How to Care for a Money Tree? Easy Techniques to Learn

How to Care for a Money Tree? Easy Techniques to Learn

Best Guide on How to Care For a Money Tree at Home: People believe a money tree brings fortune. But is that true? We can’t tell you about luck, but it’s undoubtedly a unique indoor plant. Consequently, it enhances the ambiance of your home. Though they require some maintenance, it’s an easy job if you know how to care for a money tree.

Throughout the article, you will learn to take care of your money tree. Moreover, you’ll find the solutions to the problem you may face. And we will also provide you with a few bonus tips for better maintenance of the money tree. It’s always crucial for you to take proper care of your plants.

How to Care For A Money Tree at Your Home?


take proper care of your plants. How to Care For A Money Tree at Your Home?


The average lives of a money tree are pretty good. And you don’t need to put much effort behind them. However, your money tree prefers some specific conditions for better growth. Following are some ways to take care of a money tree:

  • Place Near to Bright Sunlight


Place Near to Bright Sunlight


A money tree grows better in bright light. Try to place it in a place where it will get medium bright light from the sunlight. But don’t put the money tree in direct sunlight. That’s not a way to give it light. Fluorescent light is also good for the tree. It will not have any problem adapting to the condition.

  • Warm Temperature

Money trees prefer a warm environment. Therefore you will want them in a place with warm temperatures. Usually, they will like to have 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. But they are also flexible to the environment. So, 5 degrees up or down from the average temperature won’t be a problem.

  • Don’t Relocate Frequently.

Once you have placed the money tree somewhere, it adapts to the environment. And then it doesn’t like to be moved from place to place. So, try to keep it in one place. However, if you must change the position, expect a few leaves to dry and drop. But don’t worry, it will adapt to the situation if you don’t plan to relocate the money tree again.

  • Maintain Humidity


Maintain Humidity


Every money tree prefers good humidity. So keep that in mind when you position them. And you also may need to mist the tree once a year. However, during the winter months, it may lack humidity. In that case, use a pebble tray or humidifier. As a result, your money tree will remain healthy all year.

  • Infrequent Deep Water

Money trees prefer deep water. So, whenever you’re watering, do it until water comes out through the drainage holes. Although they like lots of water, they never want to drown in water. That means don’t frequently water the plant. Let the upper few inches of the soil dry before you water. And remember, money trees don’t require much watering during the winter season. The growth is also slow during this time of the year.

  • Perfect Soil Mix & Pot for Better Drainage

To plant a money tree, choose sandy and peaty soil. Also, try to mix them with little peat moss or indoor potting mix. These will help the water drain well. And again, ensure that the pot you are using has suitable drainage holes. If the water can’t get out, then your money tree will have root rot. One more thing, don’t get too large a pot. Because it will also lead to root rot as bigger pots hold excess water.

  • Fertilizer

During spring & summer, your money tree produces new leaves. Therefore, it needs some fertilizer. Once in a month is fine. And before you fertilize the soil, make sure it’s damp. However, you don’t need to feed your plant with fertilizer during the winter.

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Taking care of a money tree is quite a simple task. Just follow the instructions above, and you will need not do anything else.

Common Problems of Money Tree & Their Solutions

Even after taking care of your money tree, it may face some problems. Following are some common problems and their solutions you can face with your money tree:

  • Root Rot

It’s one of the most common problems that a money tree faces. And it happens primarily because of too much water. Though a money tree requires deep water but as told earlier, you should ensure there’s no water left in the saucer. If there is, remove them manually. Also, make sure your pot has an excellent drainage system.

  • Attracts Pests/Insects

Just like other houseplants, the money tree also attracts different pests or insects. And they can hurt your tree. So, You can use leaf armour to protect your tree. Additionally, applying neem oil to the soil also works out.

  • Brown/Yellow Leaves

If your money tree lacks enough light, the leaves will tend to turn yellow. So, if you see this, try to move to a better place to get enough light. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t need direct sunlight all day. If that happens, the end of the leaves will turn brown. In both cases, it’s not a good sign. So, choose a neutral place.

These will help you to protect your money tree from any harm.

Bonus Tips

As you own an or more money tree, here are some bonus tips for you:

  • Spring is an excellent time to prune your money tree. Trim any yellow or brown leaves you see.
  • Try to repot the plant every 2 to 3 years. It will ensure that your tree gets enough nutrition from the soil.
  • While many think the money tree is harmful to pets, it’s not. So, you can have both playful pets and money trees in your home.

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Final Thoughts: How to Care for a Money Tree? 

We know how much you love your money tree and want to take care. This guide on how to care for a money tree will enable you to have a healthy money tree. If you want to purchase a new plant, you can try your local nursery or any online store.

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