Why Does Grass Turn Yellow After Cutting? Reasons you Should Know

Why Does Grass Turn Yellow After Cutting?

Grass Turning Yellow After Cutting: Causes and Solutions. Who does not wish to have a green lawn in the house? Where all the family members can enjoy the natural scenario under the clouds, lying on the green lawn. Indeed, it is a happy feeling.

To maintain a green lawn, there are many steps you have to implement, like caring, cutting, and mowing. If you do not do this, then there can be yellow grasses all over. So are you wondering why does grass turns yellow after cutting? Well, there can be more than one reason, which needs immediate solutions. This is a common concern of many lawn owners where all the grasses turn into pale yellow. It makes the whole lawn look dead and dull. For a lawn owner who loves greenery and healthy grass is a painful scenario to watch.

Maintaining a green lawn invites more responsibilities. Again, there can be underlying reasons you must know to solve the issue. So, if you notice yellow grass, you have to understand that the grasses are facing some serious problems. Throughout this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about yellow grass, its causes, and how to fix yellow grass. This will surely give you a clear idea to handle this problem.

What is Yellow Grass?


What is Yellow Grass?


There are different colors of grass that can be seen on the lawn. Green grasses are healthy, and brown or yellow grass patches can be denoted as dead grasses. These indicate alarming issues with the ground, issues which we should not sweep under the rug. A lawn with dead patches of grass is not visually appealing.

Why Does Grass Go Yellow After Cutting? 5 Causes

After you are done mowing your lawn, do not be shocked if you see yellow patches on your lawn. Do not be concerned; there are multiple causes behind this. These are as follows:

  • Process of the Mowing


Process of the Mowing


Mowing is a vital element to maintain the grass, but improper mowing is injurious. Cutting too much grass in one mowing session is a key reason for grass getting dead. There is even a rule that you should not cut one-third of the grass in a single session. For any reason, if you could not maintain to cut the grass, you simply cannot cut everything at one time. You have to do all these manually by a procedure. When you cut too many yellow sheaths, the balance gets disturbed; as a result, you die. Remember cutting too often or giving a big break are risky options.

  • Water Source

Lawns need the right amount of water. If the water is excess, the roots get shallow. If the water is less, the grass gets drier to the bottom. So,  can grass turn yellow from too much water? Perhaps it can, as it puts stress on the plant after mowing. Not having a proper balance of water in the root system will let the grass be in a yellowish position.

Overwatering can also cause yellow fungus and pest problems.  The young pests are likely to thrive and damage the grasses. The presence affects the color of the grass makes them pale or discolor.

  • Absence of Nutrients

Grass can face a lack of deficiencies. When the percentage of iron and nitrogen is less, it causes yellow spots in the lawn. Too much nitrogen can also turn all the grass yellow. Dog urine has the maximum level of nitrogen. So, if you have a dog, restrict it not to go in the grass. A soil test can easily show the result of whether the iron is less or not. Nutrients are a must for grasses to remain healthy.

  • Weather Conditions

In summer, plants and grasses cool their system by releasing their water via transpiration. So, are you thinking about why does grass turns yellow in the summer? This is because in hot weather, if you mow your lawn while the grass is losing its water, the grasses become stressed, and its color dulls to yellow. This can be avoided if you do not bow during very hot weather; otherwise, the end result will be your green grasses turning pale yellow.

Lack of exposure to sunlight in the lower section of the grass. We all know green plants need sunlight to conduct photosynthesis. Now, if the lower section does not obtain the proper sunlight needed to photosynthesize, the top of the grasses would remain green, but the bottom of the grasses will turn yellow.

  • Level of Fertilization

An excess amount of fertilization can turn all the grass into ashes.  It can be understood by when you will notice grass turning yellow after fertilizing. The presence of nitrogen in the fertilizer burns the leaves. Overfertilization can burn the roots, again under fertilization can turn the grass yellow. So, the portion should be good enough. However, fertilizer for yellow grass depends on the type of grass, appearance, and growing season.

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Some Solutions to Consider on How to Fix Yellow Grass

There are some solutions to fix the issue of yellow grass. By considering these solutions, the yellow grass may turn in green. These are:

  • Use sharp mower blades and start mowing when the grass is dry, not in the winter season.
  • Fertilize the grasses when needed. Do not apply randomly.
  • Maintain the proper water routine. Try to provide water making sure it reaches the ideal locations.
  • Clear all the garbage and grass clippings surrounding the grasses and leaves.
  • Prevent unwanted and uninvited animals from invading your lawn area.
  • The lawn’s water drainage system should be properly upgraded.

Frequent Asked Questions

Can you Mow yellow Grass?

If you cut too much grass at once in the mowing season, then the grass will turn yellowish.  You should apply the rule of cutting grass not more than one-third in a single row.

How do I Fix yellow Grass after Mowing?

It can be done at a withering temperature.  When the hot weather can stress the grass, you can easily use the mowing process on the yellow grass. However, you can mow less in hot weather.

Will grass Clippings Kill Lawn?

It can actually if you do not mow regularly. If there are excess clippings, then there can be damages like discoloration, pest problems, excess clumps even can kill damage to your lawn.

Does Watering Dead Grass Help?

Water before the summer season is not on the full impact. It will encourage the grass plants to grow in the deep roots. The soil will have enough moisture, so the grasses will thrive strongly and in green color.

What to put on the Grass to make it Greener?

Nitrogen is the main lawn fertilizer to make the grasses greener. Lawn fertilizer contains potassium, prosperous, nitrogen which provides greenness to grass. As a result, it can be put on the grass to make it greener.

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Conclusion: Why Does Grass Turn Yellow After Cutting?

Hopefully, the above-mentioned ideas give you an overall idea about why does grass turn yellow after cutting. Whichever solutions you apply will work effectively in making the grass healthy. You have to apply accordingly to get desired results. Some causes are tricky, may take a while to cure. So have patience, as you have to clear the yellow grasses from your lawn by hook or crook.

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