How to Plant Cherry Seeds: Complete Guide

How to Plant Cherry Seeds

Planting Cherry Seeds: How to Grow a Tree: A cherry tree should not be missing in any garden, both for the delicious fruits and beautiful cherry blossom. This wonderful plant just increases the beauty of your garden. Now if you are concerned with how to grow cherry, this is the article for you. You can buy ready-made plants or grow them yourself from seeds. Growing a cherry tree from seeds is not an easy task. You have to be careful, dedicated, & calm throughout the process.  In this article, we are going to show you the detailed guideline on how to plant cherry seeds.

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To the Point

  • Growing cherry trees from seeds are quite possible.
  • Trees grown in this way do not have the same characteristics as the mother plant.
  • A cherry pit is not the actual seed, it protects the seed inside.
  • Not every seed comes to germinate after planting.

Prepare Seeds


Prepare Seeds


Can you really grow cherry from a pit? Yes, you can. But you have to prepare the seed first. The kernels needed for planting are best taken from your own, self-harvested cherries. Those from the store are only suitable for growing a cherry tree to a limited extent, they usually have a lower germination capacity. Before planting the seeds, remove the pulp from them. Under running water, you can remove any remaining flesh. Then let them dry on kitchen paper.

Pre-germinate Cherry Seeds

To advance germination or to make it possible at all, the seeds must be stratified. This can be done by simulating a cold period as well as by heat or opening the hard shell. We are going to show you how to germinate cherry seeds fast.

Under Cold Conditions

To stimulate the cherry seeds to germinate and simulate a cold period for them, put them in the ground in late fall and let them practically overwinter there. It is also possible to put them in a flowerpot with soil and leave it outside.

  • Kernels now need constant cold and moisture
  • for about three to five months
  • temperatures not below minus 30 degrees
  • alternatively, put the seeds in damp sand
  • store in a cool but frost-free place
  • refrigerator is very suitable for stratification
  • temperatures up to five degrees are optimal
  • keep the kernels cool for about 90 days
  • longer if necessary
  • some need up to five months to germinate

Tip: If you want to plant the cherry seeds later, you should check them once a week during the germination process to prevent them from drying out or even becoming moldy. Accordingly, standing water should also always be removed.

With Heat

So-called warm stratification can also help improve the germination rate of most cherries. In addition to the seeds, this requires fresh, ground, and preferably sterile peat moss from a specialty store. This moss has the advantage that it does not mold easily, because mold, especially at this early stage, is the biggest enemy.

  • first, put the moss in a container
  • add water at a temperature of about 20 degrees
  • wait until the moss has absorbed the water
  • takes about eight hours
  • then pour off or squeeze out excess water
  • add cherry stones
  • cover the container with translucent foil
  • pierce small holes in the foil
  • Place in a constantly warm place for about two weeks.

Note: Here, too, you should check on the first two days whether water has accumulated again. If this is the case, it must be poured off. Now it means again to check the kernels weekly for mold and if present, remove moldy kernels immediately.

Open Hard Shell

If all this takes too long, you can encourage germination by opening the kernels. This can be done by gently hitting them with a hammer or using a commercial screw press. If that doesn’t work, you can also send them with sandpaper. The seeds inside should remain intact in any case. The seeds exposed in this way are then placed in a small bowl with water for a few days for pre-sprouting and the whole thing is placed in the refrigerator. Since not every seed germinates, it is advisable to always use several. In some cases, the first seeds germinate after only a week and can be planted. In the spring they can then be planted in the garden.

How to Plant Cherry Seeds?


How to Plant Cherry Seeds?

The Right Location

The right location to plant cherry seeds is always important. The cherry tree loves sunny and well-ventilated places, which is not unimportant in the care. It does particularly well in fertile and sandy soils with good drainage and pH values in the neutral or slightly acidic range. In addition, since the cherry forms taproots, the soil should be well-drained. Planting in a pot or tub is therefore only recommended to a limited extent.

Pay Attention to Planting Depth

When you are searching for how to plant cherry seeds, you must learn the perfect depth to plant them. So, what is the perfect depth to plant cherry seeds? Don’t worry. We are going to show you that here. When planting, pay attention to the correct planting depth and spacing. Pre-germinated cherry seeds can usually be planted in spring and dry ones in late summer or fall. Make small holes in the soil with your finger or a stick of wood and plant the seeds no more than 2.5 inches deep.

Several seeds can be planted at intervals of about 30 cm, and when they reach a certain size, the most vigorous ones can be separated. Or you can plant them about 600 cm apart and save yourself the trouble of separating them. When planting in the fall, it is advisable to cover the planting site with a layer of sand about 2.5 cm thick. This protects against a frozen crust on the soil surface, which can prevent the shoots from sprouting. After planting, do not forget about watering.

Care Afterwards

  • Keep the soil slightly moist
  • water lightly after the last frost in spring
  • only when soil is dry to a depth of seven centimeters
  • do not overwater young trees
  • do not leave dry for too long
  • do not fertilize at the beginning
  • prune even small trees
  • avoid pruning in late autumn
  • trees from cherry stones could freeze to death
  • it is advisable to apply a coat of lime to the south-facing side of the tree
  • serves as frost and sun protection
  • the best time is early December
  • Repaint annually

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why stratify cherry seeds?

As already mentioned, this favors germination. Without this step, in most cases, it would fail or it would be extremely protracted. Stratification, no matter in what way, when growing from seeds, ensures that the hard shell of the seed softens and the seed inside can germinate.

When would the cherry tree first bear fruit?

It may take seven to eight years for a cherry tree grown from seeds to bear fruit for the first time.

What is the difference between cherry trees grown from seeds and those from the nursery?

This is actually a good question when you are here for how to plant cherry seeds. Those from the nursery are usually single-variety. A cherry tree grown from seeds may have completely different characteristics than either of the parent plants. Both the variety and susceptibility to disease or fungal attack, fruit quality, and frost hardiness are uncertain. Often, they also differ in growth habits.

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