How To Feminize Seeds With Aspirin? Easy Techniques to Learn

How To Feminize Seeds With Aspirin

How To Feminize Seeds With Aspirin: Being able to feminize seeds with aspirin is one of the most inexpensive methods of producing your own genetically modified plants at home. There are more popular methods of accomplishing this, but this may be a choice for you if you believe it is easier and more effective than the alternatives. Of course, you’ll want to employ the most effective way possible, especially given that feminized seeds are the most effective when the time when marijuana is in limited supply.

First and foremost, we must understand what feminized cannabis seeds are and how they are produced using several alternative ways.

Feminized Seeds


Feminized Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are cannabis seeds that only produce female marijuana plants when they are grown to maturity. So, how significant is this information? First, you must first comprehend the differences between the functions played by the two marijuana sexes: male and female.

According to Wikihow, male marijuana plants are similar to most other male organisms. Thus, they are the ones responsible for fertilizing female marijuana plants so to generate seeds. They accomplish this by growing pollen sacs that, when fully developed, burst open and release pollen that will impregnate surrounding female marijuana plants.

The female cannabis plants, on the other hand, do not produce pollen sacs. They have flowers or buds, which, if pollinated, will generate seeds, allowing them to reproduce. This means that if they don’t get pollinated, they’ll mature and be picked for the one thing that people love about marijuana: the psychoactive compound THC. Only the buds contain a significant amount of THC and other chemical constituents. And only the females are capable of producing buds. Read more about  How to Plant Cherry Seeds?

In that respect, male plants are often ineffective if you want to ensure that you only have female plants that produce buds. The difficulty arises from the fact that typical cannabis seeds will end up being either male or female without any way of telling until they have grown to a particular size. As a result, when you plant normal marijuana seeds, you are essentially engaging in a game of Russian Roulette because you have no way of knowing what you will get in return.

It is preferable to use feminized seeds rather than regular seeds if you want to avoid males sprouting from the seeds you planted. This is because feminized marijuana seeds will always generate female marijuana plants. This means you no longer have to waste valuable time cultivating your plants just to discover that they were all males in the end.

How To Feminize Seeds With Aspirin? Methods of Making Feminized Seeds

  • Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

To use the colloidal silver approach, you must rely on technologically advanced methods. It is necessary to use the colloidal silver solution in this procedure; the colloidal silver solution is a water-based solution that has been combined with small silver particles. It is available in a large number of pharmacies as well as online retailers.

What you need to do here is apply the colloidal silver solution on a daily basis to a mature female cannabis plant for approximately 10 to 14 days regularly. You will be blocking the hormone responsible for developing the buds and flowers on the female plants from being produced. Instead, the plant will be generating pollen sacs due to the change.

When the pollen sacs have reached maturity, remove them from the plant and allow them to dry for a few days before collecting the pollen contained within them. The pollen can then be transferred to other female marijuana plants after it has been harvested. The seeds produced by this approach will be feminized, as will the seeds produced by other methods.

  • Rodelization

The Rodelization process is quite similar to the colloidal silver method in that it uses colloidal silver as a catalyst. However, by employing this process, you will be depending on a more natural manner of manufacturing feminized seeds because you will no longer be relying on a chemical solution to manufacture the seeds.

Waiting for one of your female marijuana seeds to transform into a hermaphrodite is all that’s required in this situation. Hermaphroditism occurs when you leave your female plants in their blossoming stage for an excessive time. As a result of your actions, they will be forced to take matters into their own hands by producing their own pollen sacs as a last-ditch effort in order to try to become pregnant. Hermaphrodites are individuals who have both male and female characteristics.

If you have hermaphrodites that have begun to emerge, you can collect their pollen sacs and use them to fertilize your female plants. Feminized seeds will be produced as a result of this pollination and will be passed on to the next generation.

  • Using Aspirin

Another method of creating feminized seeds is to use aspirin and make a solution out of the headache tablet in order to transform some of your female plants into hermaphrodites, which is another method of creating feminized seeds. The first step is to obtain one and a half aspirin tablets, which you should then dissolve in around two gallons of water. To achieve the finest outcomes, choose aspirin that has not been coated. Additionally, you can use a light liquid soap and mix it with the solution to ensure that the aspirin adheres to the plants more effectively.

After that, attempt to spray the aspirin solution on your plants regularly, or even pour it on them, to stress them out a little bit further. Their DNA will be slightly harmed as a result of the stress, and the female plants will be forced to transform into hermaphrodites in an attempt to avoid extinction. As a result, they will produce pollens, which are male organs that will develop. Pollen harvested in this manner can be used to produce seeds that are feminized when they are planted.

This method may or may not be as effective as the colloidal silver method. Still, there is no guarantee that it will be as effective as the colloidal silver method because there is yet little evidence to demonstrate that it is a reliable means of producing feminized seeds. When it comes to creating your own feminized marijuana seeds, it may still be preferable to employ a colloidal silver approach or the Rodelization process as opposed to a traditional method.

Conclusion: How To Feminize Seeds With Aspirin

Lately, finding out how to feminize seeds with aspirin has been an interesting issue in the cannabis community. If you do decide to give it a shot, keep in mind that it may or may not be successful in your endeavor. In many circumstances, it is successful as long as it is carried out by someone who has sufficient competence in cannabis cultivation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I buy feminized seeds or make them on my own?

The majority of growers would agree that the best way to obtain feminized seeds is to produce your own; however, this is also the most difficult and time-consuming method. This entails purchasing ordinary seeds, growing them, breeding the males with the females, and waiting for the blossoms to produce seeds before harvesting the flowers. If you have the patience to complete this task on your own, this may be a viable option for you to consider.

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How to tell if a seed is female?

Even if you only have a handful of seeds, it’s nearly hard to identify which ones are male and which ones are female. The only reliable method of determining the gender of a plant is to plant some seeds and then wait. A little bud will form in the crux of a branch after a period of many weeks, and the plant will begin to flower after that period.

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