How to Repot an Orchid? Easy Techniques to Learn

How to Repot an Orchid?

How to Repot an Orchid: All you need to Know about it: Nowadays, it is all about orchids when you think about gardening. In case you need to keep your orchids nice and healthy, it is essential to repot them. It has very delicate roots. If you don’t repot them every year, they can get rotten roots or fungal diseases. Now people who are new to gardening must be wondering “how to replant an orchid.” No worries, we got all the solutions you need for this process.

When to Repot an Orchid?


 When to Repot an Orchid?

Most orchids tend to have a loose root that gets entangled pretty quickly. When you see that your orchid has tightly tangled roots, you will have to repot it then.

To keep your orchids fresh, beautiful, and healthy, you will have to repot them over the years. If it has been more than a year since you have repotted your orchid, then it’s time to do it again. Fresh potting soil is required for it.

If the orchid starts to hold too much water, it signifies that the plant is not healthy and happy enough. The roots will feel soft, and they will start looking brownish. If these symptoms appear, the plant lacks nutrition, and it requires new soil and a better environment. You will have to repot it then.

How to Repot an Orchid?


How to Repot an Orchid?


The most asked question is “how to repot an orchid when buying an orchid.” Here are the steps you need to follow to do orchid repotting in the bark.

  • You might want to wear gloves because they are potted in bark, there might be splinters in there, and Sphagnum moss tends to have prickly thorns inside it. Also, there is a possibility that there are pesticides and fungicides. You will not want them to touch with your bare hand.
  • The best time to do it is mostly losing all its flowers. You have to be very careful while unpacking them because you don’t want them damaged.
  • You have to be very gentle while pulling it out of the pot. While detaching the soil, you have to look at the root condition. If it contains too much water, you surely need to water it less later. Otherwise, it will cause root rot later on.
  • After removing all the mops from the roots, you need to put the plant inside the orchid-friendly solution that will kill any unwanted pathogens and kill the root rots as well. You have to let the roots soak for a few minutes.
  • After the soaking, you need to put it in a pot. You have to make sure that the pot has a lot of holes beneath it because you don’t want excess water at any cost. The pot needs to clean also so that it doesn’t catch any disease.
  • Then you have to put the orchid down in the pot in a secured position and put the mix in it.

What should a Potting Mix Contain?


What should a Potting Mix Contain?

The mix has to be according to the condition of your plant. Still, there are some common guidelines about what you should put in the orchid potting mix. You can also get your hands on the orchid repotting kit.

The very first thing you need is the bark. It should be a little rough and shouldn’t be too compact. The roots of the orchid-like travel inside the bark. If it is too compact, it won’t travel inside it. After that, you will need some moss. You have to soak it before putting it inside the mix because the plant needs rehydrated moss.

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Using perlite is an excellent idea. It helps to keep the mix airy. It is essential for the plant. You will have to mix it according to your watering habit. If you water your plants more, you should use more bark and less moss. If you are waterless, you will have to make the mix wetter. So you have to make use of more moss in it.

Then you have to pour the mixture into your pot. It is the part where you need to be very careful about the thrones in the moss. You have to put enough mix in the pot to make your plant stable enough. If you are using any sharp object to set the mixture down, you have to be very careful with the roots so that you don’t cut any of them.

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It is better to cut off the stems right after repotting. It is really better for the plant if it doesn’t produce any flowers immediately after the repotting. It should take its time to adjust to the new environment. And cutting off the stems will make the plant more stable, and it won’t tip-off.

Final thoughts: How to Repot an Orchid? 

Orchids are very beautiful plants. It is very sensitive too. You have to pull off high maintenance to keep it nice and healthy. Many people don’t go for orchids thinking of “how do I repot my orchid”. But it is a very easy thing to do. So make your garden beautiful by having all these beautiful plants. Happy gardening!

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