How to Kill Wolf Spider? Natural Ways to Kill Wolf Spider (Complete Guide)

How to Kill Wolf Spider?

How to Kill Wolf Spider in Your Yard Efficiently without the Hassle: When wolf spiders get into the yard and start crawling in front of you, that might not be a pleasing view. We guess you have had a similar experience recently. That’s why you want to know how to kill wolf spiders.

Wolf spiders are one of the best hunting spiders. They catch and eat different pests. So, wolf spiders are beneficial in a sense. But they also can be harmful to you and your kids. They may not be the most poisonous, but their bite can give slight dizziness. Therefore, in this article, we’ll explain to you how to get rid of wolf spiders. You can do it in either a natural way or chemical products. Read till the end to know everything about killing wolf spiders.

Identify Wolf Spiders


Identify Wolf Spiders


Before you rush into hunting the wolf spiders, you’ve to ensure that it’s them. Some other spiders can also come into your yard. The majority of them can be of no harm.

Most spiders look similar. So, people often find it tough to recognize the breed. But it’s crucial to identify them properly. That’s because different spiders require different treatments.

The following are some of the easiest ways to identify wolf spiders:

  • Wolf spiders have a total of 8 eyes. If you can get a close look, you’ll see two small eyes on top of the head. Then two big eyes in a row and four small eyes at the bottom.
  • One unique thing about wolf spiders is that they don’t weave webs. They like to crawl in dark and shadowy areas.
  • Wolf spiders have smaller legs compared to other types of spiders.
  • Also, they crawl too fast. They can cover as long as two feet in a second.
  • Besides, female wolf spiders carry their egg sacs on their back. They release it only when the babies can crawl themselves.

Inspect the spiders in your yard. If they have the above characteristics, read further to know how to get rid of wolf spiders.

How to Kill Wolf Spider?

Wolf spiders usually live in dark areas. So, first, locate them. They may be under bushes or under any materials that you left in the yard. After that, proceed to kill the wolf spiders. Below are two ways of getting rid of them.

[Caution: Never try to kill wolf spiders by squishing them. If you do, female wolf spiders will release the spiderlings they carry, and you’ll end up dealing with more spiders.]

Natural Ways to Kill Wolf Spider?

There are a few natural ways you can use to get rid of wolf spiders. The most effective ones are explained below:

  • Traps: Get cardboard and apply a thick layer of strong glue to make a trap. Mousetrap glue may work for smaller spiders; for larger ones, you’ll need spider glue.
  • Home Remedy: You also can prepare a remedy in your home to kill wolf spiders. Mix 7-8 drops of peppermint oil with ¼ teaspoon of dish soap and 12 ounces of distilled water. Then with the assistance of a spray bottle, spray them where you usually see wolf spiders. It may not kill them but will prevent them from coming back.

Commercial Products


Commercial Products


However, if you’re looking for an easy and effective way, you should select one of the commercial products. They may not always be environmentally friendly. But we’ve tried to keep less harmful items on the list. So, the following are some of the chemical products you can use to kill wolf spiders:

  • Spray: A lot of companies sell sprays to kill wolf spiders. Most of them will be general for killing all kinds of spiders. That will do the job for you. But if you can get one specifically made to kill wolf spiders, that’s better. Spray it around the yard or on the spider if you see it. Eventually, the spray will eliminate the wolf spiders.
  • Powder: Besides spray, the wolf spider-killing powder also can be a great solution. Sprinkle them where the spiders are most likely to live. It will dehydrate them and kill them in the end.
  • Boric Acid Powder: If you don’t have pets or kids in your home, you can use boric acid. Sprinkle them in the darker corners of the yard. When the spiders crawl onto them, the boric will cause the spiders to leak fluid and finally die.

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These were some of the best ways to get rid of wolf spiders. You can select any of them that you like.

Frequently Answered Questions

What Attracts Wolf Spiders in the House?

If you have a garage or basement with furniture scattered around, wolf spiders will come to live under them. Besides, insects attract spiders as they live by eating them.

Does Vinegar Kill Wolf Spiders?

Vinegar can kill wolf spiders. However, due to its strong odor, it’s unlikely that the wolf spiders will come anywhere near the vinegar. But if you can directly throw it onto the spiders, it will kill them.

Should I kill Wolf Spiders in my House?

It depends on you. Most of the time, they’re not harmful. To be honest, they kill the insects in your home. However, their bites can hurt kids. So, if you prefer, you can kill them.

Conclusion: How to Kill Wolf Spider? 

We hope this article has been helpful for you to know how to kill wolf spiders. You can pick any of the methods we’ve explained above. All of them are extremely effective.

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However, even after killing them, new wolf spiders may come to your yard again. So, we recommend you keep your yard clean. Cut down unnecessary plants and bushes. Fix cracks and remove materials that create a mess. This way, you can kill them as well as prevent future inventions.

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