How to Keep Birds Out of Garden? Complete Guide (Effective Ways)

How to Keep Birds Out of Garden?

Effective Ways to Keep Birds Out of Garden: Step by Step Guide: Gardeners often plant different varieties of plants, including flowers, vegetables, and shrubs, to make the garden versatile. But little do they know; they have unwillingly invited birds to their garden. In no time, birds can damage flowers beds, and destroy vegetables, leaving nothing but a spoiled garden. Local birds are the main culprits behind the damage to the garden. It is very important for you to know how to keep birds out of the garden. 

Birds always look for easy food places for their food sources, and once they notice any food item, they end up being the most visited uninvited guest. However, not all birds are responsible for the damage to your garden. Some of the birds can be beneficial as well. However, birds like crows, pigeons, blackbirds, blue jays, and cowbirds can cause serious damage to your lovely garden. So, it’s wise to know some effective ways to stop them before they cause enough damage to your plants.

In this article, you will learn everything about how to keep birds out of the garden with step by step guide and some other helpful details. 

Benefits That Birds Provide to Garden 


Benefits That Birds Provide to Garden 


If you are wondering, “are birds beneficial to the garden?” then the answer is certainly yes! They pose good qualities that can improve the health of your garden. Attaching birds in your garden can be beneficial in many ways. Here are some benefits to lean on.

  • Pest Control

Small or medium birds love to eat insects like spider mites, aphids, bugs, slugs, etc. These types of insects are commonly found in crops and flowers. Birds can easily eat up all the insects from your garden plants. This is a natural way of controlling pests without applying any chemical pesticides in the garden. Other than that, large birds can help in killing pesky pests like squirrels, rodents, mice, etc., that destroy crops and flowers. 

  • Control Weeds

One of the primary benefits that attracting birds can give you is it can help to control weeds in your garden. A number of bird species can certainly do that by eating their seeds before they pop up. 

  • Pollinate Flowers 


Pollinate Flowers 


Birds are the best pollinators for the flowers of your garden. It fertilizes plants by spreading their nectars and helps to create more blooms. It makes the flower bigger, colorful, and brighter. 

Birds are Helpful to the Ecosystem

Garden birds love native plants in the garden. This type of plant needs less water and will not spread disease to your loving garden. It will improve the environment from water pollution, which will be best for the ecosystem. 

With that, some birds also appear that are not good for the garden. They cause more damage than benefits. This may cost you a lot of time and unnecessary expenses. Keeping these in mind, here are some damages that birds can do to your garden.

Damages That Bird Cause To Your Garden 

Birds look cute when they chatter or sing songs. But there are valid reasons why you need to stop birds from visiting your garden. 

  • They can spoil the garden with their discarded hulls, messy stuff, shed features, and dirt. 
  • Can introduce many germs and viruses to your garden. 
  • Birds like crows and pigeons can damage all the crops.

Top 4 Effective Ways How To Keep Birds Out Of Garden

These are some effective ways that can help you in getting birds out of the garden. However, there are many other drastic ways to apply. But birds are also necessary for the betterment of the environment. Keeping this in mind, some effective ways are: 

  • Bird Netting


Bird Netting


Bird garden netting can be the most effective way for your garden. Butterfly netting can deter birds from eating your crops. It will stop them from tangling in the net, which will stress or can injure them. However, it will not harm your garden as it will allow sun and rain to enter the plants. It is a cost-friendly option that is easy to get and use. 

  • Firstly, use bamboo poles, tall stakes, and fence posts. 
  • Then drape the netting over the frame so that it can reach the ground properly. 
  • After that, bent the wire properly so that there could be wind protection. Be careful with the loose netting. If the netting is losing, the small birds can enter. 

If you can set the nets properly, the hungry birds may visit the garden but cannot cause any harm to the flowers or crops. Just have a good look at the garden whether the birds are trapped or not. 

  • Install Garden Fence

A Garden fence is a common method that is used by many gardeners. A Garden fence is a physical barrier that stops everything from coming into the area. It is used in the cold season to protect crops from frost. It can also prevent birds from touching the crops. You can easily defend crops with the help of a high-quality garden fence. It is relatively easy, comes with less maintenance, and is time-consuming.

  • Chicken Wire

If you are thinking about how to stop birds from eating seedlings, then using chicken wire can be the best option for you to prefer. If you have newly planted seeds in your garden, you have to be careful, as it’s one of the favorite targets of birds. 

The main benefit that chicken wire provides is it stops birds and other animals from scratching or pecking up the soil. Using chicken wire on the ground can protect the seeds or plants, and when the seedlings will grow, you can easily lift the wire off from the ground.

  • Using Different Scare Tactics

There are many scare tactics that are applied to keep the birds out of the garden. Some of the common tactics are:

  • Placing a Scarecrow in the Garden


Placing a Scarecrow in the Garden


It is a very old method but effective enough to scare the birds. But it should be used in a proper way. 

Things that you will require in the process

  • String
  • Bamboo poles and woods 
  • Any cloth to wrap the scarecrow.
  • Rags. 

After that, you have to follow a number of steps

  • Make a T shape construction in the garden area, and stick it into a firm place with the help of bamboo poles. 
  • Make the T shape construction wears the cloth with the strings. 
  • Try to give it a human shape, wearing a cap, scarf, hamlets, etc. Just make it look real by drawing faces. 

You have to change its position from time to time, as if it does not move, the birds may not get sacred anymore. It is better to change its cloth, look, and position once a week.  

  • Fake Predators 

If the scarecrow is not working, then you can use fake predators. Birds do scare a number of animals like snakes, and owls. If you purchase a lookalike toy that will easily scare them from coming again. Place it in the garden beds and scare birds. 

  • Reflective Items and Sounds 

Noise can be a big problem for birds as they love a quiet environment. If there is too much noise, they get disturbed and choose not to visit again. Also, if anything in the garden reflects too much like CDs or mirrors, it will take the bird away from the garden.

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Applying the steps with a little caution, you can easily keep the birds out of your garden. If you are an animal lover, these methods will not cause direct harm to the birds. It will save you time, and money, and most importantly, your garden will be saved from these trespassing birds. 

Final Thoughts: Effective Ways How To Keep Birds Out Of Garden

In the article, we have tried to provide you with all the information you need to know about how to keep birds out of the garden. You have to act smart with the birds as they are not stupid. Sometimes they find their way back and visit the garden again and again. The aforementioned steps will surely invade the birds from your garden for good. Thus, it will protect your garden from further damage and loss.

Frequently Answered Questions

What is the Best Way to Keep Birds out of the Garden?

“Netting with bamboo poles, fence posts, or tall stakes is the best to keep birds out of the garden.

What Smell do Birds Hate?

Birds cannot stand the smell of essential oils, garlic, and cayenne Pepper. There are also some professional products available in the market that works effectively in deterring birds.

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What is a Natural Bird Repellent?

A mixture of chili peppers, apple cider vinegar, and water can be used as an effective bird repellent spray to keep birds away from your plants.

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