How to Plant Succulent Cuttings? Easy Steps with Tips & Tricks

How to Plant Succulent Cuttings?

How to Plant Succulent Cuttings? 5 Easy Steps to Follow: Succulents are one of the most multi-beneficial plants around the world. From the use as medicines to decorate home, roof, or courtyard, their importance is beyond description.  These plants are named after their characteristic to store up a significant amount of water (about 90-95%) in organs with living cells, especially in leaves or stems. The stored water helps them in remobilization and to withstand drought.

Succulent plants constitute over 100+ varieties, some of which are terrestrial (Aeoniums, crassulas, Aloes, Agaves, Cacti, etc.), and some are aquatic (Crassula helmsii).  They are a very rapid-growing plant; even you can grow some within a week. You have to take some cuttings from the mother plant and see the magic afterward. So, without further ado, let’s know how to plant succulent cuttings in the easiest way to adorn your lawn.  

How to take Succulent Cuttings?


How to take Succulent Cuttings?


A cutting refers to the portion of any plant that is used in horticulture for propagation. In this process, a piece of any plant’s organ such as leaf, root, or stems is cut from the mother plant and implanted in a suitable soil medium, from which many daughter plants will grow independently. It’s the asexual (vegetative) method of propagation. In the case of succulents, different species offer different types of propagation techniques, like stem cutting, leaf cutting, and shoot cutting.

Stem cutting 

Make a diagonal cut in the lower portion of the stem (about 3-6 cm long) from a mother plant. The cut stem might contain 4-5 leaves on it. Cut off some leaves from the bottom side to expose about 1/4th inch of stem. After a few weeks of nursing, roots will generate from this exposed stem.


It is the best succulent cutting method. Gently pull a leaf down along the stem so that it does not tear or break. Remove other leaves the same way, let them dry,  grow buds and roots, and plant them in soil.

Sucker separation:

Remove or separate the side shoots that arise from the mother plant. Each of these will grow individual succulents later.

How to Prepare Soil Medium for Succulents?

Damp and compact soil is unsuitable for succulents; rather, dry soil with a sound drainage system is optimal for their growth. As succulent plants reserve water in their leaves and stem for a long time, they do not need a continuous water supply. Moreover, Dampish soil cause suffocation to the roots, resulting in rotten plants.

To make a suitable, less moist, and equilibrium soil mixture, you should take a certain amount of soil, the same amount of sand, and half the amount of pumices.  The sands help in draining water soon, and the pumices allow proper aeration for the roots. Mix all the ingredients to make a breezy soil mixture, perfect for your succulents to grow.

5 Easy Steps: How to Plant Succulent Cuttings? 

Once you have the cuttings in your hand, now it’s time to plant them. Follow the step-by-step instructions to get your desired result.

1. Make a pot

At first, make a pot or container in which the succulents will grow. Prick some holes at the bottom of the pot to make a good drainage system. The pot must be large enough, so every cutting gets a minimum of 3-inch place around it.

2. Pour soil mixture


2. Pour soil mixture


Fill the pot with the soil mixture you made at home, or you can buy it from online shops.

3. Take the cuttings

For the stem cuttings, immediately plant the cut side in soil (about 1-2 inches). Water them whenever the soil gets dry. Within a few weeks, new roots will grow from it.

Leave them on any tray for leaves or shoots to dry at room temperature. Or lie them on the soil medium and tamp slightly.  After a few days, the leaves shall turn pale and new callus and roots will form at the end of each leaf.

4. Plant the rooted succulents

When roots appear, sow the young plants in potting medium or outside garden area, covering the roots with soil mixture. Choose an area with enough sunlight (not direct) and an adequate air supply.

5. Water and nurse

Reduce watering as the baby plant grows. You may water them two to four times per month using spray bottles.

Things to Consider while Planting Succulents

  • Do not rip or scar the cuttings while taking from the mother plant, as it won’t bring a good result other than getting rotten.
  • Moist or viscous soil is not competent for succulents, so carefully use 50% of sand with 50% compost while making the mixture medium.
  • Ensure a proper drainage system in the pot you’re using for plantation to prevent rot.
  • Select healthy leaves from the base of the stem to get a better result.
  • Do not over-water the plant, instead, wet them only when the soil is dry.
  • Never leave the planted succulents in direct sunlight. According to research, direct sun rays result in excessive heat and over-respiration, causing stress on the succulents to grow.
  • Although succulent plants do not need much fertilizer yet, you can use succulent fertilizer if you need to grow them faster. But do not overuse, for it might weaken your plants.

Conclusion: How to Plant Succulent Cuttings?

Succulents are famous for their advantageous properties and are largely used as indoor plants. They increase the beauty of gardens, lawns, or courtyards with their assorted colors.

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They are easy to grow plants that survive for many years due to their deep roots and withstanding power in adverse climates. We hope this article helps you know how to plant succulent cuttings at home and make your little garden more adorable with greenery.

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