How do Plants Grow? Basics of Plant Growth (Complete Guide)

How do Plants Grow?

How Do Plants Grow? (Things You Must Know as A Gardener): Whether you choose gardening as your passion or your profession, ultimately, you want to see your garden full of grown plants. Right? Then, as a gardener, you must know about how do plants grow. If you know about the process of growth of the plants, it will help you to become a successful gardener.

In this article, we will describe how does a plant grows step by step & the things you must know & do as a gardener to help the plants be grown. So, without any further delay, let us start with the basics first.

Basics of Plant Growth: How Do Plants Grow?


Basics of Plant Growth: How Do Plants Grow?


The first thing you need to know is how many ways there are for the plants to be grown. Actually, a plant can grow.

  • Roots
  • Stems
  • Leaves
  • Flowers

If you are a Botany student or you have read botany at any phase of your school, you must know that plant growth is the result of Mitosis cell division. You don’t need to know very deeply about the cell division process. It is a natural process for all kinds of living things in the world. But you must know what is essentially needed for cell division. Well, the answer is ‘Energy’. Plants need the energy to continue their process of cell division.

Now, where do the plants get this energy to run the cell division process? From Photosynthesis. Every plant conducts a photosynthesis process & creates energy so that it can run its cell division process & grow. That is how do plants grow.

Photosynthesis Process in Simple Terms


Photosynthesis Process in Simple Terms


If you are not a Botany student or if you have no background in studying science at any phase of your school, it may seem difficult for you to understand the process of photosynthesis. But, don’t worry. Let me try to make you understand the photosynthesis process in simple terms. It is necessary to know how do plants grow by the photosynthesis process because it is the ultimate answer to how do plants grow & develop.

  • Roots, leaves, stems & flowers all have their part of being done for a successful photosynthesis process.
  • Leaves of the plants have the chloroplast, which you can call the kitchen of the plant to cook energy for the cell division process.
  • Roots collect the water from the soil for this cooking process.
  • Plants collect Carbon-di-oxide from the atmosphere, which is one of the essential ingredients of the energy cooking recipe.
  • Leaves have the chloroplast & chloroplast have the chlorophylls which get energized by the sunlight & divide the water that the roots collect into water’s unique components- Hydrogen & Oxygen.
  • Divided oxygen gets back to the atmosphere while the chlorophyll stores a bit of the sun’s energy in the form of sugar as Ribulose & Diphosphate.
  • The liberated hydrogen then combines with the ribulose diphosphate & makes a more complex form of sugar. This complex form of sugar is the agent of the building blocks of the cell structure.
  • Now, this complex form combines with some more water & nutrients collected by the roots of the plants from the soil. The combination of this more complex form creates the energy to continue the cell division process.
  • When the cells are created after the cell division process, the plant grows by its roots, leaves, stems, & sometimes by its flowers.

That is how do plants grow. If you have understood the process, that is good. But if you haven’t understood anything about the process, no problem. We are here to ensure that you make the necessary arrangements for your plants to conduct the photosynthesis process well to grow well.

Things You Must Know

From the above discussion on the photosynthesis process, we know that the plant needs some necessary ingredients to cook energy for its growth. Those ingredients are-

  • The Sun Light
  • Temperature
  • Space for the Roots
  • Necessary Water
  • Some Nutrients
  • Good soil
  • Fresh Air Supply
  • Time

You have to keep special care of these things as they are necessary for the photosynthesis process & plant growth. You have to make sure that the plant is having the necessary supply of these ingredients.

Things You Must Do

Now we know about the things that a plant needs to complete its growth process. We have to make sure that the plant is having a supply of all these. But how? Well, you have to keep in mind the below points:

  • The most important thing for a plant to be grown is the Sunlight. It creates energy which is the most important thing for the cell division process of a plant. More specifically, the most important thing for a plant to be grown well. So, you have to make sure that the plants are getting the necessary lights.
  • Temperature is another thing that needs your importance to be drawn if you want to make sure of the good growth of the plants in your garden. Different types of chlorophyll or plant species need a different amount of temperature to be ensured to complete their photosynthesis process. So, you have to make sure about the type of species in your garden & its required temperature for growth.
  • Don’t plant your plants too close to each other. The roots need enough space to grow & collect the necessary nutrients & water to conduct a successful photosynthesis process.
  • Make sure that your plants are getting the necessary fresh air. The other thing you need to make sure that the plant is in healthy soil. Healthy soil supplies the necessary ingredients to the plant through the root to make sure a healthy growth. That is how soil helps plants by supplying nutrients & water.
  • The last thing you need to make sure of is ‘patience’. Plants don’t grow overnight. They need proper care & time to be grown. You have to give the plants that time & care which will make your garden full of grown plants.

Final Thought: How Do Plants Grow?

Now that you know the necessary details about how do plants grow, all you need to do is to make sure that your plants are getting the necessary care & supply of necessary ingredients. Treat your plants like your own child & give them the proper care & time. All you will get as a result is a garden full of grown plants.

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