How Long Does It Take Grass Seed to Grow? Complete Guide

How Long Does It Take Grass Seed to Grow: All Variety of Seeds Explained: Have you planted grass seeds and are waiting for germination? Or maybe you are planning to seed soon. In both cases, you need to know how long it takes grass seed to grow.

If you haven’t planted seeds yet, knowing the duration will help you make plans. And if you think about why your grass seeds haven’t grown yet, maybe your variety of grass needs more time.

This article explains how long it take for grass to grow from seed. Additionally, we will also discuss the factors which affect the timeframe. So, continue reading till the end to know everything about grass seeds’ growth duration.

How Long Does it Take Grass Seed to Grow?


How Long Does it Take Grass Seed to Grow?


Grass seeds usually take 5 to 25 days to grow. The duration depends on the grass species and some other factors such as weather, time of the year, soil quality, etc.

Some grass species take 5 to 7 days to germinate, while others can take at least three weeks. Below is the probable time period on how long it take for grass to germinate for popular grass types:

Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrasses are one of the quickest to germinate and take only 5 to 7 days in general. They create a beautiful lawn and are widely used worldwide. The seeds may take a maximum of ten days to germinate sometimes.

Annual Ryegrass

Annual ryegrass seeds slightly differ from the perennial ones and take 7 to 10 days to germinate. These are high-quality forage grasses. Many consider annual ryegrass as weeds and usually try to get rid of it.


Bentgrass usually takes 7 to 14 days to germinate. It is quite popular as turfgrass due to its short roots. Bentgrass grows better in a cooler season.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass seeds typically sprout within 14 to 21 days. Though they take longer to germinate, Kentucky bluegrass spreads rapidly. This type of grass is a good choice for both a lawn and a golf course.

Red Fescue

Red fescue seeds with creeping rhizomes take 12 to 22 days to germinate. It is a cool-season grass species and can be an excellent choice for lawns. Their dark green color looks pretty attractive.

Pampas Grass

Pampa’s grass seeds germinate within 15 to 21 days from planting. Due to their long size and flowers, pampas grasses are popular as ornamental grass for landscapes. You can sow them in early spring or autumn for best results.

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass seeds take 14 to 21 days to sprout. Unlike most cool-season grasses, zoysia grows well in warmer conditions. They make a good choice for lawns. But people usually do not prefer them as they may turn darker in a year or so.

External Factors that Affect Grass Seed Growth

Now you know how long it takes for grass seed to start growing. But that’s not all; there are some external factors that affect the duration.

If you properly can use the factors in your favor, you can expect germination in minimal time. On the other hand, if the condition is not on your side, then the growth may get slow.

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Some of the key factors that affect grass seed growth are:

  • Weather Condition

Most grass seeds grow well in cooler seasons. The ideal temperature for germination is between 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. That is why most people consider planting grass seeds just after winter or a few weeks before the winter. However, some grass seeds like zoysia prefer a warmer environment.

  • Soil Quality


Soil Quality


Good soil quality is essential for the growth of every plant, including grasses. The soil should be free from weeds and leftovers of any previous plants. Also, try to make the soil nutrient-rich before planting seeds. However, different species may have different preferences. Some grow well in sandy soil, while others do not.

  • Planting Season

When you plant grass seeds, the season also matters in germination. Usually, cool-season grasses grow faster. But if you decide to plant them in warm weather, they may not grow well. Some particular species may grow well in warm conditions but germinate slowly.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most influential factors in grass seed germination. Seeds usually prefer regular deep watering. However, you should avoid watering on a rainy day. Apart from that, grasses do not require any maintenance until they mature.

Bonus: Tip to Maximize Grass Seed Growth

As you have come this far, we have a bonus tip for you. It will help you to have faster and healthier growth for your grass seeds. Before you choose grass seeds for your lawn or garden, do a little bit of research. Find out which variety of grass seeds grows better in your area. Then prepare the soil well and water regularly for excellent results.

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Final Thought: How Long Does It Take Grass Seed to Grow?

We hope this article helped you to learn how long it takes a grass seed to grow. If you have any more questions regarding the planting and growing grass, let us know. We will reach you with an answer ASAP.

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