How to Propagate Pothos? Beginners Guide with Easy Techniques

How to Propagate Pothos?

How to propagate pothos in water quickly: Growing pothos (Epipremnum aureum) in water isn’t impossible, but it can be tricky. One of the easiest types of houseplants to propagate or grow in water is pothos. But we can’t do this if we don’t know how to grow pothos in water. It is one of the top houseplants which make the environment of home and office clean and improves the air quality at the same time.

To decorate the home, office, or any other place pothos can be a great choice. There are many common pothos, including Golden pothos, Ivy arum, Money plant, Taro vine, etc. Another popular name of it is Devil Ivy. This plant doesn’t require extra care and stays alive for a long time when kept in the dark. 

What is Pothos Propagation? How to Propagate Pothos


What is Pothos Propagation? How to Propagate Pothos


Propagation is creating new plants from different sources (seeds, cutting, and other plant parts) or existing ones. It is the fastest and easiest way to grow most plants. Steam, leaves, roots, and rhizomes-these are some vegetative parts. These parts can be used to propagate a plant. So, you need one of these to do so. The cuttings and roots are to be used in soil or water. This whole process depends on the plant. You will have a fresh new plant growing in your place once it is fully grown and rooted.

Things you need to provide

Most of the plants need water and nutrients. These two things are gotten from the soil. So, what you need to do is to ensure water and nutrients to them. There is no need to root your devil’s ivy (pothos) cutting in soil. To let them grow easily you need to provide them with sufficient sunlight and nutrients.

List of the Basic things you need to How to Propagate Pothos

Here is a list of three basic things that you need to grow pothos in water-

  1. A Glass Jar/Vase (to hold water)
  2. Chlorinated tap water.
  3. Liquid fertilizer

Process of Growing Pathos in Water?

1. Select a Bottle, Glass Jar, or Vase

One can find the following things at a very low cost. To select these all, you should prefer the clear one so that you can see the roots clearly and their emerging. Of course, it should be darker in color. Otherwise, you will have to keep yourself busy cleaning the algae frequently.   

2. Fill the jar with Clean Water

Now you have to fill the glass with clean water. Any source of clean water will be okay for that. Tap water is fine. To survive fairly, plants need that. If the water is chlorinated, you will have to let the water sit in an open container for about a day. It will evaporate the chlorine. After this, pour the water into a jar with a new plant or water an existing plant.

3. Add Fertilizer

Adding a few drops into the water before adding the plant is simple. Any liquid fertilizer will be enough for growing pothos. There are many kinds of liquid fertilizers; Miracle-Gro is one of them. It is the most commonly available liquid fertilizer in most stores. These liquid fertilizers are mainly produced for houseplants (Ex. African Violets). It is a mixture of nutrients, and it is sufficient for houseplants.

4. Cut the Plant and Add it

A healthy vine is needed to grow a pothos plant quickly. Brown and yellowing leaves should be avoided. Cut the vine of the leaves below a node. At least three nodes should be chosen. You need to remove all the leaves which are below the nodes. Later it will be seen that pothos cutting has little brown bumps forming along the vine near each node. These are called aerial roots. These will start to grow once you place your pothos vine in water. 

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Now place your cutting in your jar, and you need to make sure that the cut ends are covered with water. To see roots forming on your cuttings, you will have to wait a few weeks. In time, the roots will grow longer, and the cuttings will then support new growth.

5. Change the water every 2 to 3 weeks

You need to make sure to change the water in your jar now and then, after a week or two weeks most, and add new water. It is necessary to change the water because water loses oxygen over time, and your pothos needs oxygen to stay alive.

6. Ensure that the roots are below the waterline

Most of the roots should be submerged below the water. It is easy to take care of; you don’t need to guess the quantity of water. Just look at your container or jar and fill it to an appropriate level.

7. Add fertilizer every 4-6 weeks

What about feeding your pothos? Yes, it is vital! Liquid fertilizers that are high in quality should be used to feed your new plant. 1-part fertilizer to 3 parts water is perfect. Add the dilute fertilizer mixture into the jar or container for about 4 to 6 weeks.

8. Clean Algae

Keep the container clean. If it is a glass container and you see algae growing in it. You just instantly remove the plant, wash it out and clean the jar before placing the pothos in it.

How to grow Pothos in Water Faster?


How to grow Pothos in Water Faster?

Here are some best tips on how to grow pothos faster in water.

  • Like almost all other plants, pothos needs light, but not direct sun rays. So try to keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • The ideal temperature range for growing pathos in water is 70 ºF to 90 ºF. setting the temperature to 80 ºF – 90 ºF will help it grow faster.
  • The plants need to get fresh water every couple of weeks, along with a few drops of fertilizers.
  • Changing the water and rinsing out the vase/jar/glass you have your pothos growing in will stop the water from becoming stagnant and foul. That’s why you should change the water periodically.
  • Clean the sides of the container if there is any algae buildup.
  • Cut the pothos plant’s tips off and root them in water as they may begin to grow rather long. Cutting them will make the pothos grow dense and lush in whatever container you use.

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Following these simple steps and strategies will help you propagate pothos in water within no time. Try to take proper care of your pothos and make your office or home beautifully decorated.

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