How to Cut Tall Grass with a Riding Mower? Easy Techniques to Learn

How to Cut Tall Grass with a Riding Mower?

How to Cut Overgrown Grass or Tall Grass with a Riding Mower? Stepwise Guide: Having a lawn full of tall grass or overgrown grass is one of the evocative house chores. If you take a little break from cutting grass, it tends to grow massively all over. Your lawn then simply looks like a dense forest where many insects may have trespassed.

Worry not; your problem can be solved by using a mower. A riding mower is a popular choice out of all to remove all the stubborn grass. However, before jumping to any decision better to have a clear idea about riding a mower, cutting tools, how to cut tall grass with a riding mower efficiently, and some considerations you will need in the process.

What is Riding Mower?


What is Riding Mower?

Tallgrass is something that causes many problems to the lawn like it produces a lot of debris, mulch, weeds even attract insects. A riding mower can be a good choice for cutting grass without causing any trouble to the lawn. A riding mower is a type of lawnmower that can be operated by sitting. It can easily mow large areas of lawns. To make your efforts less, it needs no pushing or drag.

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Their other cutting tools on the list such as push mowers, scythe or sickle, etc. However, riding a mower can be denoted as one of the best tools for cutting tall grass. Due to its distinctive features and capacities. There are different tools that you will require in cutting the grass. It will save your time and energy. Some tools are:

  • Safety hand gloves and eyeglasses.
  • A large bag to collect all the debris, grass, mulch.
  • String trimmer.
  • Leaf or soil rake.
  • Shovel or shears.

All these will help you to remove all the mess created by the tall grass. It will help you to cut grass efficiently.

Some Tips to apply Before Mowing the Tall Grasses


Some Tips to apply Before Mowing the Tall Grasses


Cutting the grasses is not an easy job. This takes much amount of time and strength. If this did not go in the right way, the lawn, even the machine can be damaged. So, try to use these below tips: 

  • Try to use a high lift or multi-purpose blade as its best in removing all kinds of grasses.
  • This will be a hard task, so do not forget to sharpen your blades.
  • Do not forget to wear safety gloves, eye protection glass.
  • Choose a dry day in summer, spring, or early fall. It will not work well in rainy or moist seasons.

Effective Steps to Apply on How to Cut Tall Grass With a Riding Mower


Effective Steps to Apply on How to Cut Tall Grass With a Riding Mower


To clear your lawn full of grass, you have to bear a little hard work. The end result will be very satisfying when the lawn will be tall grass-free. There are some steps by which you can clear the grass with ease.

Preparation Before Mowing

Firstly, you have to prepare the whole area before the cutting starts. By this, it will not cause any kind of damage to the lawn or mowing machine.

  • Wear gloves, clear the area of rocks, trees, branches, debris, and all mess. And remove all pots, tools, and other objects from the area.
  • Using a rake remove the mulch from the grasses so that the mower won’t get stuck.
  • Clear the whole area of mowing by collecting all the mess. If the place is clear without grass, it will work smoothly.

Cut the Top Layer of Grass First

The grass is very long, so it should be handled first. The grasses can be over 2 feet, so get rid of the top layer. 

  • Use the string trimmer and cut no less than 1 foot from the grass but don’t forget to wear protective glasses.
  • Be careful not to cut the excess ones as they might damage the grass. You can do this easily by the riding mower.
  • After trimming the tall grasses then you get to remove the leftover debris. Put all this in the grass bag.

Give the Grass a Break

After trimming, giving a rest is a good idea but not more than 2 days. This will stop from causing any problem to the lawn and will make grass cutting work easier for later.

  • After trimming all the top layers of the grass, water the lawn area, try to water in the next morning also.
  • Do not step over grass, which is left on rest.
  • If you still notice the tall grass, then you can again trim a little before mowing.

Have a look at the Mower

Check whether has grass collector bag is installed or not. Sit in the mower set the parking brake so it does not move, and set the gears in neutral mode. Read the manual properly and see it’s working nicely or not and set it on the highest point.

Start the Mowing in a Straight Direction

Check the machine is working well or not. If the grass is more, the machine might not work in the initial stage. So, start it again and move slowly. Do not put much stress on the machine because there can be overheating issues. Give a break and start again. Overheating can cause much harm to the proceedings.

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Nonetheless, after all the work, have a check on the grass. Clear the blades, check the fuel level. If you need more mowing, you can start after a break. You may have to repeat 3-5 times in your preference. However, do not overpressure as the speed will be at the highest point. In case you do not get the desired result, make sure to follow the manual and do it again. If you are thinking about how to cut long grass by hand, you can use the hand scythe.  Also, there are other options. Whatsoever, always follow the guidelines to get the proper results.

Conclusion: How to Cut Tall Grass with a Riding Mower?

In this article, we tried to give you all the information’s about how to cut tall grass with a riding mower. If you follow the steps using the guidelines, you can easily mow the overgrown or tall grasses. By this, your lawn will be free from such vigorous tall grasses and other occurring problems. You can easily apply other lawn tools, but riding a mower will provide efficient results in cutting the tall grass. So, apply safely and enjoy the tall grass-free lawn.

Frequent Asked Questions

When Should you not Cut your Grass?

Grasses should not be mowed lower than 3 inches. When it reaches more than 3.5, you can easily mow with the riding mower. If you cut when they are too tiny, that can affect the grass growth.

Is it Bad to let the Grass Grow too Long?

Longer grass forms in a better shape than the short ones. Again, mowing too often is very harmful. You simply cannot let the grass grow and cut in a jiffy. It will cause direct harm to the grassroots and lawn. May also invite insects.

How often Should you cut the Lawn?

Not all lawns are the same. Some may need cuts in a week, and some may be more often.  Cut no more than one-third of the grass with the blade. Else there can be a problem with the grass.

Should I water the Lawn after Mowing? 

If your grass needs moisture, you can water. If the lawn requires water and mowing, make sure to give it early in the day.  To avoid problems like diseases or evaporation. Roger that, do not water your grass before mowing.

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