Why are my Basil Light Green? Complete Guide

Why are my Basil Light Green?

Basil Health Benefit and Remedy | Professional Guidance:  Have you ever heard basil? If you take herbal medicines often, then you should hear of basil. It is one of the common and known plants used as medicine. It is hard to mention how efficient and important these plants are. People use it for many minor or major purposes. Because of such high medical value, people even love to cultivate them in the backyard or balcony.

It is not that hard, but if you want to maintain proper growth, then there are things to look for. So, don’t worry. We are going to talk about its health benefits. Moreover, we will describe how to take care of its cultivation. Without proper care, the plants will dry out. You may want to learn why are my basil light green and other issues as well. Let’s get into the discussion to talk about them. We will describe elaborately below.

Health Benefits of Basil: Why are my Basil Light Green?


Health Benefits of Basil: Why are my Basil Light Green?


Basil has so many health benefits, and it is pretty hard to describe all of them. If you think why then that’s because of its huge variety. Basil has more than 50 varieties, and each of them has some unique features to offer. Although, their base usage and benefits are pretty similar. Sweet basil and some other types are common and very popular. Let’s have a close look at its benefits below.

  • Stress Reduction

Basil has many antioxidants that break down harmful elements to maintain health even better. Unlike many types of basil, sweet, lime, and lemon basil contains elements like eugenol and limonene. These types of antioxidants break down harmful elements and increase protection. Not to mention, it prevents cell damage that passively holds cancer and other cell-damaging factors. A sound body needs to be active all the time.

  • Cancer Prevention

Basil has a variant that is widely known as tulsi. It has high medicine capability that keeps the human body out of different cell destructive diseases. Liver cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, and oral cancer are a few of them. As we mentioned earlier, basil prevents cell destruction or modification that directly involves cancer prevention.

  • Sugar Control

People with blood problems often get the issues because of high sugar levels. It also causes diabetes. Basil helps to control the sugar level. A regular dose of it makes sure to control the level for the long term.

  • Cholesterol Control

Basil has multiple antioxidants, as we have mentioned. They constantly break down different types of cholesterol and other elements. It keeps the heart situation better and more than enough to prevent several heart diseases. Not to mention, it lowers down the inflammation and improves the digestive system.

  • Nutrition Supply

Basil has a large number of nutrition like vitamins and minerals. The human body needs them to keep health balanced on a regular basis. Vitamins like A and k have the highest percentage. Among minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Potassium, and more are available. These minerals and vitamins also keep an infection in place and prevent its spreading. It also describes the benefits of basil leaves for the skin.

How To Prepare Basil?

Thinking about how to use basil leaves? Preparing basil is very important. The first thing that comes is the selection. As you already know, basil has a large variety, and different types have different advantages. So, select a suitable type. Then you have to dry them. If you buy from the store, then they are already dried. Using fresh basil is also pretty popular. You can even mix it with other types or different herbs to produce a medicine mixture. Basil tea is also a drinking form of using it.

Basil with cheese, tomato, oil, and other ingredients to eat fresh is a balanced diet. It can be used in pizza or pasta dishes as well. Salad with basil is also a favorable dish to many. Basil sauce and soups are also used with many fast foods pretty often. Pesto, vegetables, lasagna, all of them are suitable for a basil mixture. Make sure to mix basil leaves as the last ingredient to the dish. Mixing it too much with other ingredients would waste the taste of it.

Issues With Growing Basil


Issues With Growing Basil


Growing basil from seed is not hard; it requires great care. While cultivating basil, many signs will indicate its health. We will talk about some of the signs and the reasons behind them. It will help to grow them carefully with proper attention. Let’s have a look.

Water Limit

The very first reason for a basil tree having an issue is the watering level. Overwater and Underwatering both cause high distortion to the plant’s health. If you are thinking, why is my basil light green, then that is the answer. Because of low and high water levels, its health gets low, and the leaves turn into a different color. Most of the time, it is a little green.

Because of the water, the root gets affected at first. It loses moisture and nutrients. If you want to check, then put your fingers into the soil and check the root color.




The disease is the most common problem for any kind of plant. The different disease has a different effect of the plant, and it also shows different signs. Among many diseases, mildew is the most common fungi attack. Because of it, many dot-like spots grow on the leaves. You can prevent it with recommended solutions or fertilizer. Clean the hampered leaves and keep on regular checking.


Sunlight has a direct impact on all sorts of plants. If a plant does not get proper sunlight, it can dry out or even get hampered pretty often. A basil plant needs 6-8 hours of sunlight for a proper health condition. Make sure to maintain a daily routine carefully.

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As for temperature, basil needs 50-80 F of temperature for better growth. More than 80 and less than 50 will cause certain issues with the plants. It can lose color and nutrients to the point where the plant dies. So a warm climate is necessary for basil cultivation. The cold climate will make them die.

Final Word: Why are my Basil Light Green?

So, what have you learned from our basil review? We have talked about basil and its health benefits. Not to mention, we even describe the common issue on why are my basil light green. Basil is like a blessing charm, and people are using its herbal feature for a long time. Not to mention, it can be cultivated indoors and outdoor pretty easily. People even consider growing basil in pots. On the other hand, it can be used for different dishes, salad and even natural mixture. If you want to have proper health, then try to take basil regularly.

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