How to Stop Weeds from Growing in Gravel? Complete Guide

How to Stop Weeds from Growing in Gravel?

Natural Ways to Keep Weeds Away from Gravel: Step by Step Guide A gravel driveway can be an excellent addition to your place. They are cleaner, cheaper, and pleasant-looking pathways. But if there is any weed in your gravel, it will make the gravel quite risky to drive on. So, how to stop weeds from growing in gravel?

 Well, there are a lot of ways to kill weeds in gravel driveways permanently. Hence, the point of concern is the impact of using weed killers on nature. There are also questions about are these weed-killing ways easy enough to apply in your gravel driveway?

We will provide you with all the information you need to know about stopping weeds from coming in gravel throughout this article. You will be delighted to have the following list of weed-killing ways in your gravel. Because we have figured out the best natural ways to stop weeds from growing in your gravel driveway, so, let’s look at the following weed-killing ways and choose one or more options to apply!

How to Stop Weeds from Growing in Gravel Driveways?


How to Stop Weeds from Growing in Gravel Driveways?


The presence of weeds is unexpected in gravel driveways. So, it would help if you stopped it as soon as possible. Otherwise, weeds may grasp your furnished pathway. But before playing any action against weeds, it will be a wise decision from your side to identify their type.

There are generally 3 types of weeds growing in gravel pathways. They are

These weeds are distinguished with their long leaves. They normally lack stems. Leaves are green and organized opposite to one another. These weeds are herbaceous, which means they have a short life span.

  • Woody Weeds

These types of weeds are easily identified by their tree-like structure. They have hard woody stems and comparatively small leaves. These weeds are perennial, which means they last for long years.

  • Grassy Weeds

They are a very common and mass populated weed type in gravel. Grass leaves possess long leaves. Leaves are so thin and organized parallel.

Now let’s know how to stop weeds from growing in gravel.

Seven Easy & Natural Ways to Kill Weeds in Gravel (Tips & Tricks)

We have shortlisted the most effective and easiest ways of weed prevention from gravel. All the ways are eco-friendly and cheap to arrange. Let’s see which one suits you the most!

1. Manually remove Weeds by Digging by Hand


1. Manually remove Weeds by Digging by Hand


It is an old but very much effective idea to get rid of weeds in a gravel driveway. Broadleaf weeds can easily be removed in this way. Are there any leafy weeds in your gravel?

If yes, you can use available sharp gardening tools to dig out the weeds from gravel. But please make sure that you have dug out the weed with roots. It will ensure that the weed will not return to your gravel once again. You can apply it without any hesitation!

2. Mulching

Mulching for plants gives effective results. Mulching is an interesting idea to prevent weeds from your gravel, especially grass weeds. Have you ever noticed the changes of grasses shaded or covered under any object for a few days? Cover weeds or grass for a few days will gradually be damaged and even die after several days! Do you know why this happened?

The reason is straightforward to understand. When you cover weeds or grasses, they lack sunlight and water. The natural way of growing and living is disturbed. This disturbance led them to die quickly. So, you can easily mulch your gravel driveway with old newspaper or any other available equipment and get rid of weeds.

Mulching not only helps to stop the growing weeds but also damages the spores or seeds. This is the most useful Impact of this process. As there is no sunlight or water available, the spores and seeds of weeds will not even get the chance to sprout!

3. Use boiled Water to Kill Weeds in Gravel

It is an easy and hassle-free method. Small grassy and leafy weeds can easily be damaged by applying boiled water. This process requires neither hard work nor costs enough money. The process is very simple. Boil some water and take it in a kettle. Then pour them over weeds. Small weeds will die very soon after applying boiled water. Woody weeds will not be damaged that much quicker. But several times, applying may result in completely dying.

Overall, this method can be a good option for you to avoid the hassle of digging or mulching. To keep in mind, use safety gloves and be alert while using boiled water. Hot water can splatter your skin and damage you badly.

4. Using Vinegar to Kill Weeds in Gravel


4. Using Vinegar to Kill Weeds in Gravel


It is a common item in every kitchen. And this is an easily available item that can kill all the weeds of your gravel.

Process of making the spray:

  • Firstly, a mixture of vinegar with water.
  • Then take the mixture in a sprayer.
  • Finally, spray it on weeds.

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But remember, vinegar is a terrific weed killer! It can even show the result upon weeds very rapidly, like within an hour of spaying.

5. Corn Gluten Meal to Kill Weeds

This method will help you stop the growth of all types of weeds on your gravel. The procedure is very simple. Take some cornmeal and spread it over weeds. Cornmeal will stop the germination of new weeds as well as prevent their spreading.

6. Using Salt to Kill Weeds

Salt on gravel driveway kills weeds easily. The procedure of applying salt is also easy. You just need to take salt from your kitchen. Then apply it to the root of the weeds at your gravel. After applying salt, the result will be visible in less than a few days. Your gravel will be free from weeds in no time. This method is applicable for weeds prevention, especially for woody and leafy weeds.  

7. Weed Killing Soap or Mixture

We were talking about the easy and natural ways of the mixture. Then what’s about soap? It is not a typical soap that we regularly use. You can make your weed-killing soap by mixing salt, vinegar, and any dish cleaning soap. The proportion will be equal for all.

After making your mixture, apply it to weeds and see the result. The combination of salt and vinegar is very strong. You can easily imagine how both will work together to get rid of weeds. It is an easy process with effective solutions.

Final Thought: How to Stop weeds from growing in Gravel Driveways?

However, if you are worried about how to stop weeds from growing in gravel, we hope that this article will let you breathe a sigh of relief. It would help if you chose your preferred option to apply to your gravel. The best tip here is to identify the types of weeds. It will make it easier for you to choose the perfect procedure.

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If there are leafy weeds in your gravel, we recommend removing them manually. On the other hand, mulching works better when weeds are primarily grassy. You can surely use other options if that’s more convenient for you. Hopefully, our detailed article will solve all the issues regarding weeds and help keep them away from your gravel. You can surely apply these methods to get rid of weeds in your lawn effectively.

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