How to Kill a Tree Without Anyone Knowing? Effective Tips & Tricks

How to Kill a Tree Without Anyone Knowing?

How to Kill a Tree Without Anyone Knowing? Effective Tips & Tricks: A garden full of greens and colourful flowers enhances your entire property’s outlook. However, some trees are invasive species and will take over a garden or the whole property over time. These trees gradually occupy your yard by digging their roots into the foundation or restricting light.

So, sometimes, you may need to cut down your trees. When you have no option but to cut down the tree and that too without letting anyone know, you have a wide variety of options like killing a tree with salt, killing a tree with vinegar, killing a tree with diesel, tordon tree killer, etc. 

Chemical herbicides are effective and relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, they contain potentially harmful substances for gardens & nature. There are some ways to mitigate the risk, but you may prefer to avoid chemicals altogether. This article will discuss how to kill a tree without anyone knowing very effectively. 

How Do You Usually Kill a Tree? How to Kill a Tree Without Anyone Knowing?


How Do You Usually Kill a Tree? How to Kill a Tree Without Anyone Knowing?


You can hire someone to cut down the tree when you want to get rid of a large tree and don’t want to use a chainsaw. However, many people like to cut down trees by themselves. Once you have cut down a tree to a stump, you need to grind the stump away. Unfortunately, cutting and grinding may not be enough to kill your tree. 

Some trees can start new growth from the stub. If this is the case, you should systematically search for new shoots and cut them off as soon as they appear. If grinding the stump and cutting twigs is not enough to kill the tree, you must dig out the roots and carefully remove them from the ground. The infamous sea buckthorn bush/tree is an example, which can only be killed by completely removing the roots.

Notes: Cutting off the shoots is equivalent to depriving the roots of gaining the energy they need to continue to grow.

Drill Holes and Apply a Tree Killer


Drill Holes and Apply a Tree Killer


It is by far the best way to kill a big tree when you search for how to kill a tree without anyone knowing. Just reach a few inches away from the trunk and drill down to the root of the tree. You can usually see where the taproot leaves the trunk. Drill holes in the trunk, but it is best to drill holes in the roots because it is tough to find out by anyone else.

If you think it looks weird to drill holes in the roots next to the tree, you can do the following:

  • You can be a little patriotic now. Drill a hole in the ground and the root, and insert a national flag on the PVC pipe that extends out of the ground. Boy Scouts often do this to raise funds. You can also hang the national flag on the day of the match of your favourite sports team. Neighbours will think that you are decorating your property.

Another unnoticed method of cutting trees is to remove soil and grass and apply mulch. After removing the soil, you can quickly drill some holes in some roots. Apply products that can kill trees. Insect repellent will not kill all trees. For some tough trees, you need to use potent products. The best tree killer you can use is Tordon. Killing a tree with diesel or salt is also a good option. 

Notes: Pour the insecticide of your choice into the root hole you have drilled and apply a little. Push the flag pole into the ground or cover it with mulch. After a few days to a few weeks, the tree should be completely dead.


When you have the question in mind, “what is the best way to kill a tree without cutting it down?” girdling is a possible option. Cut the barks around the tree to interrupt the nutrient flow of the roots, and the tree will die. At least, parts of the tree above your girdling point will die. The problem with this method is that it’s easy to see what you have done. So, the way to do this without being discovered is to tie goats around the tree.

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Looking at all the forms on the Internet, people are trying to prevent goats from killing their trees. But you can actually use them. Goats like to eat leaves and bark. After a while, they will eat away all the bark. Then the tree will slowly die. Horses can be used, but not all horses will do this. 

To Let you Know: Girdling trees is a method used by the Iroquois Indians. They used to cut a circle of the bark. After the tree dies, they used to harvest dry wood to build a longhouse. The settlers adopted this method from the Indians and continue to girdle trees for firewood today.

Copper Nails


Copper Nails


When you hear that copper nails can be used to kill trees, it will make you doubtful. However, it is really effective. The only problem is killing the trees; it takes more than a tree. To kill the tree with copper nails, just hit a few nails on the living wood around the root, just punch them into the roots. The tree will take a year to die.

Final Thought: How to Kill a Tree Without Anyone Knowing? 

It is complicated to kill the tree without cutting it down. However, we’ve discussed some effective ways to do it. When you have the concern about how to kill a tree without anyone knowing, herbicides can kill trees without letting anyone know and are safe for the environment when used correctly. The most environmentally friendly option is to apply the herbicide to a specific area of ​​the tree. 

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Howases, the only practical way is to use spray herbic in some casesides. There are five main types of herbicides, of which only some are approved for household or crop use. Some herbicides like triclopyr amine and triclopyr ester are herbicides with growth-regulating activity. Simultaneously, glyphosate and imidacloprid are used to kill plants by prying with plant protein synthesis. But in any case, you should not harm any tree that is useful for nature. Save the trees, save the earth.

Warning: We do not recommend that you use these methods to kill someone else’s tree. Only do this if you are the owner of the tree.  

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