Stihl Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews: Comparisons with Buyer’s Guide

Stihl Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews

Stihl Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews with comparisons and buyer’s guide: If you have a lawn or backyard and you are concerned about cleanliness, then you must have or already have a leaf blower or looking to buy one. Previously, handheld blowers were quite popular, but now people realize that they take a very long time to clean up a large area. Also, traditional blowers put a lot of strain on your shoulder, arm, and wrist, and better alternatives are available now. That’s why you should consider a more comfortable and easy-to-use backpack blower.

Choosing a good quality backpack leaf blower can be pretty challenging considering the variety. Many new brands also entered the market with low-quality backpack blowers. However, Stihl is the oldest and most reliable brand when it comes to outdoor power tools. Whichever backpack leaf blower you choose from Stihl, you are going to win either way.

So, in this article, We came up with a list of the best Stihl backpack blowers with detailed reviews. But first, let’s have some ideas about backpack blowers and the things to consider before buying this tool.

What is a Backpack Blower?

Nowadays, three variations of leaf blowers are generally available in the market. Among those, the backpack leaf blower is one of the most popular and helpful to professionals. It comes in a small size and backpack frame, including a 2-stroke engine. As a result, you will be able to easily support all the weight on your soldiers instead of carrying a heavy-duty motor with your arms. It will allow you to work for a more extended period of time.

A portable handheld leaf blower with a backpack frame will help you to work quickly, and it will not cover a long area. At the same time, as it is very inexpensive, it may become your first choice for your small business or personal uses.

Stihl Backpack Leaf Blower Buyer’s Guide

If you are very new to purchasing a backpack blower, you must consider some aspects to buy the most suitable one for you. We present you with some elements that you must follow before going to the market to buy a backpack blower.

  • Style

When you think about buying a backpack blower, you should first consider the type and styles of the blower. This is crucial because you definitely don’t want that annoying back pain after working a long time in the garden. So, choose the best Stihl backpack leaf blower that is comfortable to hold and carry for a longer period.

  • Brand

Secondly, choosing the right brand is important when you are buying tools or electronic devices for the long term. There are various kinds of brands that provide backpack blowers. Some of them might be cheaper and better at advertising. However, the renowned brand will offer you greater quality and after-sales service. Nowadays, Stihl is one of the best brands that provide backpack leaf blowers.

  • Weight

If you want to buy a backpack blower for a professional, you must consider the weight of the backpack leaf blower. As the professional work almost every day with the blower, a heavyweight blower is not suitable at for working all day long. This will strain your shoulder and can cause damage in the long run. So it’s better to choose a lightweight leaf blower or the one that matches the user’s body weight.

  • Price

Price is a big thing to consider when buying anything. You should choose one which is not only inexpensive but also well performed.

  • Warranty

When you buy a backpack blower, you are not planning to replace it for at least 5-8 years. So before making the final purchase, check its warranty and conditions. It is better to choose a Stihl backpack leaf blower that offers more years of warranty.

Top 5 Best Stihl Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews

 Before purchasing a Stihl blower, you should know the brand, product quality, and Stihl backpack leaf blower reviews. There are various brands of backpack blowers available in the market. As the best power tools manufacturer, Stihl offers various types of backpack leaf blowers to reach customers of all levels. So, for making your purchase easier, we have listed here the best 5 Stihl backpack leaf blower reviews with pros and cons.

1. Stihl BR200 Backpack Blower



STIHL BR 200 backpack blower is the best choice for home gardeners with medium-sized lawns. This particular device is ideal for clearing grass clippings and blowing leaves or debris. This blower is lightweight and easy to carry, yet powerful enough to handle any blowing needs around the yard. Its anti-vibration system and noise-free operation provide additional comfort and reduce fatigue. Let’s take a look at the specifications, pros, and cons of this leaf blower.


  • Weight: 7 kg (12.6 lbs.)
  • Engine Power: 8 kW (1.10 bhp)
  • Air speed:150 mph
  • Displacement: 2 cc (1.66 in.)
  • Fuel tank:5-ounces
  • Fuel Capacity: 1050 cc (35.5 oz.)
  • Air Velocity: 59 m/s (132 mph)

  • The BR200 backpack blower is very lightweight and comfortable.
  • Sufficient airspeed for working in a small or medium yard.
  • Fulfill most of the demands of the customers.
  • Affordable choice.
  • Adjustable support harness.
  • It runs on gasoline.
  • Convenient features.
  • Though the fuel tank is efficient, the size is a bit small and needs more refill.
  • The power is not suitable for professionals.

2. Stihl BR700 Backpack Blower



The Stihl BR700 backpack blower is the most powerful blower in its category. The weight is 23.4 pounds. With a fuel capacity of 47.3 ounces, don’t expect to get a break anytime soon while outside working. Besides Stihl BR700 backpack blower is sufficiently powerful for its high airspeed, 173 mph.

Unlike some other backpack leaf blowers, it blows out heavy wet leaves easily. Additional features include an anti-vibration system, adjustable support harness, and a multi-function control handle. These features make it stand out as a suitable backpack leaf blower for both professional and personal uses.


  • Fuel Capacity: 3 ounces.
  • Airspeed: 173mph.
  • Force:35 Newtons
  • Engine displacement: 8 ccs (4.0 in3)
  • Fuel Capacity: 1400 cc (47.3 fl. oz)
  • Engine Power: 8 kW (3.8 bhp)

  • Anti-vibration system.
  • Efficient fuel tank.
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable support harness.
  • Multi-function control handle.
  • High airspeed
  • The backpack doesn’t offer any venting or fans that other models offer

3. Stihl BR500 Backpack Blower



The Stihl BR500 backpack blower is a popular gas-powered leaf blower. The weight of the entire unit is 22.3 pounds, while the air volume is 544 cubic feet per minute. The fuel capacity is 47.3 ounces, while the engine power is 2.0 kilowatts. Additionally, it comes with an anti-vibration system and a noise-suppression muffler designed to keep the engine noise at a tolerable level of 65 decibels.


  • Weight: 1 kg (22.3 lbs.)
  • Air Volume:544 cubic feet per minute(cfm)
  • Fuel Capacity: 1400 cc (47.3 oz.)
  • Engine Power: 2.0 kW (2.7 bhp)
  • Displacement: 64.8 cc (3.95 cu. in.)

  • Reduced-Emission Engine Technology makes it an environment-friendly device.
  • Multi-Function Control Handle
  • The wearable backpack design makes it ergonomic.
  • Anti-Vibration System helps reduce operator fatigue.
  • The BR500 backpack blower is one of the most powerful leaf blowers available.
  • This model is inexpensive too, with many sufficient proposes.
  • Includes a noise-suppression muffler.
  • Adjustable Support Harness provides a comfortable working experience.
  • Comparatively less powerful than other Stihl backpack leaf blowers.
  • The BR500 blower is a bit expensive to maintain because it needs special fuel and oil to run the machine.

4. The Stihl BR350 Backpack Blower



When you are going to clean up a large area, a powerful backpack leaf blower like the Stihl BR350 backpack blower is a must. This model provides power mixed with fuel efficiency to give you an overall tool that produces results. It weighs in at 33 pounds with a 2.8-bhp engine. The tank holds 57.5 ounces to ensure that you have enough fuel to tackle heavy-duty jobs.


  • Weight:33 pounds
  • Tank Capacity: 57.5 ounces
  • Blowing Force: 17 Newtons
  • Displacement: 3.86 cubic inches.
  • Max Air Velocity:201 mph
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Engine Power: 2.1 kW (2.8 bhp)

  • It includes an anti-vibration system
  • Quite easy to use and doesn’t require a lot to get started.
  • It is relatively powerful as well as comfortable.
  • One tank of gas lasts for a long time.
  • Building quality is really very high.
  • Comes with an efficient fuel tank.
  • The Sthil BR350 is a relatively heavy backpack blower. Sometimes it is a bit much for the homeowners.
  • The shoulder straps may slip on some users.

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5. The Stihl BR450 backpack blower:


When it comes to gas-powered leaf blowers, Stihl is holding the top position of power tools for decades now. The Stihl BR450 is one of their most well-reviewed and popular models, which is designed for professional landscapers and gardeners. This backpack leaf blower produces an airspeed of 186 miles per hour on average, which is more than enough to clear away leaves and dirt in a medium-sized yard. This blower is so lightweight (23.4 pounds) that anyone can easily carry it and work for a long time without getting tired. Moreover, its capacity and functionality will make you satisfied for sure.


  • Weight: 6 kg (23.4 lbs.)
  • Power source: gasoline
  • Blowing Force:28 N
  • Max Air Speed:219 miles per hour
  • Displacement:86 cubic inches
  • Engine power: 9 kW (3.9 bhp)
  • Displacement: 3 ccs (3.86 cu. in.)
  • Fuel Capacity:5 ounces

  • Very lightweight
  • It comes with a large fuel tank that saves both time and money
  • Anyone can easily clean up heavyweight leaves because of their high airspeed.
  • It has a comfortable grip
  • It goes a long way.
  • Requires almost no maintenance
  • Its engine makes loud noises.

Final Words: Best Stihl Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews

These were some of the best Stihl backpack leaf blowers you can use to maintain your lawn. We did not make a list too long as all these options worked extremely well. If you are still confused about selecting the best Stihl backpack leaf blower, our experts may help you. Here are two final recommendations that stand out among others.

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Best Stihl Backpack Leaf Blower Overall: Stihl BR700 backpack blower

This one is not only the most powerful but also the most convenient backpack leaf blower. It comes with all the essential features and an ergonomic design. Whether you are a professional or beginner, this will ensure 100% satisfaction.

Best Stihl Backpack Leaf Blower for the money: Stihl BR200 Backpack Blower

Stihl BR 200 backpack blower provides all the necessary features in a compact size machine. This one is undoubtedly the best choice for home gardeners with medium-sized lawns. You can get it at a very reasonable price, yet it will offer the best service in clearing grass clippings and blowing leaves or debris.

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Frequently Answer Questions

Which one is the cheapest Stihl Leaf Blower?

According to the data we gathered, the Stihl BGE 61backpack blower is the cheapest one, but if you want the best quality at an affordable price Stihl BR 200 backpack blower is a perfect choice.

For a backpack leaf blower, what is the average MPH?

The average speed of Stihl backpack leaf blowers is 201 MPH

How Much Do Leaf Blowers Cost?

As a general rule, backpack blowers are available in a $200 to $600 range.

How long can a backpack leaf blower work?

With proper care, you can get about 1,000 hours of use, which is around 10years for a typical homeowner.

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