Why Is the Colour of Plant Pots Important? Reasons you should Know

Why Is the Colour of Plant Pots Important?

Choosing the Right Pot: Why Is the Colour of Plant Pots Important?: Different plant pots add charm and style to any garden, but a pot must have a practical function beyond the aesthetic impact. While buying the pot for your plants, it is essential to choose the right colour. Now you may ask, why is the colour of plant pots important? 

If the colour of plant pots is something you’ve wondered about when creating a beautiful garden, you’re not alone. As it turns out, researchers have considered this as well, and they’ve tried different colours of pots to find out how that factor affects plant growth and health. According to studies, the colour of a pot has a measurable effect on the plant’s development. This article will discuss the impact of pots colour & other criteria to keep in mind while buying pots for your plant. 

What to Keep in Mind While Buying Plant Pots?


What to Keep in Mind While Buying Plant Pots?


Different species of plants need different types of pots. But there are some standard criteria to keep in mind while buying a plant pot.

  • You need to know how the root system of the plants you intend to grow in a pot works. Make sure that your pot has enough space to adjust to the plant’s growth. You should buy smaller or larger pots depending on your plant’s growth nature. Many bulbous or rhizomatous plants like a pot that is not too large: Agapanthus, Agave, and many succulents tend to thrive in small pots. Some, such as rhododendrons and azaleas, which have a delicate, shallow root system, prefer containers with a wide opening, while shrubs will quickly adapt to a bit of pot opening.
  • Make sure that there is a hole under the pot to pass water. Without the hole, your pot will be over-watered & your plant will be in a sick position. Never neglect drainage, which is essential in every pot.
  • Be sure of the heat consumption-ability of your plant & the pot. For this, the materials & colour of the pot are essential. 

Direct Effect of Pot Colour on the Plants

Before answering ‘Why is the Colour of the plant pots important?’, you have to understand the direct effect of pot Colour on plants’ growth. The immediate impact is on soil temperature. Temperature changes, in turn, can affect plant growth. Researchers have found that dark-Coloured containers (especially black containers) heat the soil more. So, if your plant’s nature is to absorb more heat, you can use the darker pots. But the plants that are not very suitable with excess heat may use the lighter coloured pots for them.

Which is the Best Colour for Plant Pots?

It is hard to say which is the best colour for pots. For example, researchers planted bush beans in black, white, and silver containers in one study. Soil temperatures on the sunrise side of the containers were highest in the black pots and lowest in the white pots. The plants’ root mass grown in the black containers was significantly lower than the plants grown in the white containers. The researchers found this effect to be less pronounced in plants with good heat tolerance. For heat-sensitive plants, choosing white or light-coloured pots is most important.

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Another study tested multiple colours of pots while growing rhododendrons. Researchers found that plants were highest in fibre containers. Those raised in white containers grew to their largest diameter and had the highest dry weight. So, if you compare white vs. black pots, this study suggests that natural fiber containers or white pots are a good choice for maximizing the plant’s growth. 

Why Is the Colour of Plant Pots Important?


Why Is the Colour of Plant Pots Important?


The right colour of the pot is essential for two reasons —

  • Temperature Control
  • Interior Design 

The colour of the outer pot depends, of course, on how you have matched the interior and also on your taste. But even here, you should keep the plants in mind, especially when deciding whether you prefer light or dark shades. Water-loving ones like lighter Colours, but if overwatering is detrimental to the plant, go for a dark colour. Why? Dark shades generally attract more sunlight, which warms the container and the substrate inside and makes it easier for water to be evaporated. 

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Frequently Answered Question on Plant Pots

Does Pot Colour Affect Plant Growth? 

You may not notice that much of the difference. But the colour of the pot can affect plant growth. Researchers have seen that lighter-coloured pots help the plant to maximize its development, especially in sunny locations.

Are Black Pots Bad for Plant Growth?

It will be wise not to use dark pots in sunny locations. Dark colours absorb more heat than lighter colours, and it may cause damage to the tender roots. But you can use darker pots in comparatively cooler temperatures. 

Final Thought: Why Is the Colour of Plant Pots Important?

It is proven now that the colour of the pot has a great influence on the growth of the plant. The heat consumption nature of different Colours is the key cause behind this. Heat consumption controls the temperature inside the pot and maintains the right temperature required for the plant’s maximum growth. If you use it for an outdoor garden, choosing lighter coloured pots would be the best idea. For indoor plants, the deep-coloured pots work perfectly.

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