How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Garden: Step by Step Guide

How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Garden

5 Effective Solutions to Keep Dogs Out of Your Garden: Step by Step Guide: Dogs are the best and loyal companions to have, but when they end up spoiling your garden by their misbehaves activities, this is something that cannot take it lightly. So, now you must be thinking about how to keep dogs out of the garden. To keep your garden safe from dogs, you must apply some effective solutions.

A Garden is a place where you and your dog enjoy leisure time, but if you find big holes, poop, or damaged plants then, your garden is at serious risk. But before applying any solution, you have to think twice as your dog and plants should not get harmed.

In this article, you will know everything about how to keep dogs out of the garden with a step-by-step guide. So, kindly stay with us.

About Dogs 


About Dogs 


You decorate your garden with all dedication and effort, but when the dogs start to play, they end up digging holes all over the garden area and damage all the plants. So, let’s just admit that dogs and gardens do not go well with each other.  It is a part of a dog’s behavior to play and mess with the garden. But this fun activity can bring havoc to your garden. You will surely do not want to witness such carnage in your own eyes.

Damages That A Dog Can Cause To Your Plants And Garden

There is a number of disadvantage that you need to know if you have dogs or facing a dog problem. These are:

Dog urine

If you are thinking, why do dogs pee on plants? Then they do this to mark their territory from other dogs. Dog urine is the most toxic thing that can kill your plant leaves or damage your flower beds. There are some compounds that are found in dog urine that burns the grass and leaves in no time. Not only that, it affects the growth of the plants and spoils the roots. So, dog urine in plants is deadly to your garden.

Damages the soil

Soil is the most important thing to grow a healthy plant. When dogs pee on the plants, it damages the level of pH of the soil. Dog urine contains nitrogen which is not a helpful fertilizer. As long as dog urine stays in the soil, it will spoil the lawn and garden.

Big holes

Dogs have the tendency to dig large holes in the garden. It is a source of joy to dogs to many dogs, some dogs have these in their genes, and some do because of frustration. If there are too many holes in your garden, you may end up getting hurt badly.

Before your garden gets badly affected by the dog’s nature and actions, you must apply some strong solutions. By that, your garden will be saved from further damage.

How To Keep Dogs Out Of Garden: 5 Effective Solutions  

There are many solutions on how to keep dogs away from the garden. But if they fail to keep the dogs out of the garden then all your time, effort, and money will be wasted. So, here’s five effective solutions that will surely help you in keeping dogs out of your garden.

Using unfriendly odor

Dogs love to smell everything they got. You can use this as your favor to protect your garden. There are some ingredients that dogs hate to smell. These are chili pepper, coffee grounds, white vinegar, citrus peels.

You can make a homemade natural dog repellent spray with chili pepper, ammonia, vinegar. These can create a strong odor which will provide an unpleasant smell in the dog’s nose.  You can spray or drizzle it over the garden areas. When dogs will visit and smell such a strong odor, they will not return to the place again. However, while using vinegar spray, be careful not to spray in the plant.





Fencing for dogs is one of the best options you can prefer for your garden. You can easily set up fences in your garden and block the paths of the dog from entering. You can use chicken wire as it is easy to use and cut. Fences come in different sizes and different types like metal, wood, mesh, bamboo, etc. Take the measure of your dog as a small size dog may need less fencing, and a large size dog may need more strong fencing. Nonetheless, it is the best effective method on how to keep dogs away from the garden that you can apply.

Using plants as a barrier

There are a number of plants that dogs do not like go near. Plants like rose, cactus, holly, aloe, agave, or any picky plants act well as plant barriers. If you plant this in your garden dogs might not even bother to go and pass it as dogs will not want to get poked or get hurt by any sharp throne.

Also, there are some dog repellent plants like marigold, lavender, curry plant, onion, garlic. For quick results, you can plant marigold flowers in your garden as dogs cannot bear the smell. And your garden will get a nice look. 

Dog repellent 

There are many kinds of dog repellents in the market. It is something the discourages dogs and tends to avoid. There are mainly three categories of dog repellent for gardens. Such as:

  • Installing Sprinkles


Installing Sprinkles


Dog repellent that contains water can be very helpful to you. Dogs are not fond of water, so installing a motion-activated sprinkler in the garden will surely help you to keep dogs out of your yard or garden. These not only will deter dogs also other trespassing animals.

  • Sounds

Dogs like to be in a quiet place. So, if you use ultrasonics, it will make a sound whenever your dog tries to get in. As a result, it will get annoyed and choose not to go into the sounded area of the garden.

  • Taste repellent

Dogs do not like to eat spicy foods. If you spread chili pepper or mustard powder in your garden, it will work for you. As if they sniff or taste these once, their taste buds will get affected. You can apply these around the areas of the garden bed.

Train your dog


Train your dog 

You should train your dog in a way that he could understand which is the pee zone which one is not in your garden. You should use a loud and commanding voice to make your dog habituated in the actual pee or poop area. If you provide your dog free space in the garden, you can easily train them. However, it’s better to train first and then set them free in the garden.

Dogs yearn for your attention; if they do not get it, they start looking for alternatives. They may not pee or poop all the time but may dig holes, spoil plants or mess up the root systems. So, try to divert them with toys, provide free space, reward your dog, most importantly, give your time and attention. It will surely give a positive result in the coming times.

Final Thought: How To Keep Dogs Out Of Garden

In this article, we have tried to provide you with all the information you need to know about how to keep dogs out of the garden. Whatever solution you apply, you will surely be able to keep the dogs out of your garden. But while applying any solution, have patience as sometimes it may take a bit of time. For your garden’s sake, you have to do a little hard work, and it will be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my dog out of the garden without a fence?

Answer: To keep dogs away, you can spray plants with pungent white vinegar or apple bitter, or you can plant marigold between the vegetable rows. It will surely repel dogs and other animals from your garden. However, do not apply rabbit or deer repellent as that contains coyote urine.

How do I dog-proof my garden?

Answer: If you are planning to set your dog free in the garden. Then you should securely enclose the garden with sturdy, continuous fencing or walls. The barrier should be high enough so that the dogs do not jump. Six feet is a good height to prevent dogs.

What scent will keep dogs away?

Answer: The smell of citrus is a smell that dogs simply cannot take. Other than that, oranges, lemon, grapefruit have a strong scent that will keep dogs far away.

What smells do dogs hate to pee on?

Answer: The combination of vinegar and orange is very unpleasant to dogs, and it will surely deter them. 

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