How to Cool a Greenhouse without Electricity? Complete Guide

How to Cool a Greenhouse without Electricity?

Greenhouse Cleaning and Cooling (Manual Guideline Without Electricity): Do you own a greenhouse? How is it going? As you already know from the title, we are going to talk about some cleaning processes of a greenhouse & how to cool a Greenhouse without Electricity. If you are experienced with a greenhouse then there are a lot of things you already learned through experience. But, a newbie has a lot of things to learn. If you are not aware of a greenhouse then don’t worry about it. Along with the proper introduction to a greenhouse, we will talk about its cleaning procedures. Specially, we will describe how to cool a greenhouse without electricity.

It is one of the major problems for the owners in a rural or sudden no-electricity situation. If the greenhouse mechanism depends only on the solar system then the manual process is even more important. A greenhouse in a hot climate needs regular maintenance as well. So, let’s jump into the discussion to learn more.

What is Greenhouse?


What is Greenhouse?

The greenhouse is one of the most dramatic and innovative inventions of science. The reason behind such an invention is to improve the agricultural system. Doing so is pretty hard in cold regions or during cold climates. The usual structure of such a medium is that the inner temperature will be warm even if the outside is pretty cold. So, farming different types of food for the whole year becomes possible. It is also possible to keep them safe from many parasites or pests. Let’s have a more detailed structure of it.

A greenhouse is made of transparent structures like glass-made boundaries and roofs. The reason behind such a structure is to use the theory of light and heat. The structure maintains a mechanism where light passes through the inside but can’t go through the outside. When the light comes inside, it absorbs the inner energy and the wavelength becomes higher. So, the light stays inside and this cycle keeps going on. Thus, the temperature increases over time.

This cycle keeps the inside warm even if the outside is cold. A cold climate improves the cultivation and keeps the business going on. The same process can be followed during any season. A greenhouse can be used for personal business or heavy commercial purposes. A commercial-grade greenhouse may have more advanced facilities like cooling, warming, lighting, automated controls, and more. With those mechanisms, a user has to maintain temperature, humidity, and more. As for the preferred foods, vegetables and fruits are the most suitable ones.

What is Greenhouse Effect?

The mechanism of using light in a greenhouse is known as the greenhouse effect. When light passes through the transparent barrier, the inner plants and environment absorb it. After a certain period, they emit light as well. While absorbed, the wavelength of the light increases. Because of that, the light cannot pass through the transparent wall.

Thus the inner temperatures increase over time. This process of storing light and increasing the heat of surrounding space is known as the greenhouse effect. Even though it helps in a cold climate, the situation becomes a little complicated in the hot climate. The temperature is already warm enough in a hot climate, so constant heat becomes way too hotter for the plants. The greenhouse is too hot becomes an issue for the plants. In this case, you have to cool down the greenhouse.

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Most advanced or large commercial greenhouse space has automated technology to maintain and control the temperature. But, if you have a personal space with minimal design and tools then you better follow some basic strategies. It goes for cleaning as well as temperature control. If you don’t own an electrical system then the cooling needs manual procedures. So, how to cool a greenhouse without electricity? If that is what you are thinking then let us guide you. Along with the regular cleaning process, we will describe how to cool it down manually.

How to Cool a Greenhouse without Electricity?

As for the cooling, you exclusively need it for the warm climate. As we have already mentioned, a greenhouse was discovered with the intention of producing constant foods during the cold climate. So, it gets too much hot during the hot season. During that time, cooling the greenhouse becomes the major concern for great productivity. If you have an electrical mechanism then it needs only a few clicks to do but it would take more time without electricity. So, how to cool a greenhouse without electricity? Here, we are going to talk about it. Just follow the given steps.

  • Solar Powered Ventilation: A greenhouse without electricity needs to have a proper ventilation system. If you have a good airflow system then it would be pretty easy to make the system cool. The solar-powered greenhouse fan is a good example.
  • Shading System: Prepare a shading system to prevent the light from into the system. It will keep the system much cooler than any other system.
  • Damping Down: Another way of cooling is continuous wetting. It needs more effort but it provides direct cooling to the surface. These are the efficient procedure of cooling a greenhouse during hot seasons.

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How to Clean Greenhouse? Step by Step Guide

Cleaning and cooling are pretty close but have different maintenance procedures. Let’s have a look at some of our step-by-step guidelines to follow.

  • As a closed system, you have to clean the greenhouse regularly. First, you have to gather all the necessary tools. Vacuum, Cleaning solution, Brush, Hose, Plant label, Bucket, and other tools as per your requirement. Performing the cleaning greenhouse with vinegar is also a popular option.
  • As for the start, remove and pick up the common and pickable wastages. You can use a Broom to clean them off. Do the same thing using a large broom or vacuum for the floor and top of the wall as well.
  • For the floor, use soap and water to wash them up. But, you have to make sure that no soap water can reach the plant or its soil. Use a soft cloth or foam to wash carefully. It would be better if you have a window cleaner. That would make the overall cleaning procedure much easier as they are glass-made transparent.
  • If you are thinking about how to clean the greenhouse roof then use a hose pipe. To clean the roof properly, you can use a hosepipe to do a rapid wash. It is the easiest way of dealing with a large scale of washing.
  • Try to adapt to different climate situations for different cleaning procedures. If you own a commercial space then talk to a specialist before the cleaning for fast and proper finishing.

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Final Word: How to Cool a Greenhouse without Electricity

In our discussion, we have given you information on the greenhouse and its working procedures. Not to mention, we have also given guidelines on how to cool a greenhouse without electricity.

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It helps to keep the cultivation during the summertime. As a reminder, the greenhouse needs to be well-functioned and perfectly oriented. Try to consult with an expert to get greenhouse venting ideas before making one.

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