Best Brush Cutter Blade For Small Trees 2023: Top Picked Reviews

Best Brush Cutter Blade For Small Trees

Best Brush Cutter Blade For Small Trees | Brand and Product Guide: If you are using a brush cutter, then a blade is necessary. Sometimes, we use a string brush cutter that doesn’t need a blade. But, blades are more precise and give you a better cut, so its quality matters if you want to use a brush cutter with blades. In most cases, the built-in blades are not that good. So, you just have to buy an aftermarket blade to increase the trimming performance. Here, we will describe which is the best brush cutter blade for small trees.

Many blades are there, and a small margin separates them. It is hard to distinguish the differences among them. Thus, we will let you know the major factors through the buying guide. So, make sure to check it before getting into the product section. Let’s have a look at our list given below.

Buying Guide

Here, we will talk about the brush cutter blade buying guide. As we mentioned, if you are using brush cutters with blades, it is necessary to get the blade from the aftermarket to choose the quality among the many best variants. Now, how do you choose the best one? Let’s check out the major factors about the blades.

Blade Material

Blade Material is the most important thing about a brush cutter blade. Its durability also depends on its material. Some of the regular mare iron, while many of them can be stainless steel. But, it is not mandatory. Many types of metal variants are available for you to pick from. But, you need to make sure that it has a decent carbide structure that will hold up for a long time.

Blade Teeth

These brush cutter blades are not just plain blades. Those types of blades are not suitable for grass or tree cutting. Hence, these blades have teeth all around them with different patterns. Some of them are like chainsaw teeth. Many of them have different teeth patterns as well. But, the chainsaw pattern is the most efficient.

Blade Size

Blade size is a major fact to consider. Each brushcutter has a certain limit of support. So, you can’t just throw any blade into it. Depending on its power and capabilities, you have to select a proper blade size. That much you can learn from the brush cutter detail. So, make sure that your blade is within the acceptable range of your brush cutter.

Blade placement

Blade placement refers to the blade’s hole to attach with the brush cutter. Different brush cutters have different hole sizes for the placement. You need to make sure that the blade fits perfectly with your machine.

Blade Sharpness

Now, blade sharpness matters; which way? It is unnecessary to think that you will use a brush cutter only for grasses or small trees. You can use them for both. But, it is not easy to cut grasses. Because they are quite soft, and a blade can miss the cutting due to it.

So, you need some that are sharp enough to cut the grasses from each swing. That much sharpness is more than enough to do the same for small trees. So, make sure to check the sharpness before getting brush cutter blades.


It may be a different factor, but the effects are similar to checking the blade’s sharpness. Can your blade perform trimming, edging, and similar works? You don’t have to change the blade every time if they are. You can use it on multiple machines for multiple works. Eventually, that will lower your cost and improve efficiency.

Endurance Test

This is a new factor you need, especially for buying brush cutter blades. These blades are made for regular to heavy workloads. You may have to use them for a long time with different types of small trees and grasses.

If it can’t handle the pressure, the blade will break. To identify its durability, you need to check if the blade is certified or not. Many of these blades come from different commercial-level endurance tests.

5 Best Brush Cutter Blade For Small Trees 2023: Top Picked Reviews

Now that we are done with the buying guide. Let’s talk about the products we have. There will be a lot of blade options for you. You can go for any of them. But going for the best one is our goal. So, make sure to check their overall features and compare them with other options on the list.

1. FORESTER Brush Cutter Blades


Our first pick is a blade from the Forester brand. Forester brush cutting blades are pretty durable and popular for their amazing performance. It is not only extremely sharp but also durable. It is the best quality for sure. You can easily cut down small trees efficiently.

As we mentioned, this blade is durable and pretty versatile. You can use it for trimming down small trees, bushes, thorns, grasses, weeds, and more. Besides, it is pretty adjustable for most of the common brush cutters. So, you can easily make different adjustments. It can even handle pretty high rpm.

  • 9 inches long circular.
  • 20 tooth design.
  • Pretty durable.
  • Highly efficient and adjustable.
  • Versatile.
  • Heavy-duty item.
  • 3/16 inches profile.
  • You should be careful while using it.
  • Some improvements can make it better.

2. FORESTER 9” Chainsaw Brush Cutter Blade


We have another blade from the Forester brand. It is the best brush cutter blade brand for sure. It is pretty similar to our previous pick. The blade is precise and extremely sharp. You will be able to cut small trees, bushes, and similar things. It is really a versatile blade that you can use with most of the brush cutters without any problem.

This circular blade has an amazing build quality. So, there is no question about durability. As our previous blade, it also has 20 teeth. It can also manage up to 10000 rpm. You can easily get the trimming work done. But, it is necessary for you to keep enough safety while using the blade. Many users get hurt because of underestimating its sharpness. Consider it the best blade for trimming edging.

  • Highly sharp.
  • 9 inches.
  • Versatile.
  • Durable.
  • Efficient cutting.
  • Suitable with different brush cutters.
  • Brand reputation.
  • Need some safety precautions.
  • Need some profile updates.
  • Has a few alternatives from the same brand.

3. CALPALMY 9″ Chainsaw Tooth Brush Blades


Here, we have another blade set from the Calpalmy brand. It has amazing brush cutter blades. This is one of those blades. It is 9 inches long and comes with a chainsaw-like tooth. You can easily use it for small tree cutting and more. It easily fits with different types of gas/oil-powered brush cutters.

It includes a lot of additions to the package. Rather than just blades, it is more like a kit for your trimming job. They offer washers, round files, and necessary installation items. It has two variants of 9’’ and 7’’ packages. Remember that this blade is extremely sharp. You may not even feel how smoothly it cuts. So, make sure to take some safety measures before using it. All these features make it quite the best brush cutter blade for small trees.

  • Extremely sharp.
  • Highly durable.
  • Includes necessary items.
  • Comes with a full package.
  • 9’’ long round shape.
  • Chainsaw tooth design.
  • Versatile.
  • A bit more expensive than previous blades.
  • Has some fitting issues.

4. ATIE Tooth Carbide Tip Circular Saw Brush Cutter


ATIE has this unique 8’’ carbide circular brush cutter. Usually, most brush cutters are either 7’’, 9’’, or 10’’. But this one is 8’’ and comes with a chainsaw tooth design. Surprisingly, it has 80 teeth which is much higher than any of our previous picks. So, you get a much more precise cutting output for it.

Besides, it is a universal fit blade. So, you can use it with any trimmer, edger, or brush cutter. The package comes with two blades. So, you can always keep one as a backup. The carbide build is pretty durable as well. So, you can really consider it as a great alternative to our previous mentions. Overall, it is one of the best brush cutter blades.

  • 1.26 pounds weight.
  • Really sharp.
  • Long teeth.
  • 8’’ long.
  • Affordable.
  • Comes with 80 teeth.
  • The package includes 2 blades.
  • Durable.
  • Universal fit.
  • Sharpness stability is a bit lower.
  • Long teeth can break sometimes.

5. Forester 10″ 40 Tooth Carbide Brush Cutter Blade



If you want a longer blade with more precision, then check out this one. It is also from the Forester brand. It is a bit longer than previous picks. The 10’’ round shape also includes 40 teeth. While most Forester brush cutters have 20 teeth, this one really put double the number.

So, you get even more cutting precision. Whether it is a small tree, bushes, or long grasses, you can easily trim them up. Besides, this blade also has a carbide build. So, the durability is quite high.

  • Long round shape.
  • Comes with 40 teeth.
  • Chainsaw design.
  • Brand reputation.
  • More precision.
  • Durable.
  • Carbide build.
  • Has many cheaper alternatives.
  • Needs a bit more durability.

Final Word

We have mentioned the best brush cutter blade for small trees. Usually, we use a brush cutter to cut more than just grasses. So, cutting small trees may be necessary. So you need these blades. In most cases, the built-in blades are pretty weak. These blades are highly durable and more powerful. You can also pick one from the given recommendations below.

Best Performer

FORESTER Brush Cutter Blades

Best Overall

ATIE Tooth Carbide Tip Circular Saw Brush Cutter

Frequently Answered Question 

Let’s answer some of the top questions regarding the best brush cutter blades.

1. Blade or String, which one is better?

If you have regular grass trimming, then the string would be enough. Anything more than that needs blades.

2. Does a brush cutter blade need more teeth?

Yes, it is. The more teeth, the more precise cutting. But, a moderate number is better than having too much.

Can I use any blade on any brush cutter?

You can if it has a universal fit. You have to choose a specific fitting blade for the brush cutter.

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