Best Snake Repellent for Copperheads 2023: Top Picks Reviewed

Best Snake Repellent for Copperheads

Best Snake Repellent for Copperheads 2023 (Review & Buying Guide): Have you seen copperheads recently in your garden or lawn? They’re one of the most common snakes in North America. Though they’re not deadly, their bite can cause severe infection if not carefully handled. To avoid such situations, it’s best to use repellents. Many say repellents don’t work for snakes. But that’s a wrong idea. All you need to do is find the best snake repellent for copperheads.

Most repellents available in the market are inefficient or work only against baby snakes. Therefore, we have listed down the five best copperhead repellents that work. So, continue reading till the end to get rid of the copperheads.

What are Copperheads and How to Get Rid of Them? 

Copperheads are a species of snakes. They are one of the pit vipers. Though copperheads are venomous, the poison is not deadly for humans. However, usually, they won’t attack you unless you provoke them or step on them. If one of the snakes bit you, take medical care as soon as possible, or the bite can cause a serious infection. Copperheads can often invade your garden or home for food and shelter. They raid mostly in spring and summer. If you see one, it’s better to ignore them and stay away. They’re likely to go away if they notice you.

However, to stay safe from them, it’s better to get rid of them. Killing snakes isn’t a good idea due to various reasons. It’s especially harmful to the environment. Therefore, we recommend you use repellents. In this way, you don’t have to deal with the snakes directly. So, there’s no risk of getting bitten. Apply the product around your house, and wait for it to work.

You’ll find a different kind of snake repellent in the market that helps detering copperheads. Read our next point to know how to find the best snake repellent for copperheads.

Things to Check in a Copperhead Repellent Before Buying One

Before you purchase a repellent for copperheads, you should know what you need to look for. This will enable you to find the best copperhead snake repellent for you.

What Method the Product Uses

Usually, there are two types of Snake repellent available in the market. They are:

  • Odor or scent-based
  • Ultrasonic sounds

Snakes have a strong smell power. Therefore, the most popular method of repelling copperheads is scent-based products. There are certain items that snakes hate. So, producers prepare repellents with essential oils. Some chemical-based products are also available. These products mostly come in granular form. You can sprinkle the granules in the area you don’t want the snake to appear in, and it will do the rest.

Another type of snake repellent is a small device that produces ultrasonic sounds to deter snakes. It creates disturbing sounds in a frequency that human ears cannot detect. But it bothers snakes and forces them to stay away from your area.

How Long the Product will Stay Active

It’s crucial to know for how long the product will stay active. If it works only for one to two weeks, it’s not worth purchasing. On average, one month is the ideal time. Though some of the repellents claimed to work over two months, most of them say that to sell products. Besides, you would want to purchase a water-resistant product. It increases the durability of the repellent.

How Strong the Product is for Copperheads

As scent-based products work well against copperheads, the more it smells, the better it works. By smell, we don’t mean stink. That would be ridiculous if stinky odors covered the area after applying the repellent. As these are made of essential oils, most of them smell like Cinnamon and Cloves.

Top 5 Best Snake Repellent for Copperheads: Top Picks Reviewed

Finding the best copperhead snake repellent wasn’t an easy job. Our expert team has gone through a lot of experiments before finally selecting the effective repellents. Select any of these products and say goodbye to the copperheads. The five best snake repellents for copperheads are:

1. Ortho Snake-B-Gon Snake Repellent Granules


The first repellent on the list is from Ortho. It prevents copperheads from entering your area and nesting. The Ortho Snake-B-Gon uses a ready-to-use formula. Therefore, as soon as you receive the package, you can start spreading the granules in the garden. Follow instructions on the package for best results.

Ortho is a trendy brand for producing different pests and insect repellents. Our expert team has also done other experiments with this brand’s products. In every case, they have worked excellently. The Snake-B-Gon was no different. One of the common problems with snake repellents is that they wash away with rain. But this one is resistant to water. So, that won’t be a problem here. However, the manufacturer recommends applying the product once every 30 days.

  • It uses essential oils and doesn’t produce unfavorable odors.
  • Works efficiently against copperheads and other rattlesnakes.
  • Rain resistance makes it long-lasting.
  • Safe for pets and kids at home.
  • Snakes tend to come back if not applied every 3 to 4 weeks.

2. Nisus Snake Out Snake Repellent


Snake out from Nisus is another excellent product for repelling snakes. It uses a natural formula with the ingredients that copperheads hate. The Nisus Snake Repellent includes Cinnamon oil, Clove oil, and Cedar oil.

If you’re dealing with different pests and snakes, you can use this product to deter them. Often snakes come into your garden to hunt pests. As this product repels the pests, there won’t be a reason for the snake to come back. You can use Nisus Snake Out in different places like gardens, yards, sheds, pools, around the house, etc. It works efficiently everywhere.

  • Natural ingredients make it environmentally friendly.
  • Effective against different pests and insects too.
  • Easy to apply in different locations.
  • Often produces a heavy odor when applied. However, the smell goes away after a few hours.

3. SEALUXE Solar Snake Repellent



This one is the only ultrasonic snake repellent on the list. Our experts have tested different sonic machines to deter snakes away. But none of them performed well in our experience. However, this one was different, and that’s why we are recommending it to you.

Sealuxe has been well known for producing repellents. This product works pretty well to repel moles and copperheads. So, if you’re dealing with moles besides snakes, you can go for this product. It’s undoubtedly the best ultrasonic snake repellent for copperheads.

Due to its solar charging system, you don’t have to worry about charging. Put it in a place where it gets proper sunlight. The ultrasonic repellent will do the rest of the job for you. Get a few repellents and place them around your garden to stay safe from venomous snakes and moles.

  • Easy to use.
  • Doesn’t produce odors like granules.
  • It covers a large area (6,000 square feet)
  • Uses waterproof materials.
  • The plastic material isn’t much durable.

4. Exterminators Choice Snake Defense Spray


If you don’t want to go through the hassle of sprinkling granules, you can use cotton balls. Well, not precisely cotton balls, as these are made of essential oils. These balls from Exterminator efficiently repel copperheads, rattlesnakes, and cottonmouths. These are the most common snakes in America.

One of the impressive things about Exterminator snake repellent is its durability. While other repellents don’t work well after 2 to 3 weeks, this one stays active for two to three months. However, on average, consider two months as the standard time. After that, it’s wise to reapply new balls.

You can use this product both indoors and outdoors. The essential oil ingredients in the ball make it harmless for pets and humans. Therefore, if you want to place a few inside the home, you can do that.

  • Convenient usage method.
  • Looks unique and modern.
  • It uses essential oils that copperheads hate.
  • Long durability
  • Low coverage area.

5. Victor Snake-A-Way Repelling Granules



The last one on the list is another granular repellent for copperheads. The Snake-A-Way from victor has been a great product to repel different snakes. It works well to deter rattlesnakes, copperheads, and garters.

Sprinkle a good amount of Victor Snake-A-Way around the area where you have seen snakes. Also, in the place where you don’t want them to appear. After spreading the granules, see the magic. If you continuously use this product, you’ll never see copperheads again.

  • Effective against both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes.
  • Long durability.
  • Eas of application.
  • Need to reapply after heavy rain.

Final Words: Best Snake Repellent for Copperheads 

So, these were some of the best repellents for copperheads in 2023. But we know you only need one product. Most of you may have decided which one you’re going to purchase. On the other hand, some of you’re still confused about which one to buy. Well, we have our final recommendations on the best snake repellent for copperheads.

Best Ultrasonic Snake Repellent


The solar snake repellent from SEALUXE Solar Snake Repellent is one of the best ultrasonic snake repellents we’ve seen so far. There weren’t many ultrasonic devices that well to deter the copperheads. But this one was exceptional. Besides, you don’t have to tolerate any ugly smell or hassle of sprinkling repellents. These characteristics made Sealuxe Solar Repellent one of the best.

Overall Best Snake Repellent for Copperheads

After doing a lot of experiments, our expert team selected the Ortho Snake-B-Gon Snake Repellent as the overall best snake repellent. The ortho products work pretty well, and this one also does what it says. The ingredients and the efficiency of the granules are excellent. Besides, the price is quite affordable. Therefore, we consider the Ortho Snake-B-Gon as the best snake repellent.

Frequently Answered Question

Does snake repellent work on Copperheads?

Yes, any good snake repellent will work well on copperheads. There’s a myth that repellents aren’t effective against snakes. But as per our experience, if you choose a good repellent, it will work against most snakes that invade gardens or houses.

How do you repel Copperheads?

The easiest and the best way to repel copperheads is using snake repellent. The odors of these products deter copperheads. Besides, you can keep yourself safe by staying away from snakes with this method.

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What smell do Copperheads hate?

Copperheads hate the smell of cinnamon, cloves, lemongrass, and peppermint. You can use these ingredients to repel copperheads.

What animal eats Copperheads?

Owls and hawks are the primary predators of copperheads. Other animals like raccoons and more giant snakes can also attack these snakes.

Can a copperhead bite through Rubber boots?

Yes, copperheads are capable of biting through regular rubber boots. However, they rarely attack humans.

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