How to Keep Animals Out of Garden Without Fence? The Ultimate Guide

How to Keep Animals Out of Garden Without Fence?

Effective Methods to Keep Animals Out of Garden Without Fence? Detailed Guide: If you have a bountiful garden with lots of plants, fruits, flowers, or veggies, be sure that it has grabbed the attention of the wild animals. Fencing is the best option to make your garden protected from animals, but it has a number of drawbacks that cannot be ignored.

Rather than a home garden, fencing makes your garden look like a cell. Now, you must be wondering how to keep animals out of the garden without a fence. Well, there are some effective methods that you can surely apply.

There are many kinds of animals that may visit your garden. Before applying any method, you first know the target animal to restrict. However, before jumping to any methods, one needs to have a proper idea about fencing, some disadvantages, and keeping animals out without using fencing. This article will provide you with all the details you need to know about how to keep animals out of the garden without a fence with a detailed guide. So, please stay connected. 

About Garden Fence 


About Garden Fence 


A garden fence can be a go-to choice for a person living in a forest or rural area. A gardener has to go through many difficulties while gardening. One of the most common problems they usually face is animals damaging crops, fruits, and flowers. Fencing is the most effective method to prevent wild animals from eating and damaging your stocks. There are varieties of garden fences available, which can be applied in gardens.

But there are a number of disadvantages of fencing that might discourage you from using this against thirsty wild animals. Some of the reasons are:

  • Garden fencing needs frequent maintenance and coloring, especially for the wood fence.
  • The fence panels or sides might be damaged by the strong wind and storm if it is not installed or positioned well.
  • It will make your garden fully restricted and private like a cell.

However, other than fencing your garden, there are a number of effective methods that can provide you with better and desired results against repelling animals from your garden.

How to Keep Animals Out of Garden Without Fence? Five Effective Methods

To keep animals out of your garden, you just need to use some strong and effective methods. As wild animals are really ferocious yet cunning, they might find other ways to trespass on your garden. So, here are five effective ways to help you keep animals out of the garden without the need for fencing.

Natural repellent

Natural repellent is a good solution against animals. There are many options for you to apply, but some of the strongest repellents are:

  • Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds


It is one of the most effective natural animal repellents as it has a very strong smell. It is a smell that animals do not like, or if they get, they will not come near. You can sprinkle a small amount of coffee into your plant. You can also use coffee grounds in the soil to boost the nutrients.

  • Vinegar and pepper

These are two common ingredients that are found in the home. Vinegar has a very strong smell, whereas pepper can give a burning effect. For this, you can try soaking corn cobs in vinegar for at least 10 minutes. Then, you can easily give it to your garden. You can repeat the process every two weeks.

On the other hand, pepper is very hot and a strong repellent to use. You can make a hot pepper or chili spray with ¾ of water in a wok and add chili about ½ to the water. Cover the wok using a lid and boil it for 5 minutes. When the mixtures turn into normal temperature, give it around your plants.

  • Spraying predator urine for the garden

Animals have great smelling power. Urine helps to mark their territory, and the urine of any animal can repel them as it indicates other animals take it over. If you spray predator urine in the garden area and plants, it will surely deter them from coming again.

  • Unwashed human hair

Now, this is something that animals hate to smell. If you trim your hair, gather all the trimmed hair together and hang these around the garden. In this case, you can also use other animals’ fur.

Artificial repellents  

There are many artificial repellent sounds available in the market. Among these, some of the famous repellents are:

  • Automatic Water Sprinkler

Automatic Water Sprinkler


If you can install an automatic water sprinkler in your garden, it will help you in many ways, like it will stop the animals by frequent showing, and it will make the whole ground watery.

  • Ultrasonic sound devices

Sounds are something that animals are afraid of. Be it passing animals or any wild animal sounds; it keeps them away if you install noisemakers or ultrasound devices in your garden. The peachy noises will disturb them and make them compelled to leave the place.

  • Chemical sprays

If the animals do not react with natural repellents, it’s better to go for chemical sprays. They are made with a solid formula that can surely help keep animals out of your garden. If you spray it in your plants, it will indeed show its effect immediately.

Plant repellent for animals

Certain plants give away a very strong scent that can be used as an animal repellent. Animals avoid smelly areas; you can use this weakness in your favor by planting a number of perennial herbs like tansy, lavender, yarrow, tarragon, and catnip. Some culinary herbs you can plant to deter animals are garlic, spearmint, thyme, oregano, and dill. Also, you can use picky plants near and around your garden border for extra safety against the animals.

Trap, Wire Cloches


Trap, Wire Cloches


In this modern era, many trapping methods do not cause any harm to animals. If you try to use tapping techniques on animals 2-3 times, it will impact the mind, so they will not return.

Also, you can use wire cloches if you have a few plants that are being targeted more often. These are small weirs that help to cover the plants from animals. Works great for the small vegetables. It does come in a number of sizes, so choose wisely.

Stop their sources

To prevent them, you also have to stop their food sources like the dustbin, excess trash in the garden, and garbage all over. The dustbin is something that attracts more animals. Another option you can prefer is to offer them alternative food. By that, they will shift their direction to another place. If these also do not work, you can pet a dog that surely can guard the whole garden. If any animal tries to enter, it will scare them and take them away from the garden.

There are plenty of methods that are suggested above. Applying these methods will surely keep animals out of your garden without the need for a fence system. Thus, it will save you time, money, and effort. Most importantly, your garden will be saved from unwanted visitors.

Final Thought: How to Keep Animals Out of Garden Without Fence?

We hope you have gathered enough information about keeping animals out of the garden. You can choose any method, and it will surely help you out. You also have to be careful about your surroundings as the more the mess, the more animals’ chances. When you plant, try to apply these methods. These are effective and can provide reliable results. However, you have to be patient as it can also take time. Animals can be very adamant, so; your efforts should also be solid against them. Happy gardening!

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Frequently Answered Questions 

What can I put in my Garden to keep Animals out?

Answer: You can put garlic clips, castor oil, and predator urine. These are temporary solutions, and they need to be applied monetarily.

What smells keep Animals out of the Garden?

Answer: The natural scents are effective enough to keep animals out of the garden. For deer or raccoons, you can use pepper or hot sauce. For the squirrels, you can try using peppermint oil. For repelling other animals, you can try spraying essential oil in the garden.

Does vinegar repel Small Animals?

Answer: Animals like cats, raccoons, deer, dogs, and rabbits cannot stand the smell of vinegar for a second. To keep such unwanted guests out of your garden, you can try soaking several rags in white vinegar and placing them on stakes near and around your vegetable’s rows or flower rows.

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