What is a Good CFM for a Leaf Blower? Complete Guide

What is a Good CFM for a Leaf Blower?

What Is A Good CFM for A Leaf Blower?: What is an acceptable CFM for a leaf blower? This is a frequently asked topic. Let’s take a closer look. To begin, “CFM” stands for “Cubic Feet per Minute.”

CFM Explained

  • The most useful blower, in my opinion, is maneuverable, compact, and has the highest possible CFM. CFM is an abbreviation for cubic feet per minute. It represents how much air you throw at the leaves in one minute. Since you measure the volume per minute, you also measure pace. However, the issue is complicated because, when I ask, “What is the maximum possible CFM for a leaf blower?” I mean that many other variables enter into the equation. More power is needed to produce more CFM, which usually means more weight and noise. It influences the price, which is why there is such a diverse selection of leaf blowers on the market.
  • Every manufacturer strives to get the most CFM out of a given power source and design. The rate at which it delivers the volume of air, on the other hand, is important. The mph level indicates how quickly the air exits the blower. The force that pushes the leaves and debris is created by combining the two values, CFM, and mph. It is incorrect to equate CFM to mph, and it is equally incorrect to debate the merits of CFM vs mph. Both figures should be considered when determining the blower’s strength. Both are significant, which is why suppliers use CFM and mph.

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  • Blowers with high CFM and mph ratings are the most effective. Leaf blowers that deliver more than 500 CFM drive more air and blast larger piles of leaves than lower CFM blowers. A high-speed leaf blower, on the other hand, blows out small crevices more efficiently because it pushes the air quicker. Surprisingly, the most efficient leaf blowers produce massive amounts of air at moderate airspeeds. One model that delivers 2530 CFM at 160 mph is a good example.
  • The benefit of having the highest CFM is that the leaf blower blows more leaves with each pass. It also blows the leaves off, allowing you to clear the field more quickly. The pile of leaves rises as you blow it along, and a more effective blower can handle it better. As a result, you clean your yard faster and work more effectively. It comes in handy when you promised to clean the yard in time for the game on TV.

What is a Good CFM for a Leaf Blower?


What is a Good CFM for a Leaf Blower?


Unfortunately, it is not that easy since CFM is not the only factor to consider. Leaf blowers come in a variety of sizes, from small handheld models to large wheeled models. They are powered by corded electricity, battery power, and coal.

Handheld Leaf Blowers


Handheld Leaf Blowers


  • The portable models are the lightest, easiest to transport, and can fit into small spaces. A decent CFM for a handheld leaf blower is between 350 and 600 CFM, with airspeeds of more than 190 mph.
  • The corded models have capacities ranging from 225 CFM at 60 mph (which I do not recommend) to 470 CFM at 270 mph. Corded blowers weigh less than other handheld blowers because they lack a battery or a gas engine, making them more convenient to use. There is no need to pull over to charge or refuel. Corded blowers are the least expensive, need little maintenance, and should last a lifetime.

  • Cordless versions have capacities ranging from 350 CFM at 120 mph to 580 CFM at 168 mph. Cordless blowers weigh more than corded blowers with the battery attached, and the price for a full package is significantly higher. Battery run times range from 20 to 60 minutes. The battery-powered tools are just as effective as the corded and gas-powered versions. The run times are similar to those of gas engines, but they require less maintenance. Unfortunately, batteries have a short lifespan and can be costly to replace.
  • Gas-powered handheld leaf blowers are noisy, smelly, and require special storage, but they are easy to handle and have long run times. Because of the need to keep the weight of a handheld blower as low as possible, their CFM and mph values are close to other handheld versions. If you don’t, your arms will get tired easily.

580 To 630 Is A Good CFM For A Backpack Leaf Blower


580 To 630 Is A Good CFM For A Backpack Leaf Blower


Larger, heavier machines, such as backpack and walk-behind leaf blowers, are the most effective and have the highest CFM scores. The backpack models are better suited for larger properties with big leaf piles. A backpack blower is still fully compact, but it is more difficult to use in tight quarters and under overhanging trees. A backpack leaf blower CFM ranges from 580 CFM at 145 mph to 632 CFM at 180 mph. Some claim to have reached speeds of up to 250 miles per hour in the air.

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Some backpack leaf blowers are designed for industrial use and are more durable. The backpack leaf blower is the most common model among large property owners because it can be worn for extended periods of time. It’s functional, as you can wear it up a flight of stairs to clear the deck.

Walk Behind Wheeled Leaf Blowers

The walk-behind leaf blowers pack the most power, but they are designed for a particular area. A decent CFM for a wheeled leaf blower ranges between 1080 and 2600 CFM at 200 mph. The walk-behind model works best in large open areas, such as parks. It cannot be used on a deck or to remove snow or debris from the pool cover.

It also cannot be used for many of the other cleaning activities that lesser versions can. When you have trees, gardens, patios, and other obstacles in your yard, the wheeled blower is far more difficult to use. It takes a lot of effort to push it through barriers and obstacles. In addition, you have no power over where the leaves blow.

Final Thought: What is a Good CFM for a Leaf Blower?

When comparing blowers from different brands, a CFM value isn’t always useful. This is due to the fact that CFM is a measured value, and the process used differs between manufacturers. We can measure CFM values for handheld blowers that are almost as high as those for professional-grade backpack blowers. When the two are compared side by side, the disparity is apparent. To avoid matching unreasonable CFM scores, I suggest going with a reputable brand and purchasing the highest CFM and mph blower in their lineup.

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Since measured values can be misleading, researchers attempted to compare leaf blowers visually. Some of these techniques effectively demonstrate how blowers vary and the inflated CFM values of some blowers. When comparing brands, CFM and mph scores are just a rough guide.

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