How to Protect Grass Seed from Trespassing Birds? Full Guide

How to Protect Grass Seed from Trespassing Birds?

How to Protect Grass Seed from Trespassing Birds?: Birds are a blessing of mother nature. They fill the atmosphere with positivity and make your garden look even brighter when they start singing or chitchatting. Birds also play a vital role in the improving ecosystem.

They may look cute and tiny, but they are ferocious eaters that come in countless numbers and destroy the grass seed completely, leaving no other way to rectify it. So, you must know how to protect grass seed from these feral eaters before your garden becomes their next target.

There are numerous kinds of birds that prey and ruin your loving garden.  The birds usually live in the forest, trees, some are also migrating birds that come with the seasons, but they somehow get the knowledge about grass seeds.

Grass seeds attract mostly the birds as there can be insects present in the nearby areas. The birds kill and eat the insects found in the plants. Insects are another reason for the damages to seeds or plants. Both are harmful to the grass seeds.

Throughout, this article we will try to provide you with all the information you need to know about how to keep birds off of new grass seed and some easy solutions that will help you to deal with these trespassing birds from attacking your garden or lawn.

How to Protect Grass Seed from Trespassing Birds?

Early Signs of Bird eyeing on your Garden or Lawn 

The birds arrive silently and destroy every visible grass seed; even worse, if you try to grow any other seeds, they tend to decimate them. Even if the birds don’t eat your grass seeds, they will ruin the lawn or garden by taking dust baths in the freshly raked soil.

There are many types of grass seeds; it maximum takes 4 to 5 weeks to germinates. In between the process of germination, the bird attacks more and completely hamper the growth. Later on, it dies. Some early signs are:

  • There are excess dead leaves, waste, debris in the area.
  • The birds are likely to visit more often.
  • Presence of insects like lawn mites, beetles, worms, and others insects that are eating leaves. These insects are favourite items for birds.

How to Prevent Birds From Eating Grass Seed?


How to Prevent Birds From Eating Grass Seed?


The birds are very small in size, but their activities are larger than life. The birds come and sabotage all the hard works done in the process of grass seed. After all these occurrences, the aftermath works are very hectic and time-consuming as you have to re-arrange or leave the work. 

However, there are dependable ways that can effectively counter this problem and will keep the birds away from the grass seeds. By this, the extra cost will be saved, and no need for sowing more seeds. So, there are some steps of how to protect grass seeds from birds, these are: 

  • Protect the lawn with some tricks 

You can easily create any kind of barrier, but it should be solid enough to sustain for long. Some ways are-

Bird netting


Bird netting


The yard or garden can be protected by netting. It helps to penetrate more light to the seeds from the soil surface. Doing netting to protect the grass seeds from birds is a handy option to prefer. But do make sure it is tightly fitted and pinned down at the edges. Fully covering the seed bag. It easily stops birds from entering and causing any problems.

Burlap sheets

when you sow the seeds, it takes a bit of time in the processing, as a couple of weeks, to grow properly. This phase is very crucial as the chances of birds attacking increases massively. So, using a burlap sheet is helpful in two ways like it allows the sunlight, heat, moisture to pass to the soil surface and acts as a physical barrier. It can be said it is a grass seed protective cover that is impactful.





Mulching for plants is the perfect choice to protect and cover the garden. As it helps to retain the moisture from the ground, promotes the grass germination process, and improves the growth of the seeds. For a hungry bird, this is the best counterattack. 

  • Visual bird deterrent

Birds love calm and peaceful places, but if there is any kind of noise, they unlikely to visit again. For instance, a pinwheel can be a helpful source as when it is moved; it should reflect and makes noise. It is one of the easy bird deterrent ideas. Another helpful source would be an ultrasound bird repelled. It produces a high-frequency sound that helps to get rid of birds. If not then, some old CDs can be used as a source of a reflective deterrent; it is a good bird scarer device to apply.

  • Better to bury the grass seeds in the grounds 

The birds are always in search of food, so if they see even small food particles, suppose grass seeds, they easily will get attracted and try to get it. What can be done is sow the grass, rake the seed by that it is covered or buried on the topsoil. So, add a small amount of water to the topsoil to make the soil sticky to the seed. Though, it has a dual benefit as it helps in germination and also prevents loose soil surface. It will look natural. It’s a wise way to deceive birds. 

  • Using dummy or fake predators to scare

Perhaps, this is an easy way to tackle the bird’s mind as they do scare a lot of animals and fear getting killed. You can simply use this weakness as an advantage by placing a fake dummy of hawk, owl, or scarecrow near the grass seeds. Fake owl to scare birds are new options that are vastly used in recent times. But it is also important to place it in the right spot as the bird should see and get afraid. Birds are witty by nature, so the position should be well placed. If they get a glimpse, then the efforts will get wasted, so the fake dummy or predator should be moved. 

Other Effective Solutions

  • Giving hungry birds easy meals on the side or corners.
  • Pets can be a protector to guard the grass seeds and areas.
  • Mular tapes can a useful way; it reflects the sun rays as it moves with the wind, does makes some noise. 

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Nonetheless, these are some ideas that can help and save your time. But the ideas should not be mix with each other as getting the best result might need time. Getting rusty can be costly as birds may find another way to eat the grass seeds. If that happens then, all your efforts will go in vain. The birds are very clever and will try other ways to eat it, so you have to be cautious with the ideas before applying.

Final Thought: How to Protect Grass Seed from Trespassing Birds? 

We are hoping the above-referred solutions will give you an overall idea about how to prevent birds from eating grass seeds.  Any solution you choose will work efficiently on getting rid of birds from eating grass seeds. The overall process is easy and does not harm the birds or other animals. It just acts as a barrier for birds from eating grass seeds. Once you get desired results by applying these ideas, then you will be able to work on your yard without any interference.

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