Do I Need to Remove Ballast For Led Lights? Explained with Tips & Tricks

Do I Need to Remove Ballast For Led Lights?

Is it Required to Use Ballast for LED lights? Nowadays, LED lights are replacing traditional lights like fluorescent lights as it uses less electricity than other lights. Due to its massive popularity of efficiency in saving electricity, people worldwide prefer to use LED lights.

If you install an LED light, the process is easy, but you have to remove the ballast for led lights. Well, before jumping to any conclusions, you need to have a better idea about LED lights, their possible advantages, LED lights need a ballast system or not, and some other aspects.

What are LED Lights?


What are LED Lights?


The full form of Led lights is a light-emitting diode. It has the capacity to produce light more the normal light. Whereas other fluorescent light bulbs are simply unable to produce such an amount of light. If the voltage of the electricity gets too high, the normal bulbs tend to burst and burn. But, in this case, there are very few chances that a LED light will explore in the high voltage or infrequent fluctuating.

There are mainly two types of bulbs that are used often; one is a fluorescent light, it is an old model light, which is still used in many areas. Another one has LED lights, which is being used more in numbers. In fluorescent bulbs, there is the necessity for ballast. If you are wondering what is a ballast in fluorescent light, then it helps to regulate the current to the lamb and works as a start-up process to provide voltage to the fluorescent bulbs.

There are two types of ballasts that are used in Fluorescent light conditions. The two types are:

Magnetic Ballast

It is the older ballast technology. It has a coil made of copper wire and uses a curled wire which creates magnetic fields to transform the voltage. This is used in a fluorescent lamp, in purpose to provide current and voltage to operate.

Electronic Ballast

It uses solid-state circuitry and components that transform the voltage. This can control the current running in the fluorescent lights, and it can also blow out a number of frequencies of electricity without using the input voltage.

Fluorescent lamps or bulbs are low-pressure and gas-charged luminaire that produces visible light. Blast is very important for fluorescent lights as it acts as a support system. I  there is no ballast system, there are chances of voltage overflow or a short circuit. So, to use fluorescent lights, you may have to bear extra maintenance and expenses.

Some Advantages of Led light Bulbs Over Fluorescent Bulbs Are:

In recent times, led lights do produce a number of benefits to the users, which are cost-effective. Some advantages are:

  • The Led light bulbs will last for a longer period of time because of their components and the way it generates light, which increases its overall life span.
  • LEDs lights are capable of turning about 70% of their energy which makes them energy efficient.
  • LED light has a high level of brightness and intensity.
  • It comes with a wide range of colours and colour temperatures, which is without using gels and filters. The lights won’t be affected whether the temperature is cold or sunny.
  • It consumes less power and electricity.

Undoubtedly, LED lights or bulbs do carry a good number of advantages. But there are some drawbacks to consider closely: These are:

  • If there is too much heat in the bulb, it can damage the lamp life.
  • Excess brightness can often damage the eyes.
  • The blue LEDs or cool-white LEDs can cause problems to the eyes.
  • You might face compatibility issues as it might flicker at times.
  • Not suitable for the large areas as it comes in small sizes.

Some Solutions on Do I need to remove ballast for Led lights?


Some Solutions on Do I need to remove ballast for Led lights?


Led lights are designed to save power. Because of its quality, people like to purchase it more. Ballast has benefits that help fluorescent lights. Ever wondered why LED lights do not require a ballast system? Here below are the answers to your burning question:

  • It can easily regulate the energy flowing to the lights without the need for ballast.
  • Having a ballast system means it can easily provide excess energy. But Led lights are efficient in providing less energy more brightness.
  • The power source of LED lights and fixtures uses a different one, which is called an LED driver. Other lights use a different power source which requires a ballast system.
  • LED light needs an LED driver, not a ballast.

So, are you thinking about Do I need to remove ballast for Led lights? LED lights do not need ballast, and it’s better to remove them. You do not need to endure any extra bothering of maintenance. The ballast system produces much amount of energy that can cause harm to LED lights. If you remove the ballast, it will lower the energy usage, which will increase your cost savings.

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If you have LED lights, you will need an LED driver. It operates through this. LED drivers such as plug and play LED are cost-efficient and work very well as an upgrade for LED bulbs. It does not require any extra modifications, so it is easier to use and saves plenty of time.

Another option you can prefer is ballast bypass. You can easily remove the ballast from the existing fixture by doing a ballast bypass. By this, the Lamp gets the energy source from the sockets. This can also be called direct wire liner LED or line voltage.

Nonetheless, it is better to remove the ballast from the LED lights to increase its overall durability. Most importantly, it will save much of your cost. Which other lights cannot. Some old LED lights may or may not need a ballast system, but the newly designed LED lights will not require the ballast. Thus, LED light bulbs are cost-efficient and energy-efficient.

Conclusion: Do I Need to Remove Ballast For Led Lights? 

We are hoping that our above-mentioned solutions gave you an overall idea about do you have to remove the ballast for led lights. In short, LED lights do not need a ballast system. Due to its energy and electricity saving process. You can easily upgrade the old lights to LED lights. However, some considerations with LED lights should be implemented well. All in all, you do not need to use a ballast system in LED lights. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will LED bulbs work with ballast? 

No LED bulbs will require a ballast. However, there are some engineered to work with an existing ballast. Some designs can replace fluorescent lights, such as ballast compatible and plug-in-play.

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Why are LED light bulbs better?

It is better because of its efficient energy saving. It uses less heat gives away more light at a low cost. Consumes less electricity compared to other light bulbs.

Do LED bulbs get hot?

Yes, it can get hot. The new technology LED light can and will get hot. But in the earlier times, the heat was much more; now, it’s safe. It will now warm the surroundings compared to other lights.

Are LED tubes brighter than fluorescent?

LED tube lights are brighter than fluorescent lights. However, do not have direct eye contact with the LED light as it contains harmful rays such as UV/IV rays, which can damage your eye’s vision.

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