When to Plant Grass Seed in Spring? Step by Step Guide

When to Plant Grass Seed in Spring?

When to Plant Grass Seed in Spring and How [Detailed Instructions on Growing Grasses]: Spring is the ideal time to start making your lawn green with grasses. The weather in spring is neither too hot nor too cold. It makes it easier for grass seeds to grow.

But are you confused about when to plant grass seed in spring? Well, this is a common problem many people face.

This article explains when to seed grass in spring and how to plant and grow grass. Stay tuned till the end to get detailed guidelines on planting grass seeds.

When to Plant Grass Seed in Spring?


When to Plant Grass Seed in Spring?


March-April is the best time to plant grass seeds in spring. Try to plant early in the season for better growth. But not too early as the cold may hurt the germination. Wait until the daytime temperature is somewhere between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Choosing the right time of the year for planting grass seeds is crucial. Besides spring, you also can plant grass seeds in the fall season. Many people also ask when to plant grass seed in the fall. Well, if you are opting for the fall, then mid-August to September is the best time.

How to Plant Grass Seed in Spring?

The same rule applies whether you plant grass seed in spring or fall. It would help if you took preparation first, then select good quality seeds and plant them. Below we have explained everything in detail:

Prepare the Site

Though not many people give importance to it, preparing the site well is beneficial. It will help the seeds to grow better as well as the view will also be nicer. Do the following things to prepare the site for planting grass seeds:

  • If you want to plant seeds on the entire lawn, eliminate old grasses first. You can use sod cutters or herbicides for this.
  • Grade the lawn well so you can mow the grass comfortably after growing. Also, ensure a proper drainage system to avoid rotting.
  • You also need to slope the site well. Avoid creating steeper slopes as those can result in quick drought.

Prepare the Soil


Prepare the Soil


Only preparing the site isn’t enough for grass seeds. Well-prepared soil will always provide you with better results. The following activities will help you prepare the soil for planting grass seeds:

  • First, do a soil test from a good laboratory in your area. It will give you an idea of the pH level and nutrition of the soil.
  • The recommended pH levels for planting grass are between 6.0 to 7.5. If you find the pH level is out of this range, you should use soil amendments. They will help you balance the pH level in the soil.
  • The soil test results will also let you know about any nutrient deficiencies. Follow the result and use fertilizers to make the soil nutrients rich.

Select Good Quality Grass Seed

Selecting a good quality grass seed will give you a better view when the grasses grow. You can find grass seeds in any local stores or nurseries. Our recommendation is to go to a well-reputed nursery. They usually provide quality seeds and also valuable suggestions for planting.

If you are planting in a wide area, you also can go for multiple variants. Buy one variant for where there is always sunlight. And the other one for a shady area.

Planting Grass Seed

After the soil and the seeds are ready, you can start planting. We recommend you use a spreader for planting seeds. You can spread by hand on a small area, but a spreader is always a better option.

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Rake, and roll lightly to ensure that the seeds are even. After that, water slowly and evenly to the whole site. Try not to overwater and wet only the upper portion of the ground.

Growing Grass in Spring: Maintenance Guide


Growing Grass in Spring: Maintenance Guide


We have explained when to lay grass seed in spring and how. But the job is not done here. If you want a good result, you must follow some maintenance guide. Do the following things to take proper care of the grasses:

  • You must keep the soil moist after planting seeds. Water the lawn regularly to help the seed germinate well. Summer may come after a few weeks, and high heat takes over. During this time, you must water regularly to keep the grass healthy.
  • Plant grass seeds in March or April will require food again in June or July. Then again in the Fall season. Use good fertilizers to avoid nutrition deficiency.
  • When the grass grows 3 to 4 inches, you can start cutting. But do not cut to lower than two inches. That may kill some of the grasses.

These were a few common maintenance tips. They should help you to grow healthier grasses.

Bonus Tip: When to Plant Grass Seed in Spring

Here is a bonus tip for you as you have come this far. Weeds are more likely to grow on your lawn or garden in spring. If you have planted grass seeds recently, avoid using weed killers. They will harm the grasses. Wait at least six months, and then take care of the weeds.

We hope this article helped you find out when to plant grass seeds in spring. And also how to plant and grow grasses. If you have any more questions regarding planting grasses, please contact us. We will try to answer all of your questions on planting grass seeds.

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Frequently Answered Questions 

Is March too early to plant grass seed?

Mainly in all regions, March is a bit early to plant grass seeds. Before planting grass seed for summer, it is better to wait until the average temperature increases to 80 degrees during the daytime.

What month is best to plant grass seeds?

Generally speaking, grass seeds can be planted any time of the year. However, all-season fall is the best time to plant grass seeds.

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Is it bad to plant grass seed in spring?

Spring is a great time to plant warm-season grasses. But as a general rule, it is not a wise decision to plant cool-season grass seeds in spring. Because summer heat can sometimes slow down the growth of cool-season grasses, you should grass seeds in April for best results.

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