DeWalt 20v Blower Review: Buyer’s Guide with Specifications

DeWalt 20v Blower Review

DeWalt 20v Blower Review with specifications and buyer’s guide: Did you finally decide to clean up your rusty backyard with a blower? A good quality blower always provides the best experience hence makes your work more comfortable. The DeWalt Blowers series not only serve the purpose of clearing leaves and debris but also features additional elements for efficient cleaning.

There are many DeWalt OPE-related products announced before. Therefore some of them stand as the best out there and provide the best user-friendly service out there. Talk about yard debris or leaves; DeWalt products are renowned all across the country. The quiet and noise suppressed production often comes to comfort many users’ experience and up to their satisfaction factor.

Therefore, there are many researchers out there publishing various articles reviewing DeWalt services. Our article here will be all about the 20v of DeWalt. Many people agree on this version being the best of quality out there. Therefore, we are providing this DeWalt 20v blower review, pointing out its pros, cons, and why we prefer it.

Judging upon all the traits, user-experience reports, and direct one-to-one comparison with the best ones in the market out there, this review provides a broad idea on the product DeWalt 20v blower. Read out the complete review and decide upon yourself whether it is the one you are looking for.

About DeWalt 20v blower

From the service to the in-built structure and setup formation, the DeWalt 20v blower is an incredible device. It comes with a plug-in option so that you can charge the battery. Charge it up; connect the motor power housing with the blower tube. That will be it. You are ready to blow it all away.

Then the noticeable fact that meets our eyes is the model. The battery placement is simply put in; anyone can access it with ease. Therefore, you can easily handle it without tiring your arm quickly. The machine also benefits from having a brushless motor. This provides added performance while increasing the tool’s durability. Built-in cruise control also lets you manually set the speed. So if you need to speed up in case of long-term work, you can manually set it as your necessity. When used in larger units, this DeWalt 20v blower is simply enough. Maximum users use it for small to medium size yards.

Considering the benefits and downsides, there lies a comparison sector where we go head to head with flex volt and DeWalt 40v max power. From there, you will notice the pure difference in traits when it comes to different products of the DeWalt production house. There we talk about price, size, power limits, and lastly, how it fulfills the needs of the user.

These may be the safest and advantages of the DeWalt 20v blower review. There are some downs of this product too. They are also included along with other information. Therefore, this is a summary of it. The informative notes to be taken part in are down below.

Things to Consider before purchase DeWalt 20v Blower Review?

Before starting off to make the purchase, there is some major part to observe. You only want to buy the product that can give its output to maximum efficiency, which increases work output. DeWalt 20v blower review may provide all the detailed knowledge; however, checking the infrastructure before buying is necessary. These are the parts that are often overlooked and need to be prioritized to fulfill your needs properly. So let’s just jump into these traits.

  • Type 

Be it for home use or the workplace, the types of DeWalt blower vary a lot. Deciding upon your needs, choose one of those hand-holding ones, prebuilt backpack ones, or stay behind the handle ones available out there.

Observe the surroundings around you. Is it a big backyard on a large property? Or is it just a small place you need to work on? Depending upon these variations, if the property is too big to cover, go for a handheld blower. These are the best answers to cleaning a big portion of the place without tiring off your hand completely—lightweight, money-saving, and efficient.

  • Power

Then you have to decide, period, selecting a gas-powered or electric blower. If too much noise shows a threat to your neighborhood, then electric leaf blowers are better. Otherwise, Gas-powered ones often let you work for hours without stopping, thanks to the high life of their battery. Gas-powered ones also don’t require a cord, letting you walk off freely.

Now when you realize these options, cordless ones will look like the best choice. However, the decision still depends upon how you are using it. Noise suppression or freestyle air-blowing? Ask yourself the question to get the best possible suggestion out there. DeWalt does offer great add-ons to both of these blower types.

  • Size 

With the type being mentioned, size also comes in the count. Be it a long duration work or a short term work; if their size doesn’t match your physical structure, then it works efficiently lower down automatically.

DeWalt max blower or Flexvolt both stand as alternatives to each other. Flexvolt is handheld, yet the size matters a lot. If you cannot carry it around for 1 hour, then the result may end up you injuring yourself for a longer period. Thus through this process, instead of having advantages, you will be sitting home jobless or unable to do any activities.

Therefore finding the best possible size according to your needs is a much necessary procedure to follow while searching for a blower. Go for lightweight when the work is hour-long; otherwise, going for stable noise suppressed heavy weighted ones is not bad as a choice.

DeWalt DCBL720P1 20V Leaf Blower Review


In this part, we’ll describe each detail briefly. The product gives a service of high air volume and comes in a very lightweight design.

Your arm can get the rest because the accessibility gives off better control and aim. However, the ease and satisfaction of using it without tiring your arm can only be felt through first-hand experience. So let’s just jump into the traits of this speed monster.


The original design of the DeWalt 20v blower refers to the Lithium-Ion XR Brushless blower. The model number is DCBL720P1, which gives one of the best quality services as the DeWalt blowers. Let’s look at attributes that put this on the tier list.

The DeWalt DCBL720P1 20V Max 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower is an excellent option to consider when you look for a DeWalt blower. Once you see its feature list, you’ll understand why.

  • Enhances durability and work efficiency with brushless motor
  • The newly designed axial fan setting provides blast air-blow and runtime.
  • Delivers up to 90 mph speed with the adjunct 400CFM motor power.
  • Provides the special Lithium-Ion battery of DeWalt 20V Max 5.0
  • Comes with a charger.
  • Triggers and lock in a quick trigger method, giving complete control to the user.
  • The in-built settings serve to give the best user satisfaction in use.

  • For any small-medium size yards, 400CFM gives the perfect motor power. Driveways and clearing patterns work effectively.
  • The built-in speed trigger allows starting the machine easily.
  • Increased airflow whenever it feels necessary, giving perfect airspeed control to users.
  • Clears a large area in no time, thanks to large blow tubes that stay built-in.
  • The part intake stays placed back of that unit so that clothes never run into it by mistake.
  • The battery however possesses a very small life. So with average or above-average throttle speed, it gets drained faster.

Comparison with other versions

When it comes to comparing with other battery-operated leaf blowers or electric blowers, very few choices from DeWalt stand a chance against DeWalt in this DeWalt 20v blower review.

There are high-powered ones like Flexvolt out there available on the market. They are known for their powerful motors. Heavier debris or leaves stand no chance against this breed of DeWalt. With heavy air-blows, debris gets swiftly cleaned in no time. The average air volume serves off-limits on 423 CFM. The speed reaches up to the peak of 129mph on average usage of Flexvolt. No wonder the flex volt has something to flex about.

If we look around the sizes it comes off on; they are also very good. Just like a 20v blower, Flexvolt is lightweight, and its model possesses similar styles too. Both of them you can carry around for any heavy hard jobs out there. Except for them, doing homework or small tasks with these additional expensive models is just not worth it. The difference stays in the pricing of them both. Flexvolt is a bit more expensive than a 20v blower.

Also, if we talk about DeWalt 40V Max Blower, it possesses an airspeed almost near Flexvolt. 120mph is the maximum speed it goes up to. However, the model is bulky and heavier than the other two models we talked about. Therefore as obvious, it carries a price tag more expensive than a 20v blower. So watch out when you decide to buy this one for often doing long-term work. Fatigue will be the only friend using this to haul around.

The noise suppressive nature it provides is still the feature any homeowners adores about it. No need to disturb or shake up the whole neighborhood; therefore, a safe and quiet cleaning experience is always felt differently.

So we get to notice and realize that both Flexvolt and 40v blowers have traits that are different from 20v blowers. One may price higher, while the other one comes in bulky nature. Therefore looking upon the needs, you need to pay respect to each of them. One clears up the debris faster than 20v but may turn your work into a fatigue routine.

So through these specific and direct comparisons of individuals, we can say without any doubt that the DeWalt 20v leaf blower stands as one of the finest productions of DeWalt versions yet. Deciding upon powerhouse base, Flexvolt may win the game. When it comes to size, DeWalt 40v wins. But overall, as an all-rounder or balance gamer? That is the DeWalt 20v for you.

Conclusion: DeWalt 20v Blower Review

Considering all other productions and versions DeWalt offers, DeWalt 20v leaf blower stands as one of the finest selections for consumers right now. Some experience the advantages only after they use it first hand; others may seem to lack the confidence in using 20v since there are already 40v and 60v out there.

Sometimes the 20v battery may seem like one of the weakest sides a blower has to offer, but judging from all other perspectives, it’s just a very good product at an affordable price. The size, performance, and powerful motor side it serves are just simply better than any other DeWalt versions or models, judging the pricing of the others is so high.

Sometimes people avoid the product based on such low battery life but imagine such lightweight noise suppressive tools used for homeowners. Super-efficient and above all, please the homeowners with a satisfying cleaning yard job feeling.

What are your takeaways from this DeWalt 20v blower review? Are you still planning on buying it? Because we are happy to recommend DeWalt 20v for any homeowners in need of blowers. Check it out today right away and experience a happy cleaning day.

Frequently Answered Questions

  • How long does a DeWalt 20V blower usually last?

If you use the 5 ah battery on the DeWalt 20V blower and run it at full speed, it will last for 25 to 30 minutes. With a 3 ah battery average runtime is 18- 20 minutes.

  • Which cordless DeWalt blower is best?

Dewalt never compromised with the quality. If you are looking for the best one in the cordless category, DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Blower is the popular choice.

  • What time of year does the DEWALT leaf blower go on sale?

You can get an amazing deal on Dewalt leaf blowers in the spring and early summer.

  • What is a good speed for a leaf blower?

A good speed for a cordless or handheld leaf blower is from 350 to 600 cfm along with air speeds of more than 190 mph.

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