How to Eliminate Milkweeds Bugs Naturally? Step by Step Guide

How to Eliminate Milkweeds Bugs Naturally?

How to Eliminate Milkweeds Bugs Naturally? Step by Step Guide with Expert Tips: The most common Milkweeds are flowers that are members of the Asclepiadaceae family. These flowers attract the divine monarch butterflies, but there are some insects that simply snatch away their life cycle; the name is milkweeds bugs. 

The feeding activity of milkweed bugs ends the plant life. If they target your garden’s milkweed plants, the result won’t be very pleasant. So, you have to know how to get rid of milkweed bugs naturally before such occurrences happen.

Milkweed plants are one of the 115 spices that bloom in America. The flowers are mostly seen in a wide range of gardens from the eastern seaboard to the mountains. The flower looks fascinating, and there are different great species of milkweeds plants that are very beautiful.

Milkweed plants were used in medical properties due to their beneficial traits. People plant this flower to enchant monarch butterflies. Monarch butterflies are often found in the milkweed plants as milkweed bugs. Through the article, we will cover some helpful information like how to get rid of milkweed bugs, natural solutions, ways to control them, and some considerations; all this will lead you to set a proper plan to tackle the milkweed bugs.

About Milkweeds Bugs


About Milkweeds Bugs


Milkweeds bugs come in red, black, and orange mixed bright colour pests that are mostly found in milkweeds plants. If there are too many milkweed bugs in one plant, then the plants cannot bear this. They are also known as true bugs. There are 2 types of milkweed bugs:

  • Small milkweed bug.
  • Large milkweed bug.

The small milkweed bugs don’t like the monarch butterflies that roam around the milkweed plants; also, they interrupt when the butterflies visit. The large milkweed bugs only eat milkweed, so they don’t have any problem with butterflies roaming. The bugs are often seen crawling over the milkweed plants, mostly after the catch of eggs hatch. Milkweed bug’s eggs are laid in the pods of the plants. An advantage they carry is that they are disliked by their predators because they release toxins when they are caught.

Although there are several other natural pests found in milkweeds plants, the plant is home to many other bug species such as milkweeds aphids, milkweeds beetles, monarch larvae, and to get rid of one; you cannot upset the other pests. The step should be taken gingerly as you only have to deal with milkweeds.

So, Are Milkweed Bugs Harmful to Plants?

The milkweed bugs are regarded as beneficial bugs. But they tend to overgrow very rapidly as we know excess of anything is harmful. The large milkweeds protect themselves by consuming milkweed sap. If they are large in number, they will easily overheat the plant, and this may kill the plant. The benefit side of these bugs is it will keep the milkweed plants in control if it becomes invasive plant.

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However, if the bugs go out of control, then some measures should be undertaken. Also, you might be thinking, Do milkweed bugs eat other plants? According to researchers, they also live and eat other plants.

How to Eliminate Milkweeds Bugs Naturally?

There are many natural ways to control the milkweeds bugs. You cannot apply any shortcuts in the process as some methods work really fast and some take time. Some of the natural techniques are:

  • A strong water source is needed

If the population of these bugs is less in number, then this water source method is appropriate. You can easily spray them off using this method without any adding of fertilizers. If they fly here and there, you can easily pick them up and gather them. Garden gloves can help in this as it helps to gather all the bugs more quickly.

  • Pruning plants


Pruning plants


Pruning is very good for plants as it removes stubs and dead and dying branches. It gives the plant new growth and promotes a natural shape. This will naturally remove pests and animal infestation from coming in large numbers. It will not let the milkweed bugs stay for a long time from grasping or stay in a specific spot. So, you should keep your garden clean and well pruned.

  • Removing the food Sources

The food source is the vital reason behind the milkweeds bug’s presence. The population can be controlled by removing it naturally. It includes tiny insects such as beetles, caterpillars, worms, etc.

There are homemade sprays that can also be made in the house and can help clean the milkweed bugs; if you are thinking about how to get rid of milkweed bugs house, then these sprays are the easiest solution for you. These are:

  • Natural Garlic Spray


Natural Garlic Spray


There are always traditional ways that can be easily applied without hesitation. One of them is garlic spray; undoubtedly, this is the best pest compact agent. Garlic is the top pesticidal ingredient; it is effective because of its anti-fungal and sulfur-containing components.  

The procedure of Making the Spray

To make this mixture, drop 4-5 cloves of garlic, then combine it with the dish soap and warm water. Put all the mixture in the spray bottle and shake well. After one night, the spray will be ready for use. It can be stored for use later, but it’s ideal if one uses it the next day.

  • Soap liquid spray

Perhaps, this is the easiest process to apply to get rid of the milkweed bugs as we have so many soaps lying in our house. The process is very simple, and you can easily make a soap spray and sprinkle it on the plants. It is not at all harmful; also, there will be fragrance all over.

The Procedure of Making the Spray

To make this, you can mix water and dishwashing liquid with the same amount. Transfer all this into the spray bottle and directly spray it into the bugs. You can start the process using a tiny proportion, but if it does work successfully, then it can be applied more by mixing the water in the mixture. However, it may depend on the region or environment.

Are Milkweeds Bugs Harmful to Humans?

There are many types of milkweed spices found. The milkweed bugs are harmless by nature. The large milkweed bugs only eat plants; they do not harm humans nor transmit any disease even they don’t bite. Then you must be wondering that are milkweed bugs harmful to dogs and other animals? The answer is no, as they do not cause harm to any pets or animals or anything. They are bugs that are only concerned with eating plants.

The Milkweed Bugs are Still Necessary

Small bugs are something that appears more often and cause more trouble. As they grow in large numbers in no time, it then causes a heavy impact on milkweed plants. They are necessary to mend the ecosystem. Disturbing these systems can cause trouble in natural balance. Everything in the world is a blessing of Mother nature, but if that causes too much trouble, then better to get rid of it.

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To remove milkweeds bugs, these methods should be taken carefully as there are other insects in the milkweed plants that you might not want to hurt.

Final Thought: How to Eliminate Milkweeds Bugs Naturally?

We are hoping that we could guide you to a proper solution about how to get rid of milkweed plants naturally. All the methods that are discussed will surely provide you with a subtle idea, and any preferred method will give you desired results, but you should be patient enough to deal with the milkweed bugs.  However, if there are small amounts of milkweed bugs on your plants, you could even pick them off manually. Then spray some soap liquid to prevent them from coming back.

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