How to Get Rid of Armadillos Under Deck? Easy Techniques to Learn

How to Get Rid of Armadillos Under Deck?

How to Get Rid of Armadillos from Coming Under the Deck or Yard: Armadillos, widely known as the long nose armadillo, has become a significant concern to gardeners. This animal looks cute, have big ears, comes in a small size but does not get tricked by that. These creatures will trespass into your yard, cause damage to your plant roots or flowers by digging holes in your yards. Leaving nothing but regrets. When they start coming under your deck or yard, you must know how to get rid of armadillos. Before you regret seeing your garden get dug and spoiled every day.

The nine-banded armadillo is a commonly seen pest in the United States. They mainly come from North America. As time passed, they have spread all over the United States. These are the only type of mammals in the world having Armor bodies. These are close relatives of sloths and anteaters.

They can be found in the forest, highways, even in your garden. So do not get scared by seeing armadillo resting under your deck or passing by your yard in the dead of night. Sadly, if you do not take strong steps, you will have to face armadillo problems frequently. In this article, we will provide you will all the information you need to know about the armadillo, their behaviors, damages they can cause, and how to get rid of armadillos under deck or yard.

Common Behaviour of Armadillo


Common Behaviour of Armadillo


Armadillo is not an aggressive animal. The flaw they have is bad eye power. They heavily rely on their nose, eat what they can smell. Armadillo is also known as a nocturnal animal. These animals have the ability to dig deep. They mark their visited places by their urine or scent. As you know, insects come out at night. An armadillo then sets himself to get a fitting dinner by preying on insects like ants, termites, mealworms, cockroaches, scorpions, etc. They can also eat small reptiles, occasionally amphibians like small frogs, toads, lizards, snakes.

Undoubtedly, armadillos are brilliant at digging deep holes. The problem arises when the holes dug in the yard are about 9 inches wide, and the depth of the hole can be 20 feet or more. However, if this trouble is recurring, you have to know solutions to prevent armadillos from digging in the yard.

Signs of Armadillos Invading Your Yard

Their presence can be easily visible when you notice havoc in your yards. They usually do landscape damage, where large holes and many more can be seen. Some other signs are:

  • When there are more digging marks around the plant or flower areas, this happens when armadillos search for their favorite food, which are grubs, earthworms, and other insects.
  • Deep inches, giant holes on every side of the yards.
  • Unrooted plants, flowers, crops, or seeds lying on the floor.

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There can be more insects on plants and grounds if you are not taking care of them. Do not let the armadillos think they can freely roam around your yard by avoiding such signs.

Damages That Armadillos Can Cause

They are nocturnal animals, so there are more chances that you might not notice the damages they have conducted. As they dig a very large hole, a person can easily fall on it or get injured. The animals can spoil all your flower beds. Eat or destroy all the vegetables.

Hands down, they are destructive not by nature but by acts. Moreover, such large holes are not suitable for your yards. Along with this, if you are wondering about are armadillos dangerous to humans, they are wild animals with sharp claws that might attack. Even they contain a disease named Hansen.

4 Ways How to Get Rid of Armadillos Under Deck?

This calls for serious action as these creatures are causing danger to you, your family, and your pets. Getting rid of them can be the sole solution as temporary acts will not even affect them. To get rid of these nocturnal animals, you can follow these steps:

  • Use Strong Repellent Sprays


Use Strong Repellent Sprays


These are animals who depend on their smelling power. You can use this as your source by spraying scents that you can made home or can even buy strong repellent sprays from markets. A spray that you can make in the house easily with some ingredients is mixing cayenne paper and water in the bottle. The smell will be powerful and can make the armadillos suffer if it smells.

On the other side, sprays from markets are also a good option. It will be more effective than the homemade one. Repellents will contain many ingredients. If the armadillo’s taste or smell, it will surely irritate their taste buds and nose.

  • Attack on Armadillo’s Food Sources

It is one of the most challenging jobs as you have to remove all the insects. You can do these by using repellent sprays or solutions. This process cannot be done overnight as this will require planned steps and enough perseverance.

  • Setting Trap


Setting Trap


It is the quick option you can prefer. If you can set traps around your yards, you can easily catch them. The setting trap can be the best option for armadillo removal. You might not know; they prefer resting under your decks. It can make catching easier for you. For this, choose the size of the trap and side the barriers well. By that, it can be caught easily.

Adding to this, if you have a large yard, you can use electronic repellents. These are capable of protecting all the yard with its slight electrical shock. These can even offer 24 hours protections.

  • Calling Experts

It is not an easy task to intake all by yourself. After your trials, better to call expert professionals and seek help. They will set the trap efficiently and take care or shift to a better place.

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However, the above-suggested methods will not cause any trouble to the animals’ health or life. These preventions will help your yard suffer less and make armadillos shift to other routes. These might also scare them to select this pathway again.

Frequent Asked Questions

What Will keep Armadillos Away? 

A repellent that can help you is castor oil. They can quickly drive armadillos out and stop them from coming in your yards. This oil penetrates the ground and kills the food sources. 

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Does Vinegar keep Armadillos Away?

Vinegar has a strong smell. It will make your yard stink and make the smell relied on armadillos stop from coming.

What time of Night do Armadillos Come Out? 

They are nocturnal animals who love to sleep for about 16 hours. The time they come down is between dusk to dawn.

Do Armadillos Bite?

They are harmless by nature and have small peg teeth. So, they do not bite. They have thorny patches which anyone might get scared to see.

Are armadillos bad to have around? 

The way they collect their food source from digging a hole in the yard makes them unlisted to be around. They spoil the whole flowers, vegetables, plants. It even makes the yard dirty.

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Conclusion: How to Get Rid of Armadillos Under Deck?

We hope the ways mentioned above have provided you with an overall idea of getting rid of armadillos under the deck or yard. Whichever method you apply, it will work great with armadillo removal. We assure you; these methods will not cause any harm to the armadillos. But be careful; these are wild animals; the process will need extra precautions and immense patience.

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