How to Care for Mint Indoors? Easy Techniques to Learn

How to Care for Mint Indoors?

How to Grow and Care for Mint Indoors: Mint is a vigorous potted plant that grows anywhere can be indoor or outdoor. The prolific nature makes the mint herb an idle indoor plant. The best part of the plant is with minimal care and maintenance; this plant can serve many of your purposes and gives away many health benefits.

However, before jumping into any decision, it is better to have an overall idea about the indoor mint plant, growing mint in indoor conditions, how to care for mint indoors, and every other aspect.

About Mint Plants


About Mint Plants


Mints are common herbs that have tiny green leaves, a nice smell, and are one of the rapidly growing indoor plants. It is the best herb to garnish any kind of drink, food item, or to decorate in the corner window. The fresh sour flavor uplifts the taste to another level. The mint plant can easily adjust itself in a rainy or humid environment.

There is various kind of mints found all over the world. The flavor and sizes of the mint plants are quite different from each other. Some have large size leaves, some have very nice fragrances, and some have beneficial qualities. There are a few common types that can be easily found anywhere. These are:

The first two are very common categories of mint plants that are consumed and used more often. Happily, you do not need to expend much amount of cash on such herbs.

How to Grow Mint Indoor in Different Methods

Growing mint indoors is perhaps an easy task you can easily do. Thankfully, you do not need to bear all the hectic procedures like other indoor plants such as ferns, palms, etc. The different methods are:

  • Growing Mint in Soil


Growing Mint in Soil


  • Choose plastic or ceramic pot that should have a drainage hole in the bottom and a minimum of 8 inches in diameter. Never go for clay pots.
  • Use good quality potting soil for potting the mint plant.
  • Be sure to leave at least some space about a half-inch of a gap between the top of the soil and the edge of the pot.

This will help the mint plants to get proper soil and water. The water then can go out more quickly. The potted mint plant can be a preferable option that can last long years.

  • Growing Mint in Water


Growing Mint in Water


Mint can easily grow in the water, but it will not survive in the water forever. It does not require regular watering or other mess. At one point, the leaves will turn yellow and will stop growing. So, are you thinking about how to grow mint indoors in water? Have a look.

  • Take some stem cuttings from the mother plant.
  • Eliminate all the leaves and everything.
  • Then support the stem in a glass of water.
  • Remember to change the water and clean the glass in 5-7 days.

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After all these, you can easily see the roots developing and the plants getting to their growth in the water-filled jar. It also depends on the weather conditions.

Effective Ways: How to Care for Mint Indoors?


Effective Ways: How to Care for Mint Indoors?


Caring for plants is very necessary for overall growth. There are some steps that you must follow to get good results. 

  • The Position of Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight is a key requirement for indoor plants. In the indoors, the mind plants need lighter and location. If you have a sunny face window, it will be a perfect location for mind plants to thrive more. Rotate the plant every few days to stop them from bending.

  • Good Balance of Water

Water is a key food source for any plant. The mint plant can easily tolerate the overwater or underwater. Adjusts well with the dry soil and wet areas. Maintaining a proper balance is good to boost their growth.

  • Pruning

Prune the tips of the plant regularly. By that, the plant will grow more branches. Tear all the dead, spindly, skinny branches. It will help the plant be in good shape.

  • Fertilizing

Fertilizing can be work if you are planning to grow mint indoors. You can fertilize a mint plant occasionally, like after 3 weeks, with a liquid organic fertilizer. However, excess fertilizing can snatch their flavor and damage them.

  • Harvesting Mint Indoor Plants

You can easily harvest mint 2-3 times in the growing season. These plants are delicate, so you can simply tear the leaves with soft hands.

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Nonetheless, mint plant care is not a tough thing. It can grow on a container or pot. But it needs a subtle amount of care and balance of all-natural sources. If the leaves are growing in a good way, it is an indication that they are in a good stage.

Benefits of Growing Mint Indoors

Mint is an herb that has many benefits other than culinary activities. It is also beneficial for health. Some health benefits are:

  • It is best for digestion. The leaves can be eaten raw.
  • Cure’s headache and nausea.
  • It eliminates bad mouth smell and improves oral health.
  • It helps in losing weight.

Frequent Asked Questions

Does Mint die off in winter?

Mint is a perennial plant which means it will live more than two years. It will begin to die soon, so it’s wise to take the mint indoors in winter.

Does Mint Grow Well Indoors?

Mint is a popular indoor plant that can grow easily. As long as the plants get their equal portion of sunlight and water, they will grow well. It is also known as a popular house plant.

Does Mint need Direct Sunlight?

Sunlight is a must need for any kind of plant. Mint plant wants at least partial sunlight. If the mint plant is positioned directly to the sun, it might grow but not thrive. So, particle shade is better. These grow well in cool temperatures.

How Often do you Water mint Indoors?

You should water your mint plant every 2-3 days. Try to keep the soil moist in dry weather. Again, do not water more often.

Why does my Mint Keep Dying?

There can be more than one reason for this. Firstly, the mint plant dies in a pot or container if there are no sufficient drainage holes. By that, the excess water remains cannot go out. Another there can be a lack of sunlight or fertilizer.

Will Mint Kill other Plants?

Mint may not kill other plants but may absorb other plants’ nutrients as they are in the same soil.  So better to put mint within a separate bucket or tab. Not mixing with other plants.

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Conclusion: How to Care for Mint Indoors?

We are hoping we could provide you with all the information that you need about how to care for mint indoors. If you could apply the procedures well, you can care for the mint herb very well and enjoy the leaves in the dishes or other use. Try to balance and shift the positions indoors when the winter arrives. Try to water if there is humidity. Mints are adjusting and beneficial plants, which will help you in many ways. So, you can easily grow mint without any trouble. In the dazzling summer, a chilled mint mojito or mint tea becomes a must-treat if you are planning to grow mint indoors.

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