How to Pot Succulents? Step by Step Guide with Expert Tips

How to Pot Succulents?

How to pot succulents? Step by steps guide with expert tips: Achieving the maximum output from a succulent propagation partially depends on its potting process. Many people complain that, despite their best efforts, succulents do not grow properly or get rot. This happens because either they do not know how to pot succulents based on their species or err in any step while planting succulents. This article will discuss succulents’ pot selection and the procedure to plant them practically.   

How to Choose a Pot for Succulents?

Before you rush into buying or making a pot for your succulents, make sure which species you are using. Succulents have a vast realm with lots of varieties. Large species are Agave jaws, Agave attenuates (Nova, Boutin blue), Aloe spinosissima, Myrtillocactus geometrizans cristata, Aloe barberae, etc. Among small species, there are sempervivum, Echeveria minima, Crasula ovata, sedum and so on. 

You can’t implant a succulent of large species in a tiny pot and vice versa, as it will damage the roots making an untoward environment for them to grow. From the two types of succulent roots, you need a medium or a large-sized container with a deep depth for taproots. You may use little one for hairy roots that only spread on the upper surface of the soil. Buy or make a pot that is 5-10% larger in size than the plant. (1 inch to 4 inches for miniature succulents).  

Moreover, succulents are renowned for their water-storing Capacity within the leaves, stems, and sometimes roots. Their roots are shallow and fragile; thus, stiff, damp and moist soil is unsuitable for their growth.  So, make sure the pot has a good drainage system or pores in it. You might use terracotta pot, wooden log, pots made with cement, and clay pot which already have a porous structure that enables draining off excess water from the soil.

How to pot Succulents? Step by Step Guide


How to pot Succulents? Step by Step Guide

Succulents are famous worldwide, for their easy maintenance and longevity, to people, especially, who work outside day long. What you have to do is, follow some considerations while planting it in a pot or container. Here We have discussed the steps of potting a succulent: 

1. Choose the Right Pot


Take a pot coherent to your succulent. Make sure there is a hole on its bottom. Place a plastic lid or something flat under the perforated pot so that excess water can drain and accumulate in it, and you can throw it away later.   

2. Pour Potting Mix

Take some gritty and breezy succulent mix into the container. Do not use compact soil as it will result in root rot. You can buy the succulent potting mix from shops. This potting mix is lighter, faster draining, and allows proper aeration.

3. Plant the Succulent


3. Plant the Succulent


Now it’s time to place your baby succulent or grown one in the pot. Take a healthy plant without any damage or soggy foliage. Spread the blooming succulents on the soil and cover the roots with soil mix, do not press hard. Leave some headspace from the lead surface to the soil surface so that it doesn’t flood when watering.  

4. Choose a Suitable Place

Succulents love sunlight for at least 4-8 hours. They grow well, bloom, express intense colors, and reproduce if they get enough sunlight regularly. Put your succulent pot in a place with sufficient sunlight and ventilation. Shade the plants in the rainy season.

In the case of baby plants, or species that are accustomed to growing indoors, do not leave them under direct sunlight, instead, put them in a shady corner so that they get light but not the direct sun rays.

5. Watering Properly 

5. Watering Properly 

Your beautiful pot succulent is ready now. Time to water! But do not exceed it, as you know succulents hate sogginess.  Water your plant as much as the soil absorbs the water but do not let water float. Later pour off the drained water stored in the lid under the pot. After potting the succulents, soon, their roots will spread deep into the soil, and they will grow big and strong with the necessary nutrients.

Tips for Choosing a Succulent Pot

You can bring in variation while choosing succulent pots to make your yard look more attractive and elegant. Here we are sharing some tips to choose organic succulent pots.   

  • You can use an abandoned or unused mug made of clay or ceramic as a pot. Customize it with paints to look more winsome!
  • Abandoned shoes can also be a good option. Use the shoes as a container and grow your succulents in them. You’ve made great use of shoes and got a colorful shoe container!    
  • Found a hollow wood log or a stone? Without delay, Jump into transforming it into a beautiful succulent pot for your garden.
  • It will be a great choice if there’s any discarded wheel in your garage. You can plant various colorful succulents of different shapes in it and place the charming wheel in your yard.

  • You can also use plastic bottles by making a square cut on one of its horizontal surfaces and a hole on the opposite side. Plant your colorful succulents in the bottle and hang them on with ropes. Now you got a pretty hanging succulent planter in your home!

Conclusion: How to Pot Succulents?


Conclusion: How to Pot Succulents?

Succulents are trending plants that people have been using for home decoration, programs, events, medicinal values, colorful gardening, fencing, and so on. It is primarily essential for someone new to the succulent plantation to know how to pot succulents in an effective way to get the best result.  Inappropriate potting may prevent the succulents from being outspread.

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We wish you would get the best result by following our succulent potting techniques and adorn your home and garden with colorful succulent blooms.

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