Best Way to Clear Large Area of Weeds: Step by Step Guide

Best Way to Clear Large Area of Weeds

Best Way to Clear Large Area of Weeds: Step-by-Step Guide:¬† One day, you see a few weeds in your garden, and the next moment, it covers the whole area. The scene is unpleasant. But it’s not tough to get rid of this situation. This article will explain the best way to clear a large area of weeds.

The common problem with weeds is that they spread too fast. Therefore, you should eliminate them as soon as you notice them. First, we’ll discuss the best way to get rid of the weeds, and later we’ll share a few more ways to eliminate them. Continue reading till the end to have a weed-free garden.

Best Way to Clear Large Areas of Weeds: Step-by-Step Guide

There are multiple ways to eliminate weeds in a large area. Some are easy, while others require tough work. However, after examining many methods, we’ve selected the best one. We considered the convenience of work and environment friendliness. Due to the harmful components herbicides use, we’ll avoid them.

The following is a step-by-step guide to clearing a large of weeds

Step 1: Eliminate Large Weeds

If the weeds have overgrown, there must be few shrubs and large weeds. The first thing you should do is to eliminate them from the garden. Roll up your sleeves and dig the ground to eliminate the shrubs. A garden hose can be good assistance here.

Few large weeds will be harder to mow. So, cut them down manually. This step will require a little bit of hard work. But this is the best way to clear weeds in a large area.

Step 2: Mow the Area


Step 2: Mow the Area


After you’ve eliminated the larger weeds, mow the whole area with a good lawnmower. Make them as small as you can. After that, you also can rake up the weeds. It’s optional. Your main goal is to make the weeds tiny.

Step 3: Smother the Weeds

Once you’ve controlled the weeds, smother them. After a lot of research and talking with experts, we’ve found out that it’s the best way to get rid of large areas of weeds. This step is going to be a little lengthy. We’ve tried to explain it most simply. You can use multiple materials for smothering. However, newspapers and cardboard are the best options. Go with any one of them. First, cover the whole area with paper. If you have any plants you don’t want to kill, don’t spread the paper on them.

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After you’ve completed covering, mulch the whole area. Create a two to three inches thick layer of shredded leaves of shredded wood chips. Both of them work excellently. Once they break down, they will add nutrition to the soil. The main purpose here is to block the weeds from receiving sunlight. It will eventually kill them.

[Tip: If you use newspaper, water on them after spreading. It will prevent it from flying away in gusts.]

Other Ways to Get Rid of Weeds

Though smothering is the best way to get rid of weeds, you also can follow one of the ways below:

  • Applying post-emergent herbicide is one of the easiest methods. Try to get natural herbicides that are friendly to the environment. Then apply it to the whole area as per the instructions on the packet.
  • You also can try pulling out the weeds with your hands. To ensure they don’t grow again, you’ll have to throw away the roots too. It can be quite tough for a large area.
  • Another way you can kill weeds in the garden is to use a gas burner. Burn all the weeds you encounter and eliminate them forever.
  • Though we’ve asked you to use either newspaper or cardboard, you also can use plastic sheets. The difference is that you’ll have to remove the plastic after the weeds are dead. You also don’t need to mulch if you use plastic.

There are more ways to get rid of weeds in a large area. These are the most efficient methods.

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Frequently Answered Questions

What’s the Best Tool to Pull out Weeds?

A hoe is the best assistance to pull out many weeds. You’ve multiple types of hoes to choose from. A hoe with a large handle will help you pull out weeds standing. Angled handles will be best for crowded spots.

Do I have to Pull out Weeds after they’re Dead?

It’s not necessary to pull out weeds once they’re dead. They will decompose automatically and add nutrition to the soil.

Does Salt Kill Weeds?

Salt can kill weeds by dehydrating them. Mix salt with some water, and spray them around the weeds. It slowly dehydrates the weeds and kills them.

Conclusion: Best Way to Clear Large Area of Weeds

For most gardeners, smothering is the best way to clear large areas of weeds. However, to prevent the future growth of weeds, use pre-emergent herbicides. Spring is the best time to apply pre-emergents. It will ensure that you don’t have the same problem in the next season. If you have any queries regarding smothering, feel free to contact us.

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