How to Grow Curry Leaves Faster? Step by Step Guide

How to Grow Curry Leaves Faster?

Natural or Home Fertilizers: How to Grow Curry Leaves Faster?: Curry leaf plant is one of the essential plants in the Asian subcontinent because it is the secret to several delicious recipes. Curry leaf is a popular herb that is used to enhance the flavour of curry, sauce, gravy, or any kind of dish.

The flavour of curry comes with a variety of spices, but if you want to get the flavour easily, then growing a curry plant can be a useful decision. However, before growing a curry leaf plant, there are some points to consider, and it is better to have a proper idea about the curry leaf plant, its nutrition facts, and other details about how to grow curry leave faster.

About Curry leaves and Its Uses: How to Grow Curry Leaves Faster?


About Curry leaves and Its Uses: How to Grow Curry Leaves Faster?


Curry leaves are mainly originated from the Indian subcontinent and are commonly grown in subtropical areas of the world—the herbs one of the most delicious herbs that adds a unique flavour and aroma to your cooking. The curry leaf plant has a small fragment of white flower that comes with small, black, berry fruits. The fruit of the plant can be eaten, but the seeds are dangerous, so they should be removed before eating. The curry leaves plant seeds can also be stored for further uses.

Now, if the question of how to grow curry leaves at home is revolving around in your mind that too with less expenditure, then the best option is to grow it in your yard or lawn. Don’t worry; the process is not difficult at all; you can take care of your plant by using some home fertilizers which are in your range.

Some growing conditions for curry leaf plant to be considered

There can be varieties of curry leaves plants found, such as regular, gamthi, and dwarf curry leaf plants. The curry leaves are not difficult plants to grow, but without proper care, they will not survive for long. Some conditions are-

  • Choosing a large container

It is wise to use an adequate or deep-wide container for growing curry leaves rather than in garden areas. The seedling and cutting of curry leaves tend to grow faster and flourish better when used in the container.

  • The right position

Every plant needs sunlight for its growth. The curry leaf plant should be put on a direct full sun to grow and bloom. It prefers heat and warmth, but you should not expose the plant to excess heat, and the water should be given in proper requirement.

  • Soil

It requires well-drained soil in order for your seeds to germinate and grow.

  • Pruning




If you are wondering how to prune the curry leaf plant, then the answer is you should prune once a year in the spring; it can be started by removing yellow or old leaves. Pruning helps to maintain the plant’s health and gives more leaves.

Some of the Best Homemade Fertilizers for curry leaf plants to grow faster and healthier

  • Buttermilk




Buttermilk for plants can save your plants from fungal infections. There are various reasons to claim that buttermilk is an excellent homemade fertilizer for curry leaf plants. Buttermilk has high nitrogen, which the curry leaf plant needs also; it makes the soil acid that the curry leaf plant loves.

  • Eggshells




Crushed eggshells provide calcium which is the most vital source for a plant’s welfare. The calcium promotes healthy growth, green foliage, and a strong root system. This is the best and easy to give homemade fertilizer for the curry leaf plant.

  • Rice water

The unpolished rice water contains a high level of Vitamin B, which helps to stimulate new root growth. So preferring rice water for curry leaf plant is a very good choice.

  • Asafetida

It is used as a growth stimulant for curry leaf plants. It encourages and boosts new leaves on the curry leaf plant. The applied results are positive.

Some of the Best Natural fertilizers for curry leaf plants

 Undoubtedly, homemade fertilizer is beneficial for curry leaf plants, but they are not enough for themselves, so better to apply liquid fertilizers for lasting growth in the longer term. Some natural fertilizers are-

  • Fish fertilizer and fish emulsion

 The curry leaves are mainly harvested by leaves. The plants need more amount of nitrogen. Fish emulsion is an organic liquid fertilizer that has a high level of nitrogen also has some amount of potassium and phosphorus. Basically, they are readily available for plants and shows effective results compared to other fertilizer.

  • Blood meal

Blood meal has a percentage of 10% to 12% nitrogen level, which helps curry leaf to grow more leaves. However, the breakdown process of blood meal takes few weeks. It verily provides the accessible nutrients and long-term nourishment that the curry leaf plants require.

  • Cow manure


Cow manure


It is a process used from the ancient age; it does provide nutrients but also helps the soil structure. It eliminates the harmful ammonia gas and pathogens and makes root penetration easier. 

Some other effective nutrients for curry leaf plants are-

  • Gypsum
  • Chelated Iron
  • Epsom salt

Curry leaves add a special flavour to any dish items, but it also gives immense benefit to our health.  The curry leaves plant health benefits are-

  • Curry leaves have powerful antioxidants. It is a very rich plant compound that makes our bodies healthier and protects us from various kinds of diseases.
  • It is a helpful source for diabetes as curry leaves are found as highly effective in reducing the blood glucose level.
  • Good for eyesight and reduces weight loss.
  • A dependable source for hair care prevents hair loss.
  • There are no side effects of raw eating curry leaves; rather, it’s beneficial for health.

Some uncommon issues that you might come across growing curry leaves

These are not at all big issues; the curry leaf plants easily can be grown, has no difficult steps to follow. The plant comes with a strong scent that easily drives the insects away; however, some insects might appear like aphids, mealybugs. This may hamper the leaves and may damage them. Curry leaf plant leaves dropping can be another reason for plant dying; it can happen because of deficiency such as less light, not getting much water, and most importantly, care.

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Nonetheless, the procedure of growing curry leaves faster is easy. The solutions are available in the home. You can easily buy products from the market, but there will be no assurance that the outcome will be good, and the prices are also costly. These homemade fertilizer methods have been used for ages, so there are chances that the outcome will be satisfying.

Final Thought: How to Grow Curry Leaves Faster?


Final Thought: How to Grow Curry Leaves Faster?

In this article, we’ve tried to cover all the information you need to know about how to grow curry leaves faster at home with easy and quick solutions. Although it is an easy herb to grow, it offers immense health benefits.

The process of growing curry leaf plants from seeds is easy, but the plant is very sensitive and fragile and requires more care for overall growth. We are hoping that we could provide you with a clear idea about how to grow curry leaves at home, and by applying these, you will surely get effective results.

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