What do Plants Need to Grow? Everything You Need to Know

What do Plants Need to Grow

What do Plants Need to Grow: Everything You Need to Know: Are you curious to know what do plants need to grow? Well, if you are planning to garden or studying about nature, this information can be beneficial.

Humans need food and oxygen to survive in the world. Plants do have lives, too, and require some elements to grow.

The knowledge of what plants need to live will help you to be a gardener. It will also be helpful if you are reading the article for study purposes. Stay tuned till the end to know about everything a plant needs to grow.

What Do Plants Need to Grow? 


What Do Plants Need to Grow? 


A plant needs several things to grow. Some elements are universal for all plants. That means all the trees or plants need those items to survive. On the other hand, some elements are required only for certain plants. This is why many plants grow well in one habitat but not in others.

Based on their nature, we can divide the elements into two categories:

  1. Primary needs
  2. Secondary needs

Primary needs include things like water, air, nutrients, etc. Secondary needs consist of good soil, a specific pH level, and some other elements.

Below we have discussed more on these two types of needs.

Primary Needs for Plants to Grow

Primary needs are those elements without which no plant can survive. Whether you are doing outdoor planting or indoor planting, these are essential for survival. Plants use most of these elements for photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is the process of plants producing oxygen and energy by using water, light, and carbon dioxide. Plants need to perform photosynthesis to produce food.

The primary elements that plants need to grow are:

  • Water

Water is one of the essential elements that help plants grow. Normally, water makes up 90% of the body of the plant. However, some plants require less water and some more. You will even notice many plants growing in the water without any soil.

Plants need water to make food through photosynthesis. They absorb nutrients from the soil in liquid form. Even humans and all other living beings take water as food.

  • Air

Air includes many gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc. We, humans, breathe in oxygen, while plants inhale carbon dioxide. Plants use air for two purposes: photosynthesis and respiration.

A plant combines water and carbon dioxide to create glucose in the photosynthesis process. It also enables plants to produce oxygen, which we inhale to live. Respiration, on the other hand, is the process of breaking down molecules for producing energy.

  • Light




Light is another essential element that every plant needs to grow. Usually, plants take light from the sun, which further helps in the photosynthesis process. But you also can grow plants in artificial lighting.

You will never find any plant that can live without light and air. Some people even block the supply of light and air to eliminate weeds from the garden. You can guess how important light is for plants.

  • Nutrients

It is obvious that every plant needs some nutrients to grow. That is why people often ask what nutrients do plants need. Well, usually, plants need around 13 nutrients to grow healthy. They absorb the nutrients from the soil.

However, plants do not need them in equal quantities. Some of the essential nutrients plants need are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, etc. Every item has its own unique job. For example, phosphorus helps in the process of growing roots and flowers.

  • Space




Any living things that grow need space. If there is no space, the plants will have no place to grow. That is why the rule of planting seeds is to leave some spaces between them. It gives the plants space, which helps them grow optimally.

These were some must-have elements that do plants need. No plants can survive on the earth without these things.

Secondary Needs for Plants to Grow

Now there are some items that may not require all plants. But they play a crucial role in the growth of plants. Some of the essential secondary needs for plants to grow are:

  • Soil

It is a common misconception that every plant requires soil to grow. There are many ponds and sea plants that need no support from soil. Different elements such as bacteria around the roots help these plants survive.

  • Temperature

Plants also prefer certain temperature levels. But there is not any specific number. Some will thrive in cold weather, while others prefer a hot environment.

  • Neutral pH level

Usually, all plants require a neutral pH level in the soil. You can know the pH level in your garden from a soil test. However, some plants also can survive in higher or lower pH levels.

Final Thoughts: What do Plants Need to Grow?

We hope you have understood what plants need to grow. You may find plants growing without soil, but you will never find any plant that grows without water and light. That is why we have explained the elements in two groups. Besides these things, many plants also need help and care from humans. If you have any more questions regarding the requirements of the plant’s growth, feel free to ask us. We will return to you with an answer ASAP.

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Frequently Answered Questions

What three things do plants need to grow?

Plants, like all other living organisms in the world, have some basic needs. The three most basic things plants need to grow are light, air, and water.

Do plants need soil to grow?

Yes, plants can grow without the necessities but not without soil. There are some small plants that grow in water.

What do plants need most to grow?

Plants require water, air, light, nutrients, and space in order to grow. But soil is the most important thing a plant needs to survive.

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What makes plants grow faster?

Your garden plant will go faster if you provide them with the right nutrients, place them under the right light, and perfect temperature

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