When is the Best Time to Roll your Lawn? Reason you should Know

When is the Best Time to Roll your Lawn?

When is the Best Time to Roll Your Lawn & When You Should Not: Planning to roll your wonderful lawn?  It’s a great idea only if you maintain proper timing. If you randomly pick any time of the year, it may damage the health of the plants and grass. But we know how much you love your lawn. Therefore, in this article, we’ll tell you when is the best time to roll your lawn.

Rolling a lawn means rolling a heavy barrel all over the area. It will help you to compact the soil. While there are some benefits of rolling, there are some disadvantages too. Therefore, in this article, first, we’ll talk about when you should roll your lawn to enjoy the benefits. After that, we’ll also tell you why and when you should avoid rolling.

When is the Best Time to Roll Your Lawn? 


When is the Best Time to Roll Your Lawn? 


Rolling at the proper time offers a lot of benefits. Hence, you should be well aware of when to roll your lawn. You can do it at different times. Some of the best times to roll your lawn are:

  • Spring




During the winter, the soil goes through unstable conditions. It may result in soil heaving. Though in spring the weather gets better, still some actions by you will help the ground to recover. So, rolling is an excellent option here. Most people prefer to roll their lawn in spring, and it’s considered the best time to do it.

  • After Seeding

When you seed in your lawn, the seeds need to be in close contact with the soil. Rolling your lawn can help you with that. When you roll that heavy barrel, it ensures that the seeds go deep into the ground. Hence, they germinate properly.

  • After Laying New Sod of Grass

Another time you can roll your lawn is when you lay some new sod of grass. It will help the root to go deeper. As a result, the deep root will grow better. Besides, the grasses will have a healthy life.

  • Heavy Mole Activity

Rolling your lawn also helps you to get rid of moles. Often in the winter, moles create bumps in the lawn. And it’s unhealthy for the soil. So, you can start rolling the ground. It will help you to even those bumps.

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So, if you’re going through any of the situations above, you can opt for roll. These are the best times to roll your lawn to ensure that your ground enjoys the benefits.

Why & When You Should Not Roll Your Lawn?


Why & When You Should Not Roll Your Lawn?


We’ve discussed plenty of reasons to roll a lawn. But there are also a few reasons not to roll. That’s why most people prefer not to take the risk and avoid rolling at all. However, you don’t have to do that. You only should know when it’s not helpful to roll.

Before that, Let’s Learn the Risk of Rolling your Lawn

The ground is made up of 50% spaces which allows water to get through. The spaces are filled with air. Grass root grows through these spaces. They can’t grow into the soil if it’s tough like stone.

But when you roll the lawn, it makes the ground compact. As a result, the soil becomes harder. Consequently, you’ll have an unhealthy lawn. That’s it will become harder for the grass to grow. Therefore, it’s better to forgo rolling if you want healthy grass on your lawn.

So, When Should you Avoid Rolling your Lawn?

Though it’s not always healthy for your lawn to roll, you can do it in the situation we’ve discussed above. Lawn owners often go for rolling to solve different lawn problems. But it’s not always a good idea. Following are some situations when rolling a lawn won’t be helpful:

  • If you’ve got an uneven lawn, you may want to flatten it with rolling. But that won’t help you much. It will only flatten small bumps. For the perfect result, you need to either remove the soil from the elevated ground or add in the lower patches.
  • Some people think of it as a part of general maintenance. But that’s not right. Roll only in certain situations explained above.
  • Heavy clay soil is more prone to compactification. So, avoid rolling if you own such a lawn.

Follow these instructions carefully, and you won’t damage your lawn.

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Frequently Answered Questions

Should I Roll my Bumpy Lawn?

Rolling your lawn may work to flatten some small bumps. That’s because it only affects the upper portion of the soil. If you have large & tough bumps, rolling won’t help.

Is Rolling your Lawn Good or Bad?

It completely depends on the situation. As for rolling compacts the ground, it may make it tough for your grass to grow. On the other hand, rolling after seeding will help the seed to get into the soil.

Will Grass Seed Grow if not Raked In?

The grasses need to be in close contact with the soil to grow. Therefore, it’s important to rake. You also can go for rolling. It helps too.

Conclusion: When is the Best Time to Roll your Lawn? 

After analyzing everything, we can say it’s spring; when is the best time to roll your lawn. After the harsh weather of winter, grasses start to grow in spring. So, they can take the pressure of being rolled. Besides, we also suggest you aerate your lawn after rolling. It will help to minimize the negative effect of compacting. We hope you find this information helpful. Let us know when you’re planning to roll your lawn.

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