How to Keep Patio Umbrella From Spinning? Easy Tips and Tricks

How to Keep Patio Umbrella From Spinning?

Tips and guide to Keep Patio Umbrella from Spinning: A patio umbrella will shed you from the blazing sun protect you from harmful UV rays and other environmental elements. Besides, it is a great addition to your front yard. So, who does not like a patio umbrella in the garden? It will certainly make the garden look nice and homey. However, you must know how to keep the patio umbrella from spinning. It can be a serious issue to tackle and does pose a danger to the users.

Patio umbrellas can be denoted as outdoor furniture used to rest, enjoy the sun, or have outdoor parties. As most European regions are mostly covered with heavy snow, the sun is something they enjoy most. They take sunbathe using the patio umbrella in hot summer. But the problems arise when the umbrella starts moving or misplacing. The enjoyment gets to spoil, and the patio umbrella becomes an unnecessary bother.

Throughout this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about maintaining the patio umbrella, how to keep the patio umbrella from spinning, and some other important considerations.

About Patio Umbrella


About Patio Umbrella


Umbrella is something that can be used anywhere in the garden. Sometimes the summer days become unbearable. A patio umbrella then helps you to give the shed. The patio umbrellas come in different types, shapes, and sizes. The shapes include round, rectangular, square, etc. You can easily choose with your own preferences. To remember, umbrella cones and bases are tricky to handle.

Installing a patio umbrella can be a perfect choice to enjoy the summer days. Yet you can invite some problems that can surely bother you. Handling a patio umbrella can be a big concern as it may start spinning more often even can get unmounted. It is a common issue that the users have spotted and are very annoyed by that. Most importantly, it can become dangerous as it may all over someone if not placed well.

How to Keep Patio Umbrella From Spinning? Some Easy Methods

A little carelessness while using an umbrella can turn into a fatal one. There are several tricks to make the umbrella stable or immovable. It is possible to hold this firmly on heavy wind or violent storms by applying the below steps.

  • Tighten the umbrella with the Knob Bolt Firmly

It is the easiest solution to prefer to tighten the spinning umbrella. The tightening of the bolt will easily secure the pole from falling. When the wind is very speedy, the bolt can get loose. It is better to tighten the knob in the initial stage of setting the umbrella. It is a common mistake that people usually do. The umbrella will frequently fall over and start spinning again if not tightened well.

  • You have to pick the Correct Base with a Wider Length


You have to pick the Correct Base with a Wider Length


Undoubtedly the base is the most crucial element of the umbrella as it supports the whole structure. You do not want to tighten to make the base more subtle repeatedly. To make it more solid, you must have bought a heavy size. Drill and secure the base as it will make the base stronger and firmer. After that, it will be at a standstill position. Umbrella Base with wheels is suitable for use. It is better to go with the manufacturer’s recommendation as they have a good idea about the umbrella. 

Components that you Must Have

A spinning umbrella requires a number of support systems. The parts help it to be more arrangeable. There are some parts that you have to buy it.

  • Patio Umbrella Cone Wedge

It is the best option to make the umbrella firm. It is a small device that is made of rubber that is placed in the shaft of the umbrella. This device is joined with the table and umbrella, which gets wedged between the gaps. The gap leads the umbrella to spin easily. Cone wages will prevent any kind of noise that the winds create.

  • Umbrella ring

The Umbrella ring acts as a protective barrier between the patio table and umbrella pole. When you buy an umbrella ring, be sure to measure the diameter of the table and ring. There are many designs sold of table rings. Better to have the proper estimation. Table rings can replace cone wedge if it’s not available.

  • Use Bungee Cords

It can be a permanent solution as the weather does not affect the cords. You can use a small bungee cord to wrap around the umbrella pole. Connect the longer bungee to the smaller one. Use it in the canopy center. It is best for windy days when the force of the wind will not blow the umbrella.

  • Better to Add some Weight to the Balance

Balance brings stability to the umbrella. The added weight helps it to set properly to the position. Some tricks are:

  • You can use stack wet sandbags. Using this will add weight to the umbrella. For the large umbrellas, supplement bags are perfect.
  • You can place lead boxes around the umbrella base.
  • You can put the sand in the hallow base and some colorful gravel to add more weight to the umbrella.

For temporary purposes, you can use the pop stick method. It will help in the short term as some parts of the umbrella are hard to organize.

Some Considerations That You Should Keep It in Mind

  • Always consider a firm base for the umbrella. A strong table is a must to equal the level of strength for the patio umbrella.
  • Air vent is compulsory for your umbrella. An umbrella wind stabilizer will be helpful if you are using the patio umbrella.
  • If there is excess wind better to close the umbrella.

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These are some considerations that will help you to use the patio umbrella well. But it is always wise to look at the patio umbrella cone, umbrella table rings, structure before setting it up in the garden or any place.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I keep my Patio Umbrella Straight?

Using the patio umbrella cone, you can keep the patio umbrella straight. It also keeps the umbrella shaft straight. There are advantages too.

Why does my Patio Umbrella Keep Spinning?

It mostly happens because the hole in the table that the pole is adjusted is too big. There is no proper gap and inequality.

Can a Patio Umbrella stand without a Table?

Maybe or may not be. It depends on the size as 100+ Ibs will stand without support. However, the heavier stands need support as the firm wind can blow them away anytime.

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What do you use to Weigh Down a Patio Umbrella?

Umbrella bases are weighted stand that helps to keep your umbrella immovable and upright in one spot. Just place your umbrella properly into the hole in the base and be sure the base is tight.

Conclusion: How to Keep Patio Umbrella From Spinning?

Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips and ideas will solve your query about how to keep the patio umbrella from spinning. Whatever method you choose will help you keep the umbrella standstill and save you from unnecessary pressure and expenses. You can enjoy the summer mornings under your beautiful patio umbrella by applying all the strategies properly.   

Happy summer!

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