Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300 2023: Top Picks Reviewed

Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300

Best Wet Tile Saw under $300: Hoping to stay on budget while seeking the finest saw out there? The situation may turn out just fine for you because some premium tile saw is placing its price on an affordable scale. When you talk about wet tile saw, the most common activity we end up doing is either rebuilding the floor decorum or structures of the bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. Tiles work efficiently when applied near watery surfaces, especially if the surface is about to be used heavily.

However, through in-depth research, we were able to come up with some of the best-wet tile saws hiding in the shadows. If you are a beginner in this, we have listed the best-wet tile saw under $300, which will be worth your money. In addition, we filtered out their pros and cons too to make it easier for you to judge. So let’s dig into it.

What to Look out for Before Buying a Wet Tile Saw?

Before buying any product, knowing and understanding what can fulfill your need is essential. When it comes to wet tile saws, several products have several advantages and unique approaches. As a result, they all end up being the best.

Some of the best-wet tile saws come up with either a high-powered blade or better motor engine standard. For what reason do you need that saw? Is it for home use? Or are you working outside? Based on these factors, these things are required to be looked upon to make your purchase worth it.

  • About size

The wet tile saw is not something you use regularly. Therefore if it takes too much space for a bit of addition to your budget, it is not worth it. Buying the one that fits your usage frequency is necessary. Since most of these wet tile saws are made to be used at home, please take a look at the storage space it is eating up before purchasing. Also, it is worth it to buy the size that you can carry around with ease.

  • Knowing the source

One of the most important factors that we rarely count is the source. The first moment we see the source is water, we overlook all other small details it contains. Wet tile saws consist of different blades that may generate excessive heat when they go into action. The matter of mentioning the debris that gets generated through this is without any doubt a factor.

We only get to know and value the source when we notice it after cutting. The blade takes some time to cool down. While some come with water pumps installed inside even before we purchase. They are the one that cleans the surface area automatically and cool the blade faster than others. On the other hand, some come with a hose and other external water sources modified and installed. They are expensive and should be avoided if bought for home-usage.

  • The Engine power

The size and source may be noticeable while buying, but not knowing engine motors and what features these motors can lead to mass waste of money. The power rotates around 1- 2.5 horsepower. However, the 2.5 horsepower costs way too much than 1-1.5 horsepower. If you think 2.5 horsepower will provide much better service, the cost is not worth it. For home usage, 1.5 horsepower is the most preferred choice by professionals. If it’s not for home use, feel free to buy 2.5 horsepower without any doubt.

  • Serviceability

You may try to pick like a professional, but only an actual one can suggest the serviceability of one that you are about to use. If a complex-looking wet tile saw catches your eyes, try to avoid it and go for an easy one because, ultimately you will want to use it to maximum proficiency.

Top 5 Wet Tile Saw under $300 for 2023: Top Picks Reviewed

1. PORTER-CABLE PCE980 Wet Tile Saw

If you seek the best-wet tile saw under $300 for home usage, nothing beats the quality and service Porter-Cable PCE980 provides. It is known as one of the best tile saws for home usage. The 1.0 horsepower with a 7-inch blade is the perfect combination for which you want to be a lookout. The accuracy is totally on point. Porcelain, stone tiles, or ceramic for any material or surface provides an excellent service.

One of the most favorite parts about this saw to consumers is the water reservoir system it comes with. Also, it is not as messy as a wet saw because water splashes or spills even after an hour of usage. You can quickly move it here and there and carry it around if necessary.


  • Ultra-portable design
  • It comes with a splash guard
  • Powerful construction with corded electrics
  • A strong motor power
  • Rubber feet

  • The stainless steel is resistant to any kind of corrosion
  • Usable with carts
  • Provides a handle for easy transportation
  • Flexible to cut ceramic, stone tiles, and porcelain
  • Can be attached with any extension
  • The pre-installed blade is not good, needs to be replaced.
  • The stationary deck of the saw can’t be properly attached to carts

Why this product?

Even though this product is not the best one for professionals out there, this product stands as one of the best for home use. Just replace the blade after buying, and you are totally good to go with it. A perfect weight, impact, and bundle for home users.

2. SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with HydroLock Water Containment System



Whether upgrading or renovating your kitchen or bathroom tiles, it became way easier with SKIL 7-inch Wet tile Saw. The hydro-lock system is a perfect solution to this thing splashing all the waters around during work. Also, this time you don’t have to drag it all around to fix stuff. The continuous rim diamond blade provides a very efficient and perfect cutting experience.

For any professional contractor working as a small occasion contractor, this is the most efficient wet tile saw under $300. The aluminum structure is made so that it is irresistible to any rust or corrosion. The sliding side extension can easily cut different or more significant tiles. Sometimes people question how come this product is under 300? Take a look at the features and pros and cons to know why.


  • Electric corded power source
  • Supports up to 18” x 18” tiles
  • 7-inch diamond blade
  • Sliding side extension
  • Hydrolock water containment

  • Judging from features, the price is very affordable.
  • It is used to cut glasses too
  • Added sliding side extensions
  • Extension of water containment services perfectly
  • Straight and miter cuts can be done with it
  • Basic and easy to assemble.
  • The pre-installed fence guide is complex and difficult to use.
  • It is light in weight and sometimes drifts off while working.

Why this product?

This product may not be for you if you are a professional grader worker, but for small contacts of a minimal amount of time, this can be just the right one for you. Lightweight and not even expensive, all over you can cut through any size tiles, even glasses too.

3. DEWALT Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand


So you are looking for a saw bigger than the other 7 inches ones? Here I introduce the 10-inch Wet tile saw with the capability to delight you as it pleases. It comes with the power to cut the level of expectation you keep from an under $300 budget saw.


  • Dual water nozzles
  • Water attachment on the rear
  • Removable cutting cart extension
  • 69 pound with a 10-inch blade size

  • Provides a very smooth accurate cut
  • Portable to any other features you want to add
  • Water nozzles reduce the water spillage
  • Able to miter cut near 45 degrees
  • You can adjust the size to your height
  • The drive motors are very powerful
  • Despite the portable setting, the settings are kind of complex than other saws
  • As it comes up with a stand, keeping up some free storage is necessary.

Why this product?

Even though it has many positive traits built in it, to use it inside a home or in simple words, it is not that flexible for home use. It is very impractical to buy it for home use. Some people lack enough room to use it. However, this stands as one of the best-wet tiles saw under $300 for professionals who often engage in large tile cutting without home use.

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4. SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw with 36T Contractor Blade


The most sharper and hardened steel plated ones under $300? Look no more, SKIL 3601-02 Flooring saw is just the one you are searching out for. This unassuming wet tile saw has a lot to offer. The performance is top-notch and is preferred by many professionals.


  • Provides Triple chip grind
  • Hardened steel plate
  • Anti-Friction Coating
  • Lightweight design
  • 36 teeth blade with miter gauge

  • Its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry
  • Used to cut laminated floors as well
  • Possesses full 7 amp motor
  • Die-cast aluminum is used to make it durable
  • Consists of a vacuum attachment system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Vacuum addition is a good feature; however, attaching it is complex and hard.
  • Not the perfect tool for heavy-loaded works.

Why this product?

This product only has the complexity while attaching a vacuum part; otherwise, it’s a bundle package everyone looks out for. Easy to carry or use. A decent saw for everyday use. Professionals often take the usage volume up to high since it stays cool for various surfaces.

5. WEN 71745 4.1A 4.5-Inch Portable Wet Tile Saw



New, affordable, and sophisticated looking? Yes, such a saw does exist. WEN 71745 is a portable wet tile saw with a 4.5 inches sized blade. It stands as the latest recruitment into the market. Like the last one, it became a favorite to professional cutters in no time.

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom all by yourself? Want something new, affordable, and sophisticated looking? Yes, such a saw does exist. WEN 71745 is the portable wet tile saw with a 4.5 inches sized blade. It stands as the latest recruitment into the market. Like the last one, it became a favorite to professional cutters in no time.


  • The internal preinstalled water reservoir
  • 4.5-Inch Wet Tile Saw
  • A powerful motor of 4.1 amp
  • Specializes at bevel cuts

  • Comes at an affordable price tag
  • Provided handler makes it easy to carry
  • Adjustable fence and a miter gauge for making angled cuts
  • It has a 4.5-inch blade size
  • Able to cut porcelain, ceramic, and stone tiles
  • When the tiles become thicker, it becomes harder to cut
  • Despite the water reservoir, some water spillage does happen when cutting

Why this product?

The design in which this product is made is unique. The performance is quite good despite its trouble cutting deeper and thick tiles. However, with its excellent traits, it is worth the price.

Final Words: Our Recommendation

Preferably, the best saw is something that fulfills your need and satisfies you to make your pennies worth it. Not every wet tile saw is made to serve your purpose. Therefore, it is crucial to look out for what kind of saw you need.

Overall Best Wet Tile Saw 2023

After judging these products over their general qualities, we found PORTER-CABLE PCE980 Wet Tile Saw to be ideally the best-wet tile saw under $300. We’ve contributed and gone into in-depth research to see that judging by price and quality, Porter-cable serves as the best one and dominates the leaderboard of under $300 saw section.

Budget Best Wet Tile Saw 2023

If you are on a budget, WEN 71745 4.1A 4.5-Inch Portable Wet Tile Saw is the best one for you. It features all the necessary elements yet comes with a cheaper price tag.

However, in the end, the decision stays up to you. Your requirement is the only thing that can point you towards the best one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Materials Can a Wet Tile Saw Cut?

Wet saws are designed to handle almost all tile material, including stone or concrete. If your saw is equipped with a diamond blade, it will cut glass tiles smoothly. If you use the wet tile saw for cutting cork or ceramic, you will have to be extra careful as the wet saw is overpowered for these softer tiles.

What is the Best Tile Saw?

In this article, we have listed some of the best-wet tile saw. You can go through the products’ features, pros, and cons and find the best match for you. Read more about Best Portable Sawmill for the money

Do you need a Wet Tile Saw for Cutting Ceramic Tiles?

It’s not mandatory, but a wet tile saw will make your ceramic tile cutting more accurate and convenient than the others. Learn more about Best 7 ¼ Circular Saw Blades 2023 for Smooth Finishing

What Size Wet Tile Saw do I Need?

The most common size blades of wet tile saw are 4½ and 7 inches. Both will work great for almost all renovation work. But if you think about replacing,  4½ -inch blades are a bit cheaper to replace than 7-inch ones.

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