strong but also efficient. Unlike others, it runs through electric power. So, you don’t have to depend on gas/oil fuel. It also comes with a 4amp battery.

The cutting width is pretty high as 16 inches. You can easily trim down a whole yard quite fast. This cordless mower is also pretty lightweight. That is pretty easy to use for a longer period. It has several adjustments to keep up with your constant trimming. You can also do mulching.

  • Versatile.
  • Cordless.
  • Includes 4 amp battery.
  • No need for regular maintenance.
  • Instant start.
  • 3-years battery warranty.
  • Need more trimming precision.
  • Pretty expensive comparing other cordless designs.

5. WRC10224H – Swisher Commercial Pro Walk Behind Rough Cut



Now, this is a unique choice. If you want a commercial walk behind a brush cutter, it is only perfect. The price itself says that. You have to spend more than $3.5k to get it. So, if you want the supreme level trimming performance for a huge area, it is for you.

It has the best flexibility and versatility. You can adjust the height and other things. The trimming parts are also pretty comfortable. Overall, this is the highest performer brush cutter.

  • Impressive power.
  • Huge output.
  • Cover a large area.
  • Highly adaptable.
  • Commercial grade.
  • Precision.
  • Durable.
  • Flexible and versatile.
  • Automatic features.
  • Way too expensive.
  • Only for commercial use.
  • Not suitable for regular trimming.

Final Word

Which one is the best walk behind the brush cutter? We have mentioned from regular ones to professional-grade items. If you have a simple yard, then going for an entry-level or cheaper version will be good. Else, there are also premium versions.

Best Performer

WRC10224H – Swisher Commercial Pro Walk Behind Rough Cut

Best Overall

EARTHQUAKE 37676 M605 Walk Behind String Mower

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a walk-behind brush cutter?

It is a type of string trimmer that you push from behind.

Why pick a walk-behind brush cutter instead of regular string trimmers?

A walk-behind generates more power, offers more flexibility, adjustable, and precise.

Can I use them for edgy yards?

Yes, you can use them for edgy or rough ground surfaces.

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